5 Crucial Mistakes Men Make When Trying To Get Laid

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#1 To Much Talk

The biggest mistake men make with women when they are trying to get laid is that will try and talk themselves up and end up talking way to much.
Women love to talk – especially when it’s about something they feel passionate about. All you need to do is get her rolling. Forget about chatting about your latest great story that usually impresses everyone.
She will be talking a lot and this is what you want because the one who is talking is usually the one trying to impress the other person. So you kill two birds with one stone
– a) you don’t risk sounding silly by talking to much + you don’t risk boring her to death and
– b) she get’s exited and interested in you because you seem interested in her.

#2 Lack Of Physical Escalation

Another big mistake men make with women when they are trying to get laid is that they don’t physically escalate.
They focus to hard on being the social cat rather than the seductive attractive guy. At some stage you need to show her that you are sexually interested.

#3 Being The Ball Buster

According to www.datingadvicesecrets.com there is nothing special that you need to say or do to attract women! Because there is already that natural sexual tension present so you can either magnify that tension or destroy it with words.
All of the witty humour and jokes that you tell don’t actually help you to get laid. They sure do get you the attention that you love but it takes more than a comic to get laid. You need to learn the unwritten rules of seduction.
Getting laid fast is about knowing when to physically escalate and how to use eye contact and playful teasing to trigger attraction.
You cant afford to break rapport with her by busting her balls in front of everyone – even though being the “cocky comedian” is what you have been told to do it can often lead to disaster. It has to be done in a playful manner.

#4 Assumptions

Do assume that she is ready to be touched and physically escalated? If your assuming and guessing then you are doing it all wrong.
You could be moving in far to late or more likely far to early. Make sure that she is attracted to you first and then you can escalate physically.
This doesn’t mean that you have to leave it really late in the night before you touch her. A light brushing on the arm is often enough to let her know you are aware of the sexual tension.
But don’t assume that she is into you just because she gave you one look. Watch and be aware of the signs of female attraction. (21 signs of female interest)

#5 All In

Do you go all in? Are you allowing your nuts to make the call?
Rather than going all in and asking for her phone number without even knowing her name why not use a series of smaller micro approaches. Proximity and eye contact are great ways to get feedback from women.
If she is interested she will continue to return your gaze and remain where she is. Eliminate the chance of rejection by moving in slow and using micro approaches.
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