15 Hookup Questions Answered

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Hookup Culture
What is a hookup?
A hookup means some type of sexual interaction with someone that you are not in a relationship with.

The level of sexual interaction can vary from kissing to intercourse. Hookup or hooking up usually refer to the act itself.

Hookup is an ambigious term that can not only mean different things to different people, but also different things to the same person.

For example, a person might consider both a make out session and sexual intercourse hooking up.

How can I find a hookup?
The short answer is to try. Meet people you are interested in, either in your daily life or online, and talk to them. See if they are interested.

For a long and in depth answer, you can check out these resources that are sure to seriously improve your hookup game.

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What is hookup culture?
Hookup culture is a societal acceptance of casual sex and openness about it. Younger generations tend to identify with hookup culture, believing there’s nothing wrong with having a casual hookup.

Is hookup culture good or bad?
Starting in 2013, there were alarm bells everywhere about hookup culture. Casual sex and Tinder were going to be the end of dating, and society, as we knew it.

Then the numbers began coming in, showing that millennials are hooking up less than other generations.

This was a far cry from the alarming “everyone just wants to have sex” message the media was sending.

Hookup culture has its positives and negatives, but I believe it’s mostly positive.

It seems to have taken much of the double standard out of casual sex, making it ok for women as well as men.

Millenials don’t seem to feel as pressured as past generations to have casual sex either, making it an interesting paradigm shift.

It seems casual sex and hooking up is becoming more accepted without pressuring young people to participate if they don’t want to.

Does hooking up lead to more happiness?
Are those who hookup happier than those who don’t? Studies have been conflicting, but it seems to be dependent on the reasons the person is hooking up.

Someone who is hooking up for new experiences, to learn more about themselves, and sexual satisfaction will likely be happier after hooking up.

However, someone who is hooking up out of loneliness, insecurity, desperation, or low self esteem will likely feel even lower after hooking up.

Hookups and Relationships
Can a hookup turn into a relationship?
Yes it can. Sometimes, this works well. The low pressure beginning allows two people to truly be themselves, and they form a deep connection over time.

However, this can also result in one person developing feelings and wanting more and the other person only being interested in a hookup.

You shouldn’t settle for a hookup if you want a relationship. However, sometimes two people begin wanting a hookup and both realize they want more.

How to tell if your hookup is falling for you
Wondering if your hookup is falling for you can leave you in an awkward position. Here are a few ways to tell:

Communicating daily
Knowing about each other’s lives
Cuddling/nonsexual touch
Shows you off to friends
Interest in your pleasure instead of theirs
I’m falling for my hookup. What do I do?
You’ve realized that you enjoy being around them, and not just for the sex. The two of you get along well. You miss them when they aren’t there. You’ve fallen for your hookup.

The only thing you can really do here is be honest. If they feel the same way, then you can be more than a hookup.

If they don’t, it’s best to know before your feelings for them get even stronger. At least the two of you can make an informed decision about how to proceed.

What do I do when my hookup gets jealous?
Getting jealous of someone you are hooking up with shouldn’t happen. There’s no expectation of exclusivity.

Still, feelings aren’t always logical. In most cases, jealousy indicates that they want more from the relationship.

You may want to address their jealousy in a light hearted way. “You seem jealous. Do you want me all to yourself?”

Don’t apologize for whatever made them jealous, but it is probably a good idea to talk about it.

What do I do when my hookup is ignoring me?
Being ignored is frustrating and confusing, but it’s also part of the hookup game.

There are no expectations around hooking up. They aren’t obligated to ask you out, call you the next day, etc. This holds true whether you’ve hooked up once or a lot. It’s still hooking up.

If you think they are concerned you want more and you don’t, simply find a time to tell them that. “Hooking up with you was fun. I hope we can still be friends”.

If you do have any sort of romantic feelings, follow their lead. Don’t try to communicate with them, because they clearly aren’t interested.

Hookup Sites and Apps

How can I hookup on Facebook?
The best answer is don’t. Facebook is usually a place where we connect with our family and friends. Women do not enjoy being hit on by random guys on Facebook, no matter how clever the pick up line is.

If it’s someone you are acquainted with, then you can use Facebook to hookup. Start off by having a conversation with them though.

Don’t move straight from “so we went to school together” to “so, do you want to fuck and get some pizza?”

Chat and see if they seem to be interested before you mention anything remotely sexual.

Where can I find a hookup now that Craigslist Casual Encounters is gone?
There are many sites and apps that are attempting to be Craigslist replacements.

A few are:

Casual X
Can you hookup on Instagram?
Yes. The truth is that Instagram can work just as well as a dating site, if not better.

You just have to do a bit of work first. First, your pictures should be flattering. Candid shots of you doing cool stuff. A few funny memes. Quotes from your favorite actors or musical artists.

Not selfies. Not a ton of pictures of your family and friends. Absolutely no more than two food pictures, and those better be because you cooked it yourself and it looked amazing.

When you post pictures, hashtag them as much as you can. Location, activity, popular quote, anything that works.

The more followers you have the better. Consider paying for a service to get Instagram followers for you, at least 1,000.

Now you are ready. Just message regular (but beautiful) girls with less than 1,000 followers and watch it go down in the DM.

Are hookup apps safe and legit?
Dating, online or otherwise, comes with a bit of risk. However, most hookup apps are as safe as they can get, and most are legitimate.

Beware apps that promise you the girl of your dreams, apps where you are immediately spammed from beautiful women, and apps that claim to give you a limited time special offer.

Mainstream hookup apps like Tinder are a safe and legit way to find people to hookup with.

How can I hookup on Reddit?
Reddit is another unexpected place that lots of people are hooking up these days.

To get started, you’ll just need a Reddit account. Don’t use it just for hooking up, so you don’t seem like a perv. Follow other things you are interested in as well.

That being said, here are the top reddits for hooking up.

Dirty r4r
Naughty from Neglect

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