#5 Online Dating Success Rules

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Online dating is new to us all so the rule book is yet to be written on exactly how to successfully turn you dating membership into offline love.
But in reality there is no rule book for love either – love in the real world is intangible and full of emotional rollercoasters. Online dating is no different so I doubt there will ever be any one way to go about it successfully. Everyone is different and so every relationship will have it’s own quirks and beauties.
Even though there is not a magic bullet or perfect formula for online dating success there are some rules you can follow that will increase your chances of finding love.
If you’re in it for one nighters or “get er in the sack”ers then you might want to ignore some of these dating rules because quite frankly you’d do anything for a shag so rules and restrictions don’t really apply here.

Rule #1: Trust Your Gut

If you find a profile that looks to good to be true then… it will be: Drop dead gorgeous girl, wealthy parents, good job, no plans tonight, but just send me your #cc details so I can bus over to yours for a midnight romp right?
Look there are some amazing profiles online which are real but it does pay to trust your guy and think twice about the person that your chatting with. If you think there is something up then you will find that your almost always right and playing percentages is a good idea. If she keeps replying in a fashion that just seems odd to you, double check her sources and details.
When you call them up or do some sort of skype call do they look like the same person in their pictures? Do they sound anxious, rushed, on edge or tentative?
Trusting your guy is not always based on negative experiences. If they are acting odd or nervous but you gut tells you that their intentions are good then you should give them a second chance to impress you.

Rule #2: Red Flags

Love can be blinding: through your desperation to be loved and to love yourself you turn your alerts and standards way down.
This only serves to bring more pain to the relationship in the future as their faults show through. Paying attention to obvious red flags early on can save you plenty of pain down the road. This does not mean that you discount them based on minor flaws but do hold true to certain values and standards even if you do feel a bit desperate.
Any single that keeps talking about:
How fat they are
How bad their life is
Their ex
Past failed relationships
Keeps talking and never gives you time to speak
Pay attention to red flags but don’t always make split second judgements. Be sure that you have weighed up the pros and cons before ditching yet another online dating trawler.

Rule #3: Words Mean Little

Words are an easy way of seducing and enticing you into a false sense of security. But words can also paint a picture which is completely false. Pay attention to online dating actions rather than words. Many guys and girls are great talkers but they lie and deceive with words rather than actually do anything both online and offline. They will have accomplished little other than big talk.
This dating rule is important to follow and you will notice it when you see bold claims, mismatching facts, a feeling that you are being told lies and fibs to get your attention. These daters have little else to show the world other than their stories. They cannot be trusted so are not worth your time. Focus on results and actions over words.

Rule #4: Dating Games

Honesty is crucial for successful relationships so starting off on the wrong foot with silly dating games and lies is defiantly something to look out for.
Some guys and girls are just not honest about their intentions and often these lies are hard to spot. What goes around comes around and dating is no different.
If you say something, make plans or commit to a relationship you better follow through because it all comes back to hurt your in the end.

Rule #5: Calling It Quits

Knowing when to say NO to a women is a powerful trait. It involves being strong enough to realise that your better off without someone and that you will be find on your own. You might be a little lonely at first but you are secure enough to ditch.
The player wants you to hang around and keep coming back just as long as they can get their “fill”.


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