5 Common Mistakes in Bed


I’m not going to suggest there is one great way to have sex that you should aspire to, but there are some common mistakes men make in bed. These are mistakes that women frequently comment on so take note.


1. Talk About Your Ex

Sex is a very intimate act. If you are going to do it while talking about your ex, this will not really be a good idea at all. Apart from the fact that you are sending the wrong signal to your partner, this is also rude. Your sexual partner does not want the image of a past love, jealously is not a sexy emotion.

2. Mentioning the Wrong Name

This is equivalent to talking about your ex. When you speak your mind even if it’s just a slip of the tongue, this can automatically bring the mood down. What you want to do in order to prevent this is to think of his or her name 20 times and mention it in your mind. This way, when you are already reaching the climax, you are not going to make the big mistake of mentioning the wrong name.

3. Force Oral From Anal

Just when 40% of women still don’t agree of anal sex and of oral sex, just how much more if you request to do both? This is definitely a double whammy! This is a really bad thing to do considering that a great number of diseases can be contracted from this type of sex act. A lot of women don’t find it pleasing to taste their own ass either so if you are planning to do this, might as well think of another fetish. No matter how many time you have seen it online, don’t assume it’s normal bedroom practice.

But of course, there are some women who would happily oblige for this type of situation but you may want to ask before hand so you don’t destroy the mood.

4. Pop Early

Not only does it look embarrassing but it is also frustrating in every sense of the word. Just imagine finishing in under a minute?

5. No Foreplay

Foreplay is important especially when you are trying to set the mood. If you are not doing anything to make your partner wet or hard, this can decrease the fun in sex.



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