4 Things To Avoid When Building Online Dating Profiles

Dating sites are becoming increasingly popular. More than 20 million people around the globe visit dating sites each month, and over 40% of people in the US regularly use these services.

Gone is the negative stigma that used to be attached to online dating and with it the view that the web is a place for losers, geeks and criminals.

Meeting in cyberspace has become not only acceptable but also incredibly fashionable. The only problem is that with so many new members signing up every hour it can be hard to get noticed.

It’s never been more important to stand out from the crowd, and with online dating this means getting your dating profile just right.


Your profile is the first thing a potential match will look at. On average, they’ll give your page about fifteen seconds of browsing time, which means what you write and upload has got to make an impression.

Here are some classic mistakes to avoid when setting up your online dating profile:

Uploading unrealistic pictures

The very first thing a fellow dating-site user will look at, apart from maybe your name, is your picture gallery.

Therefore, you need to think particularly carefully about the photos you upload and which one will appear as your main profile picture. The classic mistake is to go for misleading or unrealistic shots of yourself.

Some people will simply upload their favourite pictures of themselves, regardless of the year in which they were taken. Others tend to go crazy with the airbrush, honing photos until even their closest friend would fail to recognise them.

Go for flattering, certainly, but not unrealistic – the game will be up when you finally meet someone in person.

Exaggerating and lying

It’s a big mistake to lie or exaggerate on your profile.

Although online dating is now very trendy, people are still slightly wary about meeting people in this way. Trust takes a little longer to build up in the cyber world.

But if you’ve been lying about something from the beginning, when a match finds out – which they probably will if they meet you – all of that carefully built trust will be torn down.

It’s better to be open and honest from the minute you start typing out your profile information. Make sure you don’t leave any really important facts out either.


Although you do need to be truthful both with your images and in what you write, make sure you don’t undersell yourself. Underselling is another classic online dating mistake. Try to approach your profile as you would a night out – dress it up so people see you at your best. Be funny, fluid and direct and try to bring out the most interesting aspects of your character.


Revealing too much

Another trap that’s easy to fall into is being too personal with your profile information. There are some things you really shouldn’t speak about when trying to make a good first impression. Instead, it’s best to be casual and not to reveal too much.

If you avoid these four dating-profile blunders, you should find someone in cyberspace who shares perfect compatibility with you in no time!

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