12 Best Sex Positions for Christmas


Best sex positions for Christmas? We’ve got it all here.

It’s really getting cold and Christmas is just around the corner. But worry not because we have some winter holiday specials for all players out there. We will be going through our massive collection of 139 Sex Positions Illustrated and pick the 12 Best Sex Positions for Christmas.

This is not a random selection, we only choose sex positions with holiday theme. Here are our criteria in coming up with the sex positions list. Each entry will have all or some of these elements, as explained.

  1. Intimacy. It’s a holiday so there is no reason to rush things. So we pick sex positions with a lot of intimacy involved. This will include cuddling, kissing, and more skin to skin contact.
  2. Simple. We want it to be relaxed and passionate enough. So lets keep the sex positions simple here. By simple we mean it can be done with no special or physical skills needed. Something that can be enjoyed with the majority of us here.
  3. Fun. Christmas and holidays means having fun. So we add a little bit of experimenting and kinkiness to it. Think of it as an icing or cake frosting.

So without further ado, here are the sex positions to try on Christmas.

Sex Positions for 12 Sexy Nights of Christmas

#1 . 69 Sideways

This is the most comfortable of all 69 sex positions. Treat yourselves to a nice, relaxing, and satisfying oral sex with this. It’s really easy to get into this position. All you have to do is lay down on your sides, rest your head on your partner’s lower leg. Then you are both free to move your head and give that oral stimulation. She is also able to control how deep she can go with the blow-job, this avoids gagging.

Another good thing about this position is the fact that both of your hands are free. So you can use them to caress your partner’s behind. For the gentlemen, n you can use your finger to stimulate her clitoris while you dive down on her, or finger her G-spot while you lick her clitoris. For her, she can always have a free hand to play “jingle-balls” to that merry moment.

#2 Bended Knee


“Let it snow, and make it slow” that is how this sex position is done best. This one is called Bended Knee Sex Position. This is a really romantic and sensual sex position. You are face to face, and body to body. You can do a lot of kissing and hugging here. Your hands are free to move , touch, hold, and give pleasure. Again she can jiggle your balls with one hand,  while your busy on her rear bums.

Just slide down a little bit and you are facing her boobs. It’s your chance to enjoy them. Combine kiss, lick and nibble around her nipple and on her full breast. Lick and kiss the lower part of her breast, this is a sensitive part and she will love you more for that.

There can be a slight discomfort here if she forgot to support half of her body weight with her blended knee. She is actually sitting on one of your lap and your other other knee is supporting most of your weight.

#3 Symmetrical Congress

Another passionate sex position for this holiday season. Why don’t you do it on the living room where it’s warm or maybe near a fire place. Just sit down, relax and enjoy each other. This is a very intimate sex position because you are face to face. Again lots of kissing and caressing here. One draw back is it might not provide deep penetration unless you have a really long penis.

This is best done as initial position because from here you can change into other positions which you may like. You can do the thrusting or she can do most of it. She can move up and down or back and forth. She can support her weight with her legs behind you and her arms behind her or on her sides.

Again while she’s busy building up the friction you can enjoy her bouncing breast in front of you. It will be delightful sight to see which can irresistible not to plunge your face in between them. When nearing orgasm she can arch her body forward and you can reach her clitoris to further intensify stimulation.

#4 Fusion

After wrapping all the gifts, it’s time to have some sexy time near a lighted Christmas tree. Fusions is another intimate sex position for that passionate night you want to have with your girl. You are facing each other but not too close. This allows both of you to have a good look at each other. Now you can enjoy looking at her naked body lighted with glimmering Christmas lights.Plus you also have a good view of her vagina as you penetrate her.

I’m just thinking that this might be ideal for those who have flexible penis or bent on the wrong way? Anyway you can do some variations with this sex position. You can open your legs and relax. After all she will be the one who is doing most of the work here.

#5 Pearly Gates

Since it can be really cold during Christmas what we need is sex with full body closeness. This sex position is something that you will really enjoy. It allows full body closeness. You can easily reach for her breast, and play with her vagina. Think about masturbating her prior to penetration. Have you ever wondered how it feels to have breasts and a vagina? Well you can try it with this position.

When it comes to movement she can do most of the thrusting because you are a bit limited when it comes to movement since she’s laying on top of you. You can also whisper some dirty talking into her ears is hes likes to hear dirty words. Just be realistic, do this position is you think you can support her weight. It’s best if your woman is petite or slim. If she wears plus size, you better think about the consequence  first.

#6 Lap Dance

This Christmas you will be spending a lot f time sitting together, probably watching a good movie or just enjoying your decorations. Lap Dance is one of my favorite sitting sex position. This is good because it can provide good penetration and comfortable too. If she loves rear entry this will be a good variations.

Play that Christmas tunes, and let her dance on your lap. This will be a very nice and sweet experience making your Christmas more memorable. This also provide good skin to skin contact and closeness. Plus you get to see how she shakes her booty in close view.

#7  Rear Entry

The only challenge in this sex position is how to initiate and get her to this position. But once you get into this sex position it will be all great. It will be passionate lovemaking allowing full body contact. There is too much closeness and skin to skin contact here. Although there will be less kissing you can enjoy her back and neck. If she’s really into it she can reach for your balls and pay with it with one hand.

#8  Spoons

Another good position which is very easy to accomplish. You can easily get into this position without any hustle. You are both on your sides and you are entering her from behind. This provides a good angle of penetration which stimulates her G spot. I am pretty sure she will love this position. It allows body to body contact. You are very close to each other making it a very intimate sex position. You can also get some kissing and use your hand to explore her naked body.

#9 See-Saw

This sex position is best for more intimate loving and kissing. See-Saw sex position is best done on the floor. You can squat and let her slide her crotch with you in between here legs.  She can support her upper body weight with her hands and toes. You can decide who will be doing most of the trusting, or you can move in glorious sync.

What makes this sex position best for Christmas is the fact that her naked body is just in front of you. Here you can do a lot of kissing, necking, and touching. her breast is just in front of you and you can nibble on them too.

#10 Pirates Bounty

sex positions

This Christmas you will never want any other gift than a Pirate’s Bounty sex position. This is a good variation of kneeling position. It’s easy to get into this position. One of her leg is up on your shoulder and the other is down on the floor. Her legs are wide open giving you full view of her sweet parts. Now you can rock her with intensity that you muster and watch her boobs bounce up and down while your dick is pounding her wet thing between her legs.

#11 Missionary

Relax a little bit and get into the usual Missionary sex position that you have come to love. Reserve your energy for  party later! This time your only objective is to give her passionate loving and intense sex. This position gives optimum closeness as you are face to face. There is a lot of kissing, and loving here.

#12 Victory

Finally we have come to our 12th entry of our 12 Sexy Nights of Christmas Sex Position list. Slide down into Victory sex position. From missionary sex position just push yourself upward with your arms, lift her legs on mid-air forming the letter V. Then start on pounding her until you reach multiple orgasms. Be sure to left some energy to greet her a Merry Christmas.

Did you like our sex positions list?

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