#3 Reasons Why She Left You: Sex Money Mojo

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Ever wondered why some couples break up and others stick together?
Are you still confused over why your girlfriend decided to leave you despite the relationship seeming to be O.K.?
Before we get to ahead of ourselves it’s good to know that science has proven that with a little bit of work these same couple CAN live happily ever after!
Recent science has uncovered some interesting reasons why she leaves him…
Yes the title to this post is a very good clue.
If your still up late at night wondering why she left you read on:
let’s start with the fun stuff

Reason Why She Left #1 Sex

The lack of sex or the lack of intimacy during sex will rip a relationship in two.
This MAJOR relationship *killer* (sex) is a worldwide phenomenon.
We are talking about more breakups than any home violence or infidelity!
These breakups tend to end on a mutual and friendly note even though there is a lot of sadness. The conclusion by both parties involved is usually something like:
“we just drifted apart”, “we were going in different directions”, “we just lost that chemistry” , “is just wasn’t meant to be”
Which is all BULLSHIT!
You don’t just drift apart over time! You allow the relationship to die because of your lack of intimacy.
It’s obvious that sex makes for a great relationship and now science is backing up this theory. It’s obvious when a couple have a great relationship in bed… They are always displaying intimacy in public like kissing and cuddling and it’s wonderful to see. Couples about to breakup fight or have very few interesting conversations.
Your obviously going to go through dry spells and periods where you dont have sex… this is natural and it doesn’t mean that you are going to breakup in the next month!

Reason Why She Left #2 Money

Why Your Small Bank Account Is Hurting You
A lack of money and stress relating to money is one of the biggest reasons why couples break up.
If your unable to go on vacation, eat healthy food, are forced to live in a bad neighborhood, forced to work two jobs so you never get to see your partner… this causes STRESS.
If a women reaches a point where the cost of stress in her life relating to money outweighs the benefit of being with you she will contemplate leaving.
If both parties are broke and their is little to no sex in the relationship statistically it doesn’t stand a chance of surviving.
So anything you can do to reduce the stress in your relationship should be acted upon.
A happier girlfriend or wife means a happier relationship.

Reason Why She Left #3 MOJO

There are some other important reasons why she broke up with you… The most important being your MOJO (slang word for self-confidence, self-esteem or sex appeal)
Guys tend to think that their work is done when they finally seduce a women into bed – but the work has only just begun!
You have to keep your alpha male status and continue to work at the romance in your relationship.
A guy will typically temporarily forget about his goals dreams and aspirations while in a relationship with a women. To many nights in watching soaps and romantic comedies turns the once alpha male into a little pussy cat.
Your girlfriend that has now dumped you has unwillingly turned you into a man that she does not find attractive.
Wussy or lacking in vigor and energy is the LAST state you want to find yourself in. You should have been trying to add value to her life at every opportunity but instead you turned into a taker and receiver of value from her.
Take back your rightful place by re-setting your goals and pursuing the dreams you left behind.
Yeah you could have cheated on her or found some other way to screw it all up like alcohol abuse or just being an idiot… But for most of you the above #3 reasons will be why she left.
The important thing now is to either move on with your life and get your sex appeal back… or heal the wounds and get her back into your life. Some of the best information you can find on both topics is listed in resources below.
The funny thing that most guys find is that these 3 RELATIONSHIP KILLERS interrelate and feed off each other.
If your broke you don’t feel confident because your not EMPOWERED and you dont feel  like your contributing to the relationship. You lose your  mojo and as a result your partner doesn’t feel sexually attracted to you.
It’s a vicious cycle that doesn’t have to start with money but either way it ends up with you with your dick between your legs taking the walk of shame.
No guy wants to be the butt of everyone’s jokes because he is flat broke with no sex and no game but this can happen if you don’t keep on top of these sort of personal growth elements!


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