#3 Dating Mistakes

Online dating mistakes that stop users having success with online matchmaking.

Dating Mistake – Rigidity

Being to rigid in your approach to dating and willing to move outside your comfort zone
It is VERY unlikely a women or man will be perfect for you. Sadly women are quietly checking off your attributes to see if you qualify. Even if you meet 9/10 of their expectations the last one is enough to have you disqualified. This strictness is a huge dating mistake mostly performed by women on first dates. You get thrown in the pile of “not my type”.
Guys are too are guilty of this rigidity in dating approach. For guys it is more focused on physical appearance.
A slightly larger women or not as attractive as you pictured usually cause guys to be not interested in the date.
This is a big dating mistake and should be avoided by both men and women.
By rejecting a date based on a preset list of rules can cause you to miss out on A LOT of fun. The fact is you don’t know this person so get to know them first before you make up your mind about what you think of them.
This goes for women to. If he doesn’t text you back straight away this does not mean that he does or does not like you… relax and let the relationship evolve over time.

Dating mistake – The all in approach

Guys are vulnerable to letting their date know everything about them too early. They falsely believe that the more open they are about their past the better. All in good time son. A women does not want to know about
Your mom
Your past girlfriends
Your insecurities
Your weakness’s
Ease up on the all in approach and hold back the good stuff to keep your date guessing. Remember this is a first date and that’s all it is. Dont try to move to fast. The relationship need not be pressured to move forward to fast.

Dating Mistake – Flexibility

The third dating mistake would have to be continually hitting your head against a brick wall then wondering why you have a headache.
If you want a long last relationship you need to attract women that want the same thing. If you want a quick fling then don’t go signing up to eHarmony and acting all sappy.
Know what you want and understand how you are acting. If you continue to act like you are don’t expect different dating results.
The most obvious is when you see girls continually dating these guys looking for sex. The girl is after some intense emotional relationship but they keep showing up to bars attracting fling minded guys.
It’s not you it’s how you are acting and where you are going to attract the opposite sex.
Determine now if you are looking for a long term relationship of if you are just looking for something new and interesting.
Let your date know this and use speed dating or fling sites, alternatively keep going to bars.
If you want a long term relationship invest some time getting to know her/him or use matchmaking sites.

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