5 Ways To Save on AdultFriendFinder Fees

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AdultFriendFinder.com (AFF) is perhaps the most successful adult dating network we have right now. It’s membership is massive because it attracts people from all walks of life. More than that, AFF really works. The secret is to have patience, determination and the right mindset when using it to look for a sexual partner. Because of this, AFF charges its members to access or use site’s features. Even though you’ll find a lot of negative feedback about this network, it’s still evident that there is a growing number of people using the site and they are even paying to use it.

Because not all men are born with the same balance of accounts, we seek to save some money on almost every expense we made. That is why more and more people are searching for ways on how to save on AdultFriendFinder fees. It’s not something that you can find from your AAA VIP discount. Some would look for active Adult Friend Finder coupons online or any special that they might have. Again we would like to clarify that AFF DON’T do coupons. You can’t find them from campaign ads, and you can’t find them on third party coupon sites either.

5 Ways to save on AFF fees

But then again, there are still proven ways to save on AdultFriendFinder fees, even without coupon codes or discount codes. You can try the following techniques we have here. They are legitimate ways to make some savings without violating any policy that could put your account in jeopardy.

  1. Save by subscribing to longer membership plans. 
  2. Make manual payments and pay only on subscription your going to use
  3. Buy points instead of subscription plan
  4. Earn and Redeem points
  5. Watch for Adult Friend Finder Specials

#1. Save by buying longer plans.

The key in making savings is knowing what you are paying for. It’s not having the right adult friend finder coupon, but knowing how much you are paying, what you’re for, and how long you’re going to enjoy that privilege or subscription. The answers to these questions will help you decide if you will be able to save on buying longer plans, or buy shorter terms as you use it. Here is an AFF membership chart to guide you.
The chart below shows how much you will SAVE when you buy longer or annual subscription under silver membership plan. Please remember that you only have to pay $89.99 for full year silver membership subscription.
Here we make $125 savings by subscribing into 1 year plan instead of paying monthly subscription. Clearly, you can save a lot of money by buying longer plans compared to monthly or quarterly silver membership plans.
Now lets take a look at how much you will SAVE if you go for Annual Gold Membership plan. Remember that this plan will cost only $134.99. This already allows a member to use all functions available on AFF website.
Here it shows that you are able to SAVE $188 by just subscribing to annual plan compared to monthly and quarterly plans. Please note that currently AFF is offering an additional 1 month free for Gold Quarterly plan upgrades and 6 months free for Annual Gold Membership upgrades. This means that you don’t only save $188.89 but you also get 6 extra months for free. You just got 18 months Gold membership for the price of 1 year plan!

#2. Pay Only for Subscription Your Going to Use

The technique here is to plan your subscription and determine how long you do you intend to use AFF. With careful planning you will be able to buy  or pay only for the time that you are actually using the service. Here is a chart that will guide you through it.

#3. Buy Points instead of a subscription plan

If your hesitant on buying a subscription you can buy points instead. You can use the points in exchange for some site’s privileged or features available only to members with subscription. It’s like paying as you go. This you can limit your spending. This is also advisable for light users, who are not using AFF most of the time.

#4. Earn and Redeem Points

Did you know that you can also earn points by participating or engaging on some activities that AFF provides? They actually have some kind of rewards program where a user can perform tasks allowing him/her to earn points which can be accumulated and redeemed into prizes. Prizes may come as site privileges only available to paying members.

#5. Watch for Adult Friend Finder Specials

If you are on for a waiting game you can sit back and wait for a nice adult friend finder special before making an upgrade. The best way to do it is become a free or standard member. Subscribe and visit the site occasionally, at one time or another AFF will run a promo and you must be there to grab it.

Truth Behind Claims of AFF Loophole to get FREE Gold Membership

If you have been searching for adult friend finder coupons online, there is a good possibility that you have come across websites who claims to have found a loophole within AFF system. They claim they to have found a way for users to get free gold member subscription. There is no truth about this, they are doing it to mislead people into signing up using their referral link.

This is not actually a loophole but it’s deliberately put into the system it’s like an ” AFF Rewards Program”. It’s designed to encourage users to be active on the site in exchange to earning points which can later be redeemed into prizes. Prizes are basically website’s privileges that include free profile highlight for a certain period, be a featured member, unlimited emails, 1 week free silver membership, etc., but free gold membership is not on the list.

We hope that this has help you in one way or another. If you know some ways to save on AFF fees please let us know. We will share them here so other’s will be able to use it too. We would also like to hear what what have in mind, so please feel free to speak up using the comment form below.

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