#3 Options When Meeting Russian Women

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Meeting Russian Women
So you are interested in Russian women and it is now time to actually meet them. Of course there are Russian women present in the US but this article will focus on Russian women living in Russia.
You basically have 3 choices if you want to get in contact with these women. You either meet her in Russia at her house, meet her in Russia at a neutral location or she comes to you.
Fairly simple really but each poses different complications and benefits. It goes without saying that this is a huge step for the both of you. Travelling to a different country is a big move emotionally and financially but it can be such an exciting experience.
So choosing how you go about meeting the Russian women you now have a strong relationship with is important.

First Option: Her Place

You meet her in an environment she feels comfortable in. She will be with her family and be in a Russian environment in which she feels safe.
You may have language problems with Russian women you meet that live in small towns
She may question your motive if you want to see her in a private place first.
Therefore or though this is often the best option I would not suggest that your first meeting is at her place.

Second Option: Neutral Location

If you can get to a main city such as Kiev , Moscow or St Petersburg or even a neighbouring country it can provide you with a great neutral location for your first meeting as well as a safe public place where you can introduce yourself and get to know each other.
Can be lots of fun and you can easily remove yourself from the situation if you find that things don’t work out.
Expensive if you book two rooms in the same hotel for the stay
Neither person feels comfortable as they are both outside their comfort zone.

Third Option: She Visits You

May not be an option if you live in the USA, Canada and Australia. If she has enough money or you can pay for her ticket this can be an amazing experience for her. You can show her around and you are in a place where you feel comfortable.
You feel safe at home and it’s a great way to impress her and show her your standard of living.
Fun for her
Visa information can be a slow process
It’s often very hard for a Russian women to get a visitor’s visa to come to America.
When you’re thinking about how to meet your Russian women have her best interests at heart. She might feel comfortable with you coming straight to her house or she might insist on meeting at a neutral location.

Meeting Russian Women – The Cost

There will be an obvious cost when travelling to Russia to meet your women.
A quality hotel can really create a great impression.
Russian marriage agencies can organise your flights and stay but going through a travel agency will be cheaper. Make sure you ask your Russian dating service about any specials and advice about where to go and stay. These “Russian bride” services have been doing this for some time and can save you money so make sure you enquire about savings.

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