15 Questions About Lesbians Answered + 15 Lesbian Dating Apps


Did you know?

Lesbian is the most searched porn keyword for 2017.

Lesbian is one of the search words that always find its way to the top. It ranked 2nd in 2014 and 1st from 2015 to 2017. It is also the most viewed category for women and the 6th for men.


For the past 5 years, leading porn site PornHub had been releasing its Year in Review. You can check the full reports here, here, here, here, and here.


How to be a lesbian?

You can’t just “become a lesbian”. People discover this, sometimes as early as the toddler years, for some much later. Usually, lesbianism is determined during the teen years, just around the same time, kids discover sexuality.

Realizing that you like girls, or like kissing girls instead of boys is how you “become” one.


Deciding to dress up like a boy though, that is totally optional. We’ll also discuss that part a little later.


Is lesbianism same as being bisexual?

Nope. Lesbians are exclusively attracted to and have sexual relations with other women.


Bisexuals get attracted to people of their own gender, and other genders. They might not necessarily be with them simultaneously though. They can be in a relationship with a woman in the past, and with a man later.

For a more comprehensive understanding of all the other terms used in the LGBTQ community, click here.


Who decides who is the guy in a lesbian relationship?

No one. Part of being a lesbian is not wanting to be with a guy. Lesbians want to be with girls. So yeah. No guys in a lesbian relationship.



What is a butch, then?

Oh, is that what you mean by the guy in the relationship? A Butch is a lesbian who adopts more masculine traits. They can dress up more like men, or act more like men. But not every lesbian relationship calls for one of the parties to be a butch. Some lesbians just want to be that way and some get attracted to such. I mean, look at Ruby Rose. She confuses the hell out of my sexuality.



What do you call those lesbians who still look like typical women?

There are lesbians who maintain their femininity, and they are called femmes. They wear feminine clothes, wear make-up or even wear their hair long. They could pass as straight women to the outside world until you know about their romantic and sexual interests.


It is these femmes who throw off the hell out of psychoanalysts who initially thought that lesbianism is an expression of a wish to become a man.


Why do men enjoy seeing lesbianism?

Women are more sensual when it comes to sex than men, in general.

Think about it…

When men are having sex, they are operating on primal instinct – they look like hungry beasts.


Women, on the other hand, look very sensual when aroused. They’re more fun to look at at. That is why both men and women love to see some girl on girl action.

Men can get homophobic and grossed out when they see a guy-on-guy video, but still enjoy watching two girls making out.


Even girls fighting can be sexual. All those high pitched voices screaming while they’re being flipped around is reminiscent of the way women moan during sex. It is way more enjoyable than two broads grunting and throwing it down.


Do lesbians hate men?

Just because lesbians don’t want to have sex with men, doesn’t mean they hate men. They just want to have sex with women, but they can be friends with men. Lesbians and men can even check women out together.


The only way lesbians hate you is if you’re a man who insists on the next item…


Can a man be in a threesome with lesbians?

First, and again, we need to set this straight…

Lesbians are interested in women. So don’t be shocked if they shun the idea of being with a man.

Two, if you want a threesome, what you should actually be checking is their principle when it comes to relationships. Are they monogamists or are they polyamorous? It doesn’t matter if the person is straight, gay or lesbian.

Three, if you want a woman who can get with a guy and a girl for a threesome, check the bi crowd, they might be a little bit more forgiving.


You also have the option to ask a lesbian woman yourself if you want to make sure. If you get rejected, you’ll get over it anyway.


What is lesbian sex like?

This is a really annoying question for lesbians. Like, would you ask straight people that? But given that it is not the norm, it sparks curiosity.

So, what is it like?


Well, for starters, lesbians know where to touch and stroke because they own a similar body as their partners. They know the buttons to push to make things hotter. Ergo, orgasm city.

Here’s the deal:

Women don’t always orgasm from penetrative sex. Some haven’t even had a vaginal orgasm ever. Thus, penetration isn’t always necessary for it to be considered sex.


Don’t lesbians miss the feeling of a dick inside them?

Just because they miss the D doesn’t mean they’ll go straight to the D.

When lesbians want the feeling of a dick inside them, they employ trusty props like dildos and strap-ons.


There are so many varieties of sex-toys and props available that can be used to simulate the feeling of a dick.

AdamAndEve is one of the trailblazers when it comes to sex toys and props. Sign up to their newsletter to get an instant discount.


What are some sex positions that lesbians do?


Lesbians can do pretty much all the positions that a man and a woman do during sex with the help of a strap-on.

And then…

Without a strap-on, lesbians are big fans of 69.

They use their tounges and lips to pleasure each other in every position possible too. Standing, seating, lying down. In the broad term, this type of oral sex is called Cunnilingus.


Just about any position where they can use their fingers and hands to pleasure each other also work. Fingering can be masturbatory, one-sided or mutual.


Refinery 29 collated a list of the best positions for lesbians here. Check it out to learn more.


So how can they orgasm?

Through kissing, touching, licking, and caressing. Lesbians use their hands, lips, mouth, and tongue to get the job done.

Women’s hands also tend to be softer than men’s making their touch just the perfect pressure to induce orgasm. Fingering and massaging the G-spot creates intense orgasms.


Women actually don’t always want rough sex with non-stop pounding. Women appreciate gentleness which another woman can certainly provide.


How to meet other lesbians?

Since straight is the norm, lesbians might have a hard time meeting other lesbians to hook up with or find love.

So how to find them?


  • You probably know others in the LGBT community who can introduce you to other lesbians.
  • Volunteer to certain causes to meet like-minded people – some can be lesbians.
  • Engage in sports, whether actively by playing it, or passively as a fan for a sports team.
  • Go to the gym, lesbians love taking care of themselves.


Find local communities

  • Attend LGBT community events
  • Check out lesbian bars
  • Search for local LGBT facebook groups
  • Dating sites and apps


What are the best dating apps for lesbians?

Most of the current dating apps provide options to filter matches so one only get lesbian matches.

But the truth is…

Nobody got time for that.

To skip the gruesome advanced search option step, you can check out the curated dating sites made exclusively for lesbians.

Check out this list we’ve created


One Scene

Pink Sofa

Girlfriends Meet

Gay Girls


Pink Lobster Dating

SPICY Lesbian Chat & Dating

HER | Android | iOS

Only Women: Lesbian and Bisexual Dating | Android | iOS

Lesbian Friends Date

Zoe | Android | iOS

Fem | Android | iOS

Scissr | Android | iOS


Enjoy lesbianism!

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