5 Reasons For Women To Have Casual Sex

1. Asserting your desires can create a tremendous sense of power.
2. It might help you transcend your inhibitions.
3. You’ll learn more about your sexuality
4. You might learn about yourself emotionally
5. You might be a better partner in a committed sexual relationship

There was an interesting post on alternet discussing why casual sex might not actually be such a bad thing for WOMEN.
Why there seems to be this misconception that only women get attached during casual sexual experiences and men are some inert unemotional being…
It’s completely untrue. Guys can get hooked on women straight away!
There have actually been studies that show that women can take up to 10-25 dates before they fall in love with a guy!
And for guys it can be as little as 2-3… perhaps even on the first date for guys.
All we know is that nothing is set in stone. You cant go around saying that all women will be scared for life as a result of a casual sexual experience.
I would not suggest that 18 year old girls experiment with older guys every weekend but the odd casual fling once you are emotionally and sexually mature enough to deal with it is A++ OKAY!
An heck if you like it… keep fucking doing it – what have you got to lose?

  • It’s fun
  • It’s adventurous
  • It can increase your self esteem knowing that someone wants you
  • It’s pleasurable
  • The chase and seduction phases are exiting
  • It’s sociable: You have to get out their and talk to people rather than sitting at home with a long term partner watching emotional movies!

You could easily add another 20 reasons why casual SAFE sex is a good idea providing that you are emotionally stable right?
Here is a video by the young turks talking about this very article
One point I found particularly interesting is that statistic that around 80% of folks that partake in casual sexual experiences end up falling in love and dating anyway.

In Corinna’s survey, an impressive 82.5% said that one or more of their casual sex relationships became long-term and/or serious.

This could be due to endorphins and the chemical process that act on the brain during orgasm… You feel a tremendous sense of connectedness to somebody during sex.
I wouldn’t want to guess how many marriages casual friend finders have created over the years! Maybe even more than eharmony! Now that would be funny. That would be one giant vote for sexual liberation huh.
However there are a few downsides to casual sex apart from the obvious health risks and emotional pain that comes with it…
I know many guys that were motivated by sex and so pursued it… They then fell for the women they were pursuing (for casual sex) and ended up in a committed relationship for a number of years.
Nothing wrong with that but these women you pursue (or men) are likely not going to be a great “life match” for you. The chances of finding your perfect match during a drunken casual sexual romp is very very slim.
Do keep in mind that you might not have any say in the matter when it comes to who you “fall for”.
More casual sex advice from the busty laci green 😉

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