#2 Crucial Secrets To Seducing Women

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(mystery method)
Neil Strauss said – She would have liked the old me… But she never would have gotten to know me.
He says this because he used to be a shy short wimp – and now he is dating the lead guitarist of a famous band.
You have to find what’s great about you and link that up with your game.
Some women don’t need keno and negging to seduce but if you want to seduce a women that is used to being hit on you will need to work these tactics into your “game”…

#1 Negging

Short for negative – a tease or mocking behaviour
Negging is one of those seduction techniques that is a little controversial but at the same time crucial to your success.
If you really take the time to study human interaction you will notice this:
During initial seduction and interaction there is a constant back and forth flow of information – each seeking to determine if the other is “suitable”… Because in this modern day technology driven world our “value” has become abstract it is possible to modify and heighten this perceived value.
Women are masters of the neg – Some women feel the need to neg in every dam sentence! Watch for it – they will strive to beat you down and raise their own value in any way they can. Don’t take it as a nasty personality trait… it’s just part of the game.
“talking to you is like pulling teeth”
“your teeth are really cute but they remind me of bugs bunny”

Notice how negs can and should be integrated with a positive…
Negs don’t have to be set lines – they can simply be the awareness that your going to get negged and your not going to take it or accept it. Women will attempt to test you – eg they will ask you to buy them a drink (with no expectation of going home with you or talking to you afterwards)
The basic principle behind the reply you need is that they must earn what they get from you – they don’t just get it for being cute (like they do with every other guy)
NOTE: You don’t want to go overboard on this – if she hits you with a neg you hit her straight back… Only use it to suggest to her that you hold certain value in this interaction and that your not taking any of her shit tonight. She will respect you for it.
But it can go to far – those who don’t know when to stop end up with nothing. You come off as a jerk… Meaning the neg needs to be artfully placed and delicately followed up at a later date with more intimate and positive reinforcement once you know that she is into you.

#2 Keno

Or “touch”
Using physical touch to escalate seduction:
Some guys are touchy – others find it very hard to integrate keno into their every day life. If you have grown up in an environment where your mom or dad never really physically touched you that much it will be harder for you to learn this.
It’s ok for you to touch a guy on the shoulder while your talking to him…but it’s crucial that you use touch early on with women!
Otherwise there will always be this invisible barrier between the two of you. This barrier will either delay or halt any further intimacy. When your in a competitive environment good keno can make it or break it. Women like to be touched in a non threatening comfortable way.
The reason why using keno to escalate your seduction is a “crucial secret” is not only because not many men actually use it… it’s because it’s a bridge. Many guys will expect or try to jump straight in for the kiss (or even sex) before they have even touched her on the arm.
You need to be able to seduce in steps – the first is a simply touch on the arm. Another is leaning in closer than normal to talk to her. She will be aware of the proximity.

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