#3 Relationship Tips For The Real World

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#3 Relationship Tips For The Real World

Dating Tip #1 Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships can be tough! They put a big emotional and financial strain on the relationship. To avoid this date locally.
Search for singles in your area only. The size and volume of attractive singles on the internet can be a huge distraction. Put things in perspective and realise that most of the time it just wouldn’t work. There should be plenty of people in your area if you are on the big dating sites.
If you don’t live in a big city then search for singles in the closest big city. You can then at least travel a short distance to meet them.
Apart from the obvious distance issues with long distance relationships people are often hiding marriages or issues because of the ease of short term “weekend” meetups.

Dating Tip #2 Similar Goals

Sadly most men will sort through profiles based on appearance rather than common goals and personality traits. Rather than picking the hottest girl and then as a second thought checking whether she is compatible try first searching by common goals.
Compatibility of values should be your first concern. Remember you are looking for a partner, there is much more to finding a girlfriend than sexual attractiveness. Any guy who says otherwise has obviously not been in any successful relationships before. He will base the relationship on sexual compatibility and the relationship will not last.
You can only be in bed so long…
What happens when you get out and find that your hobbies, goals, aspirations and natures are completely different? She likes reading and you like rock climbing, she likes cooking you like buying fast food. What the heck are going to do together?
Opposites attract? Not on most things, I mean you can teach and learn to do new things but you might as well start off on the right foot on a few basic life goals. So long as the two of you are going in the right direction you should be right.
But goals and personality compatibility should be a feature of dating sites that is utilized first.
In fact dating sites should make it easier for singles to search and find other singles that live locally and have certain personality types. Other search examples could be zodiac signs, life goals, hobbies, extrovert/introvert, creative/analytical.

Dating Tip #3 Think Long Term

Men will often argue how much women change after having kids or even getting married. They apparently tend to take a turn for the worst and become more motherly and nagy. All the more reason why you need to choose wisely. Remember when you go on a few dates and everything is roses it might not always be this way.
The truth is you never really know if your compatible with someone until you live with them. It’s easy to get on with someone when you see them in the weekend. Everyone’s happy in the weekend, there are things to do, no work and it’s happy hour. What about Monday morning? When there are bills to pay and kids to feed etc.
Thinking long term in a life partner will give you perspective and foce you to look at the big picture rather than just thinking about getting her into bed. She might be a great lay but do you really get on with her?
These are often called masks. They are personas people put up to mask the negative personality disorders or traits they know annoy people. You are looking for the person you can really get on with in the tough times. A person who really gets you even when the times are a bit rough.
A women will mask to impress a man by saying: yeah I love football, or yeah I love hiking when in actual fact she loves shopping eating ice cream and bitching about her friends. Be aware of maskers and fakes.
The disguise will eventually come down once she knows that you are emotionally invested in her. You might not like the tiger that emerges after only seeing the innocent kitten. (forgive the poor metaphor)
The best way to spot someone who is masking is to see them in their real atmosphere. Notice how they treat other people when they are with their friends and family. If they treat their family with little respect then turn to you with puppy eyes run like hell!!!

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