13 Useful Dating Etiquette for Men and Women

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Planning a date can be nerve wreaking experience and sometimes for some people first dates puts them into some sweaty palm situation. Dating should be a fun experience, it’s a special time you have set to enjoy a quality time and hopefully get to know a possible romantic partner. Successful dating experience does not end on her saying “Yes”, when you asked her out. It involves a lot of other things like setting the time, choosing the place, activity, and dressing up.

The first date is always the challenging one. This is where you make the first impression, and this is really important. But the challenge is how to behave and carry ourselves on first dates without fear of embarrassment? This is where these useful dating etiquette for men and women comes in. It’s the first time that you have met, and you are still getting to know each other. So we have laid a few rules to help you succeed on your first date.

Dating Etiquette #1: Use comfortable clothing and proper hygiene

When it comes to clothing we only need to consider two things. First, dress according to type of activity you want to do. Second is to choose something that you are comfortable with. This is your first date and you don’t need to buy a new pair of suit or dress. First dates are usually casual activity like lunch, dinner, coffee or simple walk in the park.

I don’t really have problems with new clothes, if you can afford to buy a new one and you feel good about it then do it. What’s important is it won’t make you feel uneasy while on your date because it may just ruin your time. Your usual clothes washed and pressed should be great.

I don’t really think that I should be talking about hygiene, this is pretty basic. But I understand that it’s your first date and you can be pretty nervous, so I would want to remind you about proper hygiene  Brush your teeth, some mouthwash would be great and don’t forget that breath freshener. For the guys shave and after shave but if you want that facial hair keep it trimmed. Getting a new haircut is a plus! Shine or clean those shoes too.

Dating Etiquette #2: Don’t be late!

I personally hate waiting. So if you are going in for a date please don’t be late! Be there on time for Christ sake.  For the guys show up a few minutes earlier. This will give you a time to examine the place and be familiar with it if you are not. If it’s on a restaurant you can choose a good table, and checkout the menu.

Ladies are no exception to this rule, it’s just rude to keep your man waiting or anyone else. Being 10-15 minutes late is understandable specially if you have to travel, but 20-30 minutes is too much! If for whatever reason you will be late you should call, and explain your predicament.

Dating Etiquette #3: Make an early notice if you can’t make it 

We don’ have full control of what will happen next, so there might be cases when you need to cancel or reschedule a date. If you know in advance that you can’t show up on the agreed time and place make sure that you notify your date in advance. The earlier the notice the better and be reasonable. It will be rude if you cancel the date just a  few minutes before unless it’s a real emergency.

Dating Etiquette #4: Pick her up if you’re suppose to 

If you agreed to pick her up on a date then do it, no excuses. If you haven’t discuss this when you agreed to go out, then indicate your intention to pick her up but don’t ask. Call her and say, “So I will pick you up at _________?” This will show your willingness to go for that extra mile. If she doesn’t want it then she can actually say no, and don’t insist, unless you have a good reason.

Another important tip when picking up a girl for a date is not to appear on her front door very early. Yes, you’re excited but she’s a lady and she need’s to prepare. Again don’t be late but don’t be there 20 or 30 minutes early. You will appear too eager and it can pressure her to hurry.

Dating Etiquette #4: Hold door open and help her get seated

Show her that you’ve got manners. On the car open the door for her when she’s getting in and out. Do this even if she is the one driving, or even if you are on a taxi. Open doors for her when entering an establishment and help her get seated before you do. Take pride on this it’s what a gentleman is supposed to do.

Ladies, you may not be used to someone opening doors and holding your seat for you, but him do it and don’t forget to say thank you.

Dating Etiquette #5: Make a good conversation

You are supposed to converse, talk, and get to know each other. Listen to her and listen to what you are saying. Ask questions, solicit opinions and pay attention to what she’s saying. Never ask a question twice specially if he/she has already answered it. This just show that you are not listening.

Compliments are good conversation starters but be sure to mean your compliment.

Don’t make the conversation one-sided. If you ask something and an answer was offered then volunteer your own side of the story. Share your own views, don’t be afraid if you have conflicting opinion it’s better than copying what he/she has to say.

Dating Etiquette #6: Make eye contact and don’t stare on her breast 

Making an eye contact is a good way to show your interest on each other. For the guys try to maintain an eye contact with her. Look at her but don’t stare too long or stare on her breast bums. For the ladies, please don’t wear too revealing clothes. He is already interested on you that’s why he asked for you to go out. It’s nice to show some skin but not too much. If he try to make an eye contact catch his gaze, don’t avoid it he is trying to make a connection with you.

Dating Etiquette #7: Turn off that phone or tablet

Turn off your phone, tablet or any device when you are on date. This rule applies to everyone. You only need to focus your attention on your date and not on anything or anyone else.

Dating Etiquette #8: Avoid talking about past relationships

Your first date is not the time to talk about past relationship. This is about you and your date so don’t involve anyone specially X’s. Avoid this topic as much as possible, but if venture into it don’t give negative remarks and try to change the conversation into something else.

Dating Etiquette #9: Don’t drink too much 

Cold bubbly beer or any liqueur can be tempting and it’s nice to drink when you’re happy. But you’re not suppose to get drunk on dates. A glass of wine or beer can be nice but not too much. Ladies, if you’re not comfortable with alcohol and you’re not too confident about it then don’t.

Dating Etiquette #10: Pay the bill in a non-ostentatious manner

The rule is to let the men pay the bill on first date. My advice to the guys is not to make a great fuzz about it and pay the bill in a non-ostentatious manner. You can actually do this by presenting your credit card the moment the waiter took your order.

Ladies I know that you don’t want to feel like freeloaders and sometimes you like to pay for what you have ordered. It can be awkward splitting the bill on first date. Offer to split the bill, but if he insist on paying for it then let him. You can do the split paying next time or later you can just treat him for some coffee.

Dating Etiquette #11: Let romance happens naturally

Kiss and hug on first date? I say let romance happens naturally. Don’t rush things you will know when it comes. If you like the person then show your affection. Don’t mislead anyone into believing a false affection that is just rude. Let nature takes it course.

Dating Etiquette #12: See her to her door

Men are expected to take her home and see her to her door. This might be old-fashioned but it’s still a nice thing to do. The idea is to take her home safely not to stalk where she lives.So don’t insist if she does not want to be escorted to her place. She has a good reason to refuse your offer. Ladies if you feel that you don’t want to let him know where you live then you can insist on taking a taxi.

Dating Etiquette #13: Don’t forget to show your gratitude

After a great night don’t forget to express your gratitude. Send a simple SMS or email saying you had a great time. But do it if you really had a great time. Don’t indicate that you want to do it again unless you really mean it.


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