#3 Crucial Ex Back Stages You Must Master To Get Her Back

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Emotional Control

  • after rejection you feel out of control
  • you feel like it came it came out of nowhere
  • don’t panic!

You fear losing who you love
You might be tempted to get your ex back by begging and pleading and buying her gifts, being overly nice.
Don’t overcompensate and act silly during the first week after the breakup as your chances of actually making it work with your ex in the future will be ruined.
Your ex has told you that they dont want to be with you so using words to convince your ex to come back to you soon after the breakup to them seems like your not listening and respecting them.
Your actions wont be effective during the first phase of the breakup…
Gain control of your emotions!

Resist Contact

Either strict no contact or partial contat
– All this means is that you give your ex plenty of time to reconile and get over the breakup…
Reflect the energy you are wasting on emotional energy back into your own self improvement.
Allow that space between you to think back into the relationship

Sexual Escalation

The next step is the most important – the key ingredient is to do something very speicific to capture their attention.
It’s a LOT to do with  seduction now… but not regular seduction. You need to get their attention so that they see you as a potential loving and sexual interest!

It’s not about being friends or mates with her… it’s about getting that sexual chemistry with them back. This is the most crucial stage of the ex back process. You actually have to reignite the sexual passion.
They will want to keep the whole conversation based around friendship related things – you will be working on sub communication and sexual esclation techniques.
To get your girlfriend back… You need  to get her sexually interested in you again.

1/3 of Americans have experienced a break up at least once in the last 10 years.

The rate of breakups increase as the demographic age get’s younger – meaning that if you are in the 20-30 year age bracket it’s very likely that you will go through at least 1 breakup… So DONT beat yourself up about it – it happens to everyone!

  • Your NOT useless
  • If you don’t get her back you WILL find someone else
  • They will likely be more compatible than your ex was
  • Life WILL get better

The interesting fact about breakups is that only a third of men initiate break ups while HALF of women have confessed to initiating the breakup.
So it’s the dam women causing all the hurt!
Many guys avoid contact and will just let a relationship cruise along even if they know it could be better – women are very serious about the relationship and if they feel like it’s holding them or you back they will cut it off or talk about improving it.
Women often feel like they are forced to break up because men don’t offer enough emotional support or are not loving enough.
sex? – NO
love? – NO
Apparently the number #1 relationship destroyer is communication.


Let your partner know what you find sexy about them – she needs that constant confirmation about your love for her!
Communicate daily about your thoughts and feelings about life and the relationship – it doesn’t have to be all serious but it does have to be honest.
If you feel like she is not saying something ask her about it. Dont let the relationship slip away because your busy with something else.
You always want what you cant have right? Well think about how much you would want her if she was with another man…
Because she can you know. She could leave tommorrow and enjoy an amazing night with some idiot down the road. Be grateful that she loves you. Tell her how lucky you are to have her in your life.
Because there is one thing that women dont get enough in relationships and that is the reminder of how much their man actually cares about them.

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