#3 Weird Reasons Why Women Reject Men

Even though the initial attraction and motivation of approaching women is sexual what you really want is the deep emotional and spiritual connection with a women that LASTS.

What if their was a way to become MR Right even if your current personality and situation have you sitting in the depressing category of Mr WRONG!

Would you say that your bullet proof when it comes to your emotions with women? Could a women say anything to you and it wouldn’t affect your inner self confidence? The trouble most guys have is that they have never taken the time to develop and deepen their inner game.

If your like 99.99% of men out their you literally freak out at the idea of rejection!

Not “oh it‘s not that nice” I mean you would do anything to avoid this rejection. The mere thought of this humiliating rejection makes you sick and short of breath.

You might be a guy that has a number of friends that are girls – approaching and talking to these “mates” is nothing. There is no trepidation whatsoever. What I am referring to by approach anxiety only exists when you feel like you have SOMETHING TO LOSE.

If you approach a drop dead gorgeous girl (10/10) you will feel like you have something to lose… You could screw up your “opportunity” to seduce her and some other guy will step in.

Heart rate increase
Break quickens and pauses
Consciousness change

The reason why you walk away from perhaps the most amazing thing that could happen in your life is because you are you able to immediately remove the discomfort that you feel. It’s a simple cost benefit analysis and your disillusioned mind has stacked the benefits of walking away.

The great thing is that ACTUAL rejection is far easier to take than the artificial fear of rejection that you create in your mind. You have already felt the worst fear of the whole process before you even talk to her.

As soon as you overcome the block of the approach it’s a downhill slide to the finish. Because the worst thing she will do is say she is not interested or she has a boyfriend.

Men don’t actually get rejected very often at all!!!

The ones that do get rejected are rude obnoxious or completely mismatched their target!

So you can put yourself in the right statistic by choosing your target appropriately and using manners. Women like to know that men are taking an interest in them!

By keeping the attention focused on them there is little chance that she will reject any question you ask.

The Opinion Opener
Hey… I need a women’s opinion on something
Hey… I want to know what you think about
Hey … I need help with

These questions hardly ever get shot down!

There is no hidden motive and you are asking her for help – she becomes immediately involved in your life.
Being preoccupied with the actual rejection sucks your emotional energy.

If you want to preoccupied with anything it should be with removing your FEAR of rejection.

Preoccupy yourself with establishing a powerful confident emotional state. Push your shoulders back and hold your head up high. Preoccupy yourself with strengthening your emotional resolve in spite of fear.

Why Do Women Reject Men?

There are several reasons why women reject men which I will list below but first let’s get one thing straight. There many guys out their that are hyper responsive and hyper sensitive to rejection.

If a women doesn’t respond to you or politely says that she is not interested this is NOT rejection. Don’t play it up and say you got shot down by a girl one night because she told you she had a boyfriend! Not everyone is going to want to talk to you…

Especially women that don’t even know you. So firstly don’t confuse disinterest with rejection! If you do you will always be beating yourself up about getting shot down.

Inappropriate Approach

Follow normal interaction etiquette and you shouldn’t run into any problems! What’s considered inappropriate? Rushing in and being overly physical with them before they have a chance to figure you out. Using silly pick up lines that are sexual in nature. Approaching with a nervous sweaty palmed stare.

Not Knowing When To Stop

Some dudes just have NO IDEA when to stop! I think it must be because they don’t actually care but it’s more likely that they are not paying attention to the OBVIOUS responses they are getting.

The trouble is these obvious signals to stop are not so clear to the ill informed male approach.. You see most women are fairly polite – they know that it took balls to come over and say hi so she wants to let you down easy.

Example approach – two girls in the corner of a bar intensely chatting about their job… They didn’t come to pick up guys, they already have boyfriends and are just catching up after not seeing each other for months.

You interrupt with

Hey sweety can I buy you a drink?

No thankyou we are fine…

How about your hot friend over there?

No she is fine thanks

Oh come on you girls look like your bored!

I hope you can see why a rejection is going to be served up to this guy real soon. Know how to pick your fights and know when to stop!

Nervous Body Language


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