21 Signs A Women Is Interested


Dating Tips For Guys: Signs Of Female Interest
Take a close look at this comprehensive list of signs of female interest. Getting really good spotting these signs can really help you make the right decisions when it counts most. More importantly they can ensure that you don’t miss out on all those female hints and weird subconscious ques they use.
What I would hate to see is a man do everything right but then not pick up on the advances of a women. Remember most women wont come out and just say they are attracted to you. They will flirt and they will even make this flirting really obvious if they are motivated and like you a lot. But rarely will you get women approach you, buy you a drink and then ask you back to her place… You wish right.
So it’s up to you to be proactive when finding a women. It’s up to you to correctly predict her advances and flirting so that you don’t miss out.

Signs That A Women Is Interested In You

Signs Of Female Interest #1 Dress Up

She will make an extra effort to wear makeup and dress well when in your presence.

Signs Of Female Interest #2 Interest

When you show the slightest bit of interest she is always free to go out or talk.

Signs Of Female Interest #3 Eye Contact

Perhaps the most easy to spot is eye contact. This is one of the first real connections between men and women. If you find that you can hold long gazes from across the room and the two of you sporadically start smiling there is really no question that the two of you have something going on.

Signs Of Female Interest #4 Focus

Showing little interest in other guys around her that are obviously interested in her, but instead focused on you.
It’s important to notice if this girl that is flirting with you is also flirting with other guys to. If so it could just be a little attention and fun game she plays.
It’s kind of sick to see a bunch of guys stumbling over each other to get to one girl. These girls will have these men doing their bidding but sadly for the guys it won’t go much further than that.

Signs Of Female Interest #5 Chatting

Once again if she talks with you and no one else she might well want to take things further. The problem with this sign of interest is that you could just be her friend. She might just be to nervous to approach other guys and see’s you as a safe refuge. Find out by trying some subtle flirting techniques, fall back if she does not respond.

Signs Of Female Interest #6 Sizing You Up

You might catch her checking out your body from the corner of your eye. She might just be superficially interested so be cautious but prolonged eye contact on your body is a good thing.

Signs Of Female Interest #7 Skin

If you notice cleavage or extra leg then you should be aware that she either likes male attention or open to finding a man.
If you have been on a date and you notice that she has taken a top off to expose more skin or lowered the line of her top she could be interested. Test this out by leaning closer and flirting with eye contact from that cleavage area to her eyes in a suggestive or even joking manner.

Signs Of Female Interest #8 Touchy

Some women are quite touchy anyway but if you notice her reaching out for your shoulder or pressing up against you with her body this should raise suspicion.

Signs Of Female Interest #9 Hair Flick

You have seen this in tv commercials and some of the box office hits. The hair flick is a real classic flirting gesture used by women. It can either be a small side flick over the shoulder or full forward then back over the head. A real attention grabber.

Signs Of Female Interest #10 Wrist Exposure

Signs Of Female Interest #11 Lip Licking

When this is stacked with other signs of female interest is can be a real blatant flirting gesture. Note you want to see slow lip movements.

Signs Of Female Interest #12 Whispering

Whispering that is not really necessary is another great flirting technique used by women. An excuse to move close to your neck or lean up against you so that you can hear. It also hints that what she has to say is important and she trusts you to keep it to yourself. This further bonds the two of you in secrecy using intimacy. Once again be careful not to confuse this for politeness. Watch out for changes in voice tone speech timing and how close she leans. TIP: ( you should try this on her )

Signs Of Female Interest #13 Object Placement

Many times a women will leave things at her boyfriends place as a sign that he is taken to other women. Also as a sign that she is interested in being taken care of by you.

Signs Of Female Interest #14 Mirroring

Use any signs of body language and body position mirroring to your advantage.

Signs Of Female Interest #15 Contact

Perhaps the most obvious one is when you keep getting texts phone calls or facebook messages about anything and everything. She might invite you out or just want to chat.

Signs Of Female Interest #16 The Blush

Usually only the shy ones blush and when they do it’s pretty obvious.

Signs Of Female Interest #17 Domestication

If you have a girl that is just a friend and she always wants to watch romantic movies and cook for you might want to check on the other indicators of interest.

Signs Of Female Interest #18 Smile

You can tell a LOT from a smile. Whether it is really genuine… Whether she is timid anxious or electrified in your presence.
You are looking for the genuine smile not the fake or “I’m just being nice” smile.

Signs Of Female Interest #19 Cloth Fidgeting

Women that play with their clothes when around you are either nervous or they are aware of how their appearance affects you. Most of the time it’s a good thing when they are adjusting their hair, bra or skirt.

Signs Of Female Interest #20 Laughing

She will laugh at your jokes when you know they are not funny. When no one else laughs at them but she does you can be pretty sure she wants you to recognise her interest in you.

Signs Of Female Interest #21 Inquisitive

Interested in your past. Questioning your past relationships and family ties. Interested in your goals and aspirations

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