2 Little Known Secrets To Successfully Getting Anonymous Sex Online

Is it actually possible to find casual sex online? Which sites will get you the best results and how should you go about making it happen once your on the inside?
Many guys try these services but never seem to actually create any bond with the women online and as a result never get dates offline that result in anything sex related.
Too many guys get online and try out some unheard of casual sex site… throw up a shot of their private parts and hope that women will flock to their door… Well women are wired differently guys you should know that by now.
Just because they are on a casual sex site does not automatically mean they are up for sex with any guy… They to need to get to know you and TRUST you…
Stand out from the crowd online and actually treat women with real respect.
This means using an image or you face rather than your piece.
This means you take some time to get to know the women you are messaging… Her profile will tell you alot about her – each women has a different background – she might be out of a nasty divorce (the best ones) and ready to release all of her “anger” out on you. She may have been apart of a sexless marriage and dying for love…
She is new on the site just like you but is a little shy about giving up her body to a stranger – you have a lot of explaining to do.
The more approachable and caring you come across the more success you will have.
Let her know that your new to all this as well but would love to meet at a time that suits HER at a place that suits HER. If she feels comfortable then you can move forward. If she feels threatened AT ALL! She will back away from you quick advance.
Be aware of what’s going on here – she is at a causal sexually related dating site for swingers and singles….
She is very interested in finding flings but could be any one of a hundred different personalities… IF she is new she could be VERY intimidated by your strong approach an immediate expectation of a meetup.
Women need to be told by you that your not some creepy dude that will take advantage of them – even though they are into no strings attached sex they also need to feel SAFE.
If you can eliminate the intimidation factor AND make her feel SAFE you will have unlocked the key to anonymous sex with any women you meet online.
If feels as though she could meet you in a dark alley and think nothing of it your well on your way!
So how do you go about making it all happen from a practical standpoint?
Well I have already suggested using a REAL photo of yourself (yeh takes a little getting used to)… you don’t HAVE to but it certainly helps with response rate and female affinity toward you…
Even if this is swinger sex it is STILL a very EMOTIONAL thing to be doing with another person.
Women really love to connect a face to a name (not a dick to a name)… post any videos and images of yourself in blog posts and private galleries, not as your profile picture.
The other way to get to know others is through VIDEO: This way is the best but you are going to need to find women that both have video chat capability and want to chat. (pretty easy).
The best result is to catch people that are already online in your area…Casual sex is a very sporadic and instantaneous gratification experience… Email works but chat and video right then and there works better.
By chatting with women via the site (or skype) you enable a real CONNECTION past just instant messenger… You also allow the women to see every part of you and they can get a good idea if they would like to meet up…
These chat sessions can be very private (bum)

  • Women love to see that you’re a stand up guy
  • Women love to see that your REAL
  • And that your into the same stuff they are

Once they feel comforted by your presence and SAFE as a result of a great chat session the casual sex you have been dreaming of is JUST around the corner.
Once you have taken the hit and paid the dosh you will have access to a staggering number of women that want to get freaky this weekend.

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