#3 Weird Tactics You Can Use To Get Laid Tonight

A question many a single man will make tonight is:
Get laid and make a lonely lady happy or go out with the boys?
Preferably both you say?
The trouble is that the first option is not a guarantee and the second option always is… so almost every time the guy chooses to booze up with his mates rather than focusing on the target.
The pack of guys never get out of the flat or get too drunk to make any serious attempt at seduction.
Trying to kill to birds with one stone doesn’t always work when it comes to getting laid. Unless your going to hang out with the boys and then go to a party with them it’s a lost cause.
If your looking to get laid tonight your going to want to dedicate some time to face to face contact.
The more interactions you have the more chance you will have of making the right impression.
The reason is not why you should get laid but how… but to all of those that are on the fence for some crazy reason here is a brief explanation.
Crazy explanation from http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/HowTo:Get_Laid
Those that struggle to see the meaning in their life try to create great art or try to be remembered for some amazing discovery… Getting laid brings joy not only from the physical pleasure but from the union of two beings.

Weird ways to get laid

Some suggest that you should never bring up the topic of sex with women at all! But you should simply be around them and try to be good friends with them.
Becoming genuinely interested in their life and not raising any interest in them sexually is a great place to start.


Some also suggest that surrender is a great philosophy to getting laid and seducing women.
Take what you wish from the word surrender. What they mean to suggest when they use the word surrender is to surrender yourself to them.

By sharing yourself you become vulnerable, most men instinctively but firmly believe that vulnerability is weakness but what they fail to realise is that it’s the one crucial dating success factor they lack.

They are so scared of letting their guard down and showing their true self to the world (and themselves) they never allow a women to really trust them.
In the practical sense of getting laid this vulnerability process can be sped up so that trust is established within minutes of meeting someone.
When you surrender and become vulnerable (while maintaining strength) you show your true self – you allow her to reciprocate her vulnerability and thus form an emotional bond.
As soon as you get to the emotional level of conversation with women (your goal) you have a much greater chance of getting laid.
But all of this should not be used for the sole purpose of getting laid it should be used to enhance every human interaction and the sex that will certainly happen once she does open up with be amazing.
It’s the law reciprocity – she cannot help but reciprocate her real self to you.
So surrender means that you let down your wall of emotional protection.


Is the simple concept of acting in a parallel nature to your date and thus increasing the natural flow of conversation.
You get exited when they do and you feel sombre when they talk about hardships.
This should all come natural when you are connecting with a women authentically. However when you don’t mirror it becomes really obvious that you are not interested in the slightest about what she has to say.

The Pickup

A battle is decided before it is ever fought.
When you are locked into the mindset of picking up women or “pulling” as the british call it you are going in with a plan.
This makes utilising your natural talents and abilities (natural game) difficult however if you feel like you have none to begin with it makes sense that your going into perform some sort of battle plan.
1 – Parts of your body such as your hair, facial hair, underarms and breath should be taken care of before you set off into the night.
Womens and mens magazines are great for guidance on issues of style… if you have not been out much recently pay close attention to what you are wearing… You have no idea how important a good pair of shoes are and how lucky you can get with them on.
2 – Pick up lines and openers get thrown around a lot – only use them if you can make them seem natural. NEVER use them if they know you are using them unless you are joking about how lame they are.
3 – A great way to start conversation is with a compliment!
What’s the best compliment to say to a women?
It’s the HAIR or the SHOES guys – anything that is as far away from her tits and ass as you can get.
If your commenting on her shoes your obviously not looking at her ass like every other guy… your different which means you have a shot – I know it’s a weird old world out their.
But you have to mean it fellas –
“I really love those shoes…” with a blunt dull expression is going to get you booted.
“I… REALLY looove those shoes…!?” with raised eyebrows and a smile with a hint of sexual tension will obviously work better.
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image: Dundee Photographics