20 Best Wealthy Dating Sites for 2013

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For the year 2013 we challenge you to try these dating sites for rich people. We have listed 20 best wealthy dating sites for 2013 here for everyone to choose from. For those interested in trying a sugar daddy dating site you should choose one or two from this list. Some of these sites are free to join but some are exclusive admittance only. This means that members have to be screened or undergo background checks in order to join. It pays to be a VIP member so expect that these sites would charge big time for membership fees. Other will also have ways to verify that you are affluent or successful in life by looking into your total net worth.

We will try to provide a short review for each site, just to give an overview of what to expect when visiting them. This list is not rank on any kind, it’s just alphabetically arranged. But we will be mentioning those that we give preference. Hope you enjoy our list of “Best Wealthy Dating Sites for 2013″.


4MClub.com is an elite and private matchmaking website. The name stands for “Multimillionaire Matchmaking Club”  if you still haven’t got that. If you want to join you will need to make a quick application online but to be admitted both men and women will have to go through a screening or interview. They always have the final say if you will be admitted or not. Bachelors will need to prove that they got a 7 figure net worth to be admitted. Ladies can apply for free membership, they only need to submitted a recent photo. Men on the other hand will have to pay for membership which starts at $10,000.


DateWealthyWomen is a peculiar site. They offers a place to date wealthy men and women. While trying the site we did not find any form of verification as to members net worth. Why would it be called a rich dating site if you can’t tell the millionaires from the non-millionaires? This have to be sorted out. The number of members are not so great, and they have too many ads on it. We only included this site on our list because it seem affordable to upgrade an account. They charge $5 for monthly subscription and $20 for 1 year. Anyone can get a membership and set up profile for FREE.


Here is another top rated entry to our list of wealthy dating sites which we also recommend for everyone. You will have a lot of fun using this site as they got a lot of members and it has some really nice features to get you started. DateaMillionaire does not capitalize on casual dating or sex dating, no naughty promise of any kind. What they offer is straight forward dating and matchmaking and leave the romance to you. What I like about the site is the ability to have free standard membership. With this basic membership you are already able to send and receive limited number of messages everyday. If you decide to upgrade subscription starts at $8 for 3 days trial, $30 for monthly, $40 for 3 months. By the way you can join using your Facebook account.


EstablishedMen.com offers a way to connect young and beautiful women with rich and established men. It only takes a few seconds to complete your profile and they also have quick approval. They also offer a way to sign-up using your LinkedIn account. This is the best way to show you’re an established person since it will show your professional connections and status.  Girls can join for free but men would have to pay $80 per month for subscription.


LunchActually.com is the first and largest premier rich dating and matchmaking company in Asia. Our list of 20 best wealthy dating sites for 2013 will not be complete if we don’t have an entry for affluent bachelors and sugar babes in Asia. This company is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They have been operating since 2004 and now has a based in Hong Kong with offices in other major Asian countries. They actually have a manual process of screening and evaluation for every member and they will also arrange the lunch date for you. This why they charge a lot for membership fee. But they always offer free consultation.

Millionaire Connoisseurs Club (strikeyourmatch.com)

Millionaire Connoisseurs Club can be found at www.strikeyourmatch.com. To have an admittance to this millionaire social club you will have the option to have two levels of membership. The first level will cost $10,000 with limited number of matches. Level two will have unlimited number of matches for $100,000 guaranteed to find Miss right. The ladies will of course enjoy free membership  To join you they the ladies to send them membership invitation on Facebook. You will also need to email them two photos one head shot and one full body shot and bunch of personal information to complete your profile.


This is our top recommended wealthy dating site, it has everything that you need in this category. In fact if we are going to rank these sites MillionaireMatch will be our number one spot.  This is actually a pretty popular dating website not only exclusive to rich people but also to good-looking women and your typical average guy. It’s where Charlie Sheen found his girlfriend, if you inclined to believe that! But it’s not hard to believe since the site has actually a category for “celebrities” where you can find these famous people looking for a date. They also accept membership from non-millionaires because it seem that these rich folks are actually looking for a partner from the opposite side of the economic status bracket. They have millions of members all around the world, and anyone can be a “verified millionaire” by submitting documents that will support their actual net worth. Membership starts at $40 per month or pay it annually for only $180.


MillionaireMate.com is another top recommended entry on our best wealthy dating sites. Any list of sugar daddy dating sites will not be complete without this entry. Personally this is my second bet from MillionaireMatch.com. This is part of AdultFriendFinder Network. They have vast number of members, the site is jam-packed with features too. They also provide wealthy verification to verify members with millionaire status. There are two types of membership options here, Silver membership  starts at $35 per months or buy one year subscription for only $150. Gold membership is at $50 or $225 for a full year subscription.


This is a matchmaking website which guarantee unlimited dates for full pledge members. Membership starts at $25,000 and can be up to $75, 000 per year. Depending on the type of package which you want to avail. Every member has to be screened and interviewed. Membership includes consultation with local date experts, fashion expert, and can even include plastic surgery if you want.  Ladies of course can join for free but only after some series of screening. They claim to have more than 30,000 women from all around the world looking to date and marry a millionaire.


Basically MissTravel.com is more of  Travel Dating Social Network than a sugar daddy dating site. Attractive ladies can travel for free courtesy of generous gentlemen around the world. For this very reason why we have included this website on our best wealthy dating sites. Some of the guys are also able to travel and visit attractive ladies from other places. Most ladies “attractive traveler” can join for free. While most guys “generous travelers” are sponsors who are willing to pay for all travelling expenses and a few dollars to communicate with attractive travelers.


MyRichSugarDaddy.com is a place where sugar daddy can meet a beautiful and young sugar baby.The site has some good stuff when it comes to features. Although it looks a bit messy in design. As a standard user we are not able to do much. We did not even find out if they actually verify members for net worth authenticity. Membership starts at $10 per month or pay $80 for a full year subscription.


This is another known sugar daddy dating site based in UK. This list of best wealthy dating sites includes international sites too. PoshFlirt.co.uk is a dating site that is free to join. They claim that it’s a place where wealthy people meet. Men are charged to contact other members. Although they don’t actually run any verification as to net worth of every member, they still holds to offer a not so “cheap” dating service.


RichMenHotWomen.com as the name suggest they offer a palace where hot and beautiful women can find rich and eligible men. The site claims to have a strict policy of screening every member. The site is very easy to join and they also offer a way to sign-up using your Facebook account. The site offers a free to search and free basic membership. But t fully enjoy the site you will need to pay a monthly membership fee.


SeekingMillionaire.com is popular wealthy dating site. It has been featured on ABC News, PlayBoy Magazine and CBS. They offer a unique matchmaking system to help good-looking women find wealthy or rich men for dating or long-term relationship. They got a good thing going on. They have a good number of members too. Once you sign up you can identify yourself to be a beautiful member with an income of below 100,000 or a wealthy member earning 100,000 or more per year. Any one can try the site and enjoy free basic membership. But to get full membership you can pay $30 for 1 month subscription or $60 for 3 months.


SeekingArrangement.com is a popular sugar daddy dating site. It has been featured on CNN, Forbes, WallStreetJournal, CBS and other trusted media companies. They aim to provide a place for both sugar daddies and sugar babies to meet and date. There are a lot of members here due to the site reputation. They actually provide some form of background check for every member. Sugar daddies can have a verified millionaire status by proving their net worth.


This is another big name in this long list of best wealthy dating sites for 2013. This is a popular brand worldwide which is now celebrating 10 years of being on the service. The site is well-known in matching beautiful young women called as sugar babes with rich or wealthy older men called as sugar daddies. They also provide verification checks for each certified millionaires. Anyone can enjoy free membership here, but one must also need to upgrade to premium membership to fully use the website. Membership starts at $25 per month or $125 for a full year subscription.


SugarDaddyFroMe.com is another premier wealthy dating site. They want to offer a place for sugar babes to live that princess like lifestyle provided by a generous sugar daddy. The site has millions of members already. Most of them are online at any given time of the day. They also attract new members everyday. So you are guaranteed to see fresh faces each time you logged on. They offer free standard membership. Membership starts at $20 per months but can be up to $50 if you choose “all access” complete with all upgrade add-on’s available. Right now they offer free 30 day premium membership for a limited time.


British sugar daddies and sugar babes will have a local place intended for them. This is a UK version of wealthy dating site and it’s gaining popularity. They got some great features and localized search features to find your sugar babe or sugar daddy on your area. Of course men has to pay a monthly subscription while ladies can join for free. It’s not clear if they offer some form of verification to be a sugar daddy verified member.


WealthyMen.com has been feature on New York Post, The Washington Post, and other print media. It has been dubbed as a successful rich dating site in US. If you want reputable sugar daddy dating site that does not charge that much, then this is the place for you to start. One of the best thing about this site is that they provide profile verification, photo verification and income verification.


WhatsYourPrice.com offers a new approach to rich dating concept. They guarantee to give everyone their first date if they can afford it. Attractive ladies are encouraged to name a price for a date, then generous members will bid for it.  This is new brand but it has already earned a good name in the industry. They have been featured on Forbes, SirusXM Satellite Radio, ESPN, Gawker, CNN and other media.

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