5 Mindsets Women Are Hardwired To Find Attractive (VIDEO)

Howdy… So if you haven’t heard already Shafin has released the third video… it’s live now over at psychologyofattraction.org
Your understanding of the psychology of attraction and inner game is going to be where you get the most leverage when it comes to success with women.
What I mean by leverage is that you are going to see a massive increase in your success with women with only a little bit of work.
Most guys dont understand female psychology so they are shooting in the dark when it comes to trying to impress women. They base their actions on what they think is attractive and what would turn them on… which is obviously going to be all wrong.
Your ability to understand female attraction triggers and how your behavior relates to how they respond to you is vital. It’s almost to the point where if you dont know this stuff you are at a HUGE disadvantage.
If you are trying getting a girlfriend or getting laid you should be focusing your efforts on where you can get the biggest result in the smallest amount of time. An example would be to buy yourself a fresh new look… a shower and some new threads will make an impression.
An understanding of female psychology is very similar. With only a few tips from a guy like Shafin you can increase your results ten fold.
Tips like which male flirting tips women respond to best as a result of an understanding of what women really want.  How can you know how to act if you dont yet know what they want from you in the first place.
You are going to receive feedback on a date – the trouble is most guys are completely blind to a womens critical feedback signs.

If you have seen the last two videos you will be aware of how much this guy offers and how much he knows about human psychology.
I hope your enjoying the videos.
All I know about the third video is that it’s titled “Attraction (Re) Defined
Also that you will have to get on the priority mailing list to get access to the video. There are 4 videos in the series that leads up to the launch of the “5 Mindsets” program.
Btw, Shafin’s much awaited home study course “5 Essential Mindsets Of Magnetically Attractive Men” launches on the 14th and there are 2 things you need to know about it:
1. He is selling only 1000 copies of it. No sales hype, the man absolutely wont sell any more. (I know, crazy!)
2. I am one of the few partners who are on board for the coveted “5 Mindsets” program.
So if you are even mildly interested about this, I suggest you get on the priority list on Shafin’s website and keep your eyes on your email in the next few days. This thing will sell out before most people will even get a look at it.
Here’s the link to today’s video again:

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