15 Tips For Kik Hookups (Find Local Kik Girls)


Kik FAQs
What features do you find on Kik?
Kik has lots of fun features. They include:

Sending text
Sending images
Sending gifs, memes, stickers, and drawings
Video chat
Group chat
Background options
Color options
Is Kik free?
Kik, and the majority of its features are completely free. Some things, like some chat backgrounds, require in app purchase via kin, Kik’s in-app currency.

How do you know if your messages have been read?
Kik has a system to let you know the status of your messages.

S means that the message has been sent, but not delivered to the other person’s device. This usually indicates that the device is turned off or out of service.

D means that it has been delivered to their device, but not read yet.

R means that they have read your message.

IOS devices will show a very light D if the person hasn’t yet seen the notification that they got a message, and a darker D when they view the notification.

Can you delete your Kik messages?
Yes, but they will only be deleted on your device. You can delete messages for a conversation by tapping the top left corner and selecting delete conversation.

You can also delete your entire chat history by logging out of Kik and logging back in.

Can you tell if someone has deleted Kik or blocked you?
If someone blocks you, Kik won’t notify you. Your messages will be sent on your end, but Kik will stop them from going to the other person.

This means any messages you send will stay on S unless they unblock you.

If someone deletes their Kik account, it will stay on sent as well.

The guessing game of whether you’ve been blocked, their phone is dead, or if they’ve just decided to delete kik can be frustrating.

If you are using Kik to communicate with someone important to you, I recommend also having another way to contact them.

Kik Hookups
Can you really hookup with girls on Kik?
Yes. There are lots of girls on Kik that want to hookup. Kik is fun and anonymous, so people feel safer chatting with strangers and sharing intimate details and even photos or videos.

Many girls on Kik just want to exchange dirty pictures or sext, but their are certainly plenty of women who want a real life hookup as well.

Is sending nudes common on Kik?
Yes. Kik doesn’t monitor the messages sent between users in any way. Given the privacy and anonymity of the app, many people use it to send nudes.

It is important to realize, however, that once you send a photo to someone through Kik, they can save it to their device, and keep or share it indefinitely.

This is a risk associated with sending photos through any app, even Snap Chat.

In addition to nude photos, there are lots of sex video chats that go down on Kik too.

What are Kik Hookup groups?
Kik has groups for many things, including hooking up. Some Kik hookup groups are based around specific locations. Others are open to anyone. Some are for trading nudes, sexting, or bdsm.

Kik hookup groups can be a lot of fun, whether you are looking to hookup online or off.

How do you search on Kik?
To search on Kik, just tap the plus sign. You’ll see options to search for public groups, people, or start your own group.

Searching for terms like hooking up and play will reveal lots of kik groups that you can join to hookup.

You can search for your city as well. This is a good way to find kik girls near you who might want to meet up.

What is the difference between Kik and Dating apps?
There are two types of apps that are used for dating. Those that are intended for dating, and those that weren’t intended for dating but are used for that purpose.

Kik wasn’t designed for dating or hooking up. However, it can be effective for that purpose.

You won’t find dating site features on the site. You will find others with at least one similar interest.

How to Find Local Kik Girls

Syncing Your Phone Contacts
One very simple way to find Kik girls to chat with is to simply sync your phone’s contacts with your Kik.

Anyone who is in your phone contacts list will appear in your Kik chat list as well.

You can then send them messages on Kik.

Dangle is an app similar to Tinder, but it works through Kik. You’ll swipe left or right on photos.

If you like each other, then you can chat on Kik. This is a great way to meet new people on Kik, and there is much less competition than you’ll find on Tinder or similar dating apps.

Chat Rooms For Kik
Chat Rooms For Kik allows you to enter chatrooms with other people that have Kik. This is an easy way to meet girls on Kik.

Create a profile and then browse the chatrooms to find one that you prefer. Then start chatting. When you find someone you like, ask them for their Kik so you can continue your conversation.

Fetlife is a bdsm community. However, they have lots of groups, and some of them are devoted to kik.

If you are looking for a kik group, or an individual to have some kinky Kik fun with, Fetlife groups are a good way to search for it.

You’ll need to join Fetlife, then search groups for Kik. Join the groups and browse the posts.

Reddit is a huge community with subreddits for nearly every interest imaginable.

Of course, some of these subreddits are devoted to helping you find Kik hookup groups.

A few Reddit groups to check out are:

Kik Group
NSFW Kik Groups
Dirty Kik Groups
These Reddits have lists of Kik groups that are currently taking new members, so you can find the Kik girls you are looking for.

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