Online Dating: Your Step By Step Guide to Finding Sex Online

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Millions of people have moved on to online dating as an alternative to the usual means of dating.

Online Dating

According to StatisticBrain, about 49,250,000 million U.S. citizens have tried online dating.

Keeping in mind that the stats are gathered only in the US, we can see just how much people worldwide opt for online dating.

This makes you wonder just why online dating has grown this popular.

Well, the fact is that online dating has lots of advantages to it.

For instance, a person can be exposed to a huge number of people who are single in one instance.

It is easier for you to find a partner when you actually know who is available and who is not.

The other way online dating comes in handy is the availability of details about a prospective partner.

You get to know the sexual orientation, age (maybe), gender and ethnicity of a person even before you engage in a conversation with him/ her.

If you assume any of the mentioned attributes without sufficient knowledge (especially sexual orientation and ethnicity), you may end up messing up what could have been a successful relationship.

All in all, partners are there to satisfy your sexual desires and curiosity.

Finding a sexual partner online can be the fastest way to achieve this. The best thing is that; you do not have to move from your couch for the first date to take place.

The downside of online dating is bots and biased profiles. These two have made internet online dating almost impossible these days.

It is really hard for someone to chat with another person whose gender, species and age are questionable.  It may be a disappointment to find out that you just arranged a date with a bot which is just waiting for your credit card info.

Finding Sex Online

So how can you find the right partner that can make it work in the sheets? Well then, here are a few tips on how you can have a successful sex night through the online dating sites:

1. Pick out a trusted online dating site

There are some popular online dating sites that you can visit for a sure date. Though this is unlikely, you can also find a partner in some of the free online dating sites. states that it is possible to find a date in the free online dating sites. The downside to it is that most of the people there are either looking for a one night stand of your credit info.

They add that more meaningful relationships are best found on the paid online dating sites. So if it is sexual satisfaction you are after, both free and paid online dating sites could work.

You may have to use the paid online dating sites if you need sex from a partner more than once, however. You may also be lucky enough to find a partner you can turn into your spouse.

You also need to ensure that the site is free of fraud and illegal financial transactions. It is very likely that they are just going to empty your bank account and deny any involvement in it.

Undoubtedly, bots have also managed to trick a few people into giving them personal and financial info.

Some sites are just based on bots: they give you a fake girlfriend/ boyfriend, fake dates, etc.  You can beat them, however:

How you can spot a site bot that is wasting your time

  1. Be the source of the questions: The bots use a specific algorithm that relies on positive and negative answers. You can identify a bot by giving it a series of random and non-personal questions. They are mostly programmed to answer personal questions. So before you are sure of the existence of the bot, stick with other types of questions.
  2. Give an answer followed by a question: The site robots always follow up with a remark to whatever your answer was. It is unlikely for a bot to notice a question after your answer.
  3. Ask a question twice: Bots tend to give varied answers so that it will not be detected by users. You can start a conversation by asking the same question twice and analyze the response. If the person replies with differed answers, then that may not be a real person.
  4. Use your intuition: Some bot conversations are just unrealistic sometimes. You can definitely sense a drift in the conversation after a while. No matter how advanced the bot is, it must make an inaccurate response to one or two of your questions.

If you find it hard to get a bot-free site, you should check out THESE recommendations. They are the best rated online dating sites and apps that you can find on the internet.

2. Start a Thorough Analysis of a Prospective Partner’s Profile

You should try to make an in-depth analysis of a person’s profile so that you can deduce the character traits of the person among other things.

A person easily lies on the online profile.

In fact, an educational research done a while back exposes a great percentage of people who lie about their personal attributes.

You may think that women are the ones who lie much about their personal attributes… but guess again.

Though someone may lie to you about oneself, it is easy to detect a lie once you analyze the rest of the profile.

If everything in the profile checks out perfectly, then that person may be honest about the whole of it.

Contradictions expose the lies behind the profile.

How You Can Spot a Fake Online Dating Profile

  • Compare the face with the given age. This is the first thing that gives off many women and men. You may find a profile that states a girl is 18, but both her body and face beg to differ. Some older men and women tend to lower their age so that they can either get younger partners or get a wider variety of prospective partners to choose from.
  • Google the profile: You can start a search with keywords from the person’s profile. Either a Facebook or LinkedIn profile that matches the person’s profile should appear. If you are getting multiple results, then try to make an adjustment in your keywords. You can add a city mention in the profile to thin the results.

If that does not work for you, then perform a reverse image search on the Display Picture. A person’s DP may just be downloaded from the internet for a fast fake profile. If a different name pop’s up under the image, you better start asking some questions.

  • Request external links: The best way to check the authenticity of a person’s profile is by going through their accounts. Of course, that same person might create another fake account for an alibi. No one, however, pays much attention to any fake accounts.

A fake profile will be neglected, therefore. Its characteristics is usually a single photo for the profile and no updates (the wall and DP).

3. Have a warm and direct conversation with the person

Once you find someone who seems to be a good match for you, just start a simple conversation.

Your goal is to make it more focused on the other partner instead of just you.

This way, you will gather enough info on the interests of the person.

Do not forget to point out the common interests you share as the conversation goes on. While you are at it, talk about a few things you feel like sharing yourself.

The conversation will otherwise look like an interview. Since you need the dates to end up in the bed, you should also include some erotic topics.

You would want to approach this indirectly as some people feel uncomfortable to talk about it.

How to Converse About Sex Online

No matter how much of a sex freak a person seems, it is never a good idea to approach the matter directly.

Getting laid through an online date is not as easy as asking anyone if he/she wants to bang.

The Huffington Post declares that you have more than one reason to talk about sex on your dates.

This mostly helps you to manage your expectations when you go out. You, therefore, must find a comfortable approach to the issue while on your online date.

Since many people online are looking for a “quick fix”, it will not be awkward to talk about it.

Here is a video that will help you avoid a weird online date when talking about sex:

4. Find out if the partner wants to meet for sex

After you have engaged in a dialect with the prospective date, you should be able to determine whether he/ she wants to meet for sex.

It may take more than one date for this in most cases.  If your game is on, however, the first date will involve some messed up sheets (be sure to read the article on how to get laid on the first online date).

If the partner seems hesitant on the matter, even if yes is the answer, just lay off a bit.

Your date might feel like you are up to something. Otherwise, you now need to prepare for a hot night.

The conversation you have online will help you to predict the type of date you will be having.

Here are just a few things you can look at to know if you are going out for a sex night:

  • The conversation mood on two different topics: You can bring up an issue about anything that is not sex related and see the type of response. Afterward, just start a sexual topic and see if the response is as good as the other topic(s). A person who is interested in sex should find it an interesting topic to talk about, so the conversation should be alive for quite some time.
  • Interests on your physical attributes: Research shows that most women/ men who ask more about your physique are looking desperately for a sexual partner. If a person focuses too much on other aspects of your life, it is more likely that he or she wants love more than sex. It is not like this is a bad thing, but it may take lots of time and effort to charm the pants off that person.
  • Personal confirmation: Some people just come out straight and tell you about what you should expect. Even without asking, one may tell you to prepare for a great sex night or just limit your expectations to just a simple date. This is the type of person you really want to date since he/ she will always be comfortable to share anything with you. Take that as an advice.

5. Online Video Chat… & Maybe, just maybe: E-sex (Super Great, But optional)

Has anyone ever told you to go and buy a TV that he or she thinks is super awesome but turns out to be a disappointment? Even if it was not a TV, it’s certain that you have experienced this sort of thing in your life once or twice.

In online dating, you do not want to heighten your expectations and find that everything is totally what you did not want. Video chats are the saviors of online dating.

They help you to know the various attributes of a person that you could never know through online text chats. Small and insignificant traits like stammering can be a great turn off to some people.

It is better for you to engage in a video chat in your first date before you even decide to go on a date-date.

This can also clear the doubts you may have about the person you are about to meet. shows that a majority of people do prefer arranged dates rather than blind dates. You therefore need to prepare yourself for whatever you are about to get into.

Video Chatting on The First Date

Since most people are after sex online, they forget the basic things that are needed to make a real date perfect.

They go on to parade a series of turn offs that ruin their chance of ever getting laid… EVER.

So, here is a list of things you should really take note of:

  • Sexy, but not too sexy clothing. This is your first visual date you are having with your partner. You need to make the partner want you even more. Wearing clothes that make you look absolutely stunning can be a really good idea. You should, however, hold back from wearing slutty clothes that will make you look like someone who should not even be dating.
  • Insist on having the video chat with a person in his residence. Forget about the office or the vacation home. You need to get a video chat with the dude or the girl at his or her apartment. The background usually exposes the side of the partner you could never notice. Questions like; is she uptight, is hewealthy, is she really single among other things can be answered by the background behind the face you see.
  • Keep the moods lit. It does not really matter how you do it, but just keep the conversation free from negative thoughts. Let’s say, for example, your date asks about a relative of yours who died. You should always come up with
    a good comeback so as to make the conversation as positive as possible.

You could also try to be as humorous as you possibly could be. You don’t want to go all Hitler on your first date; your date will just walk out with a lame excuse.

  • Be the source of the questions. A corky character is not the only thing that will get you through a whole video session. You need to try as hard as possible to be the source of most of the questions in the chat. Not only does this help you to know about the person you are talking to, but it also shows to the other person that you are really interested in him/ her.

Sex Chat on The First Date

A sex chat is just the same thing as what you do under the sheets.

You really need to build up sexual arousal before you get into anything frisky. If you have learned that the person you are dating is comfortable with online sex, then you need to make this one perfect.

For the things that you should not do, here are the ones that top the list:

  1. Don’t show up naked. Your partner might have thought that you are big in the pants or possess silky smooth skin but you ruin it that instance. These things sometimes don’t matter when you are super horny and just need to see what is under a person’s garments.
  2. Do not chat publicly. As research shows, more than 60% of the people on earth are comfortable with public nudity. There is no greater turn-off than exposing the partner you are chatting with to another person’s eyes. There is a great chance that your partner will end the conversation after noting people in the background.
  3. Do not correct a scenario: If your partner has done something that you find not erotic, avoid explaining how it is not that arousing to you. You should instead tell the partner what else you would enjoy seeing.

6. Prepare for a great night

If the video chat is a success, it is now time to move up the ladder. You need to ask the partner out for a real sex night.

Online dating is just there to facilitate your conversations.

You should not grow accustomed to the perks of online dating as you may end up developing anti-social behavior.

Online dating is much like porn. FamilyShare clearly shows the advantages and disadvantages of online dating.

The benefits outmatch the risks if the period is kept short.

You, therefore, need to plan a night in which you are going to physically bond with your mate.

Since the night is going to be all emotional and erotic, you may need to turn up the romance. experts explain that not all dates can lead to sex at the end of the night, but you are more likely to get laid after a romantic date.

You need to make the theme of the date 100% romance.

It does not have to be a 50 shades of grey scene, but just lit up with the right amount of romance.

Doing this, you should be able to change your horny status to that of newlyweds…

Once again, the night does not have to be a fifty shades of gray scene: You can decide to keep it as simple as possible or go in full throttle.

Anything that is going to make the night perfect is applicable in this case.

From the video chat you had, it would not be difficult to judge which of your two residence should be used for the night.

The first date should not expose your extra wealth or state of poverty.

Just make the person feel comfortable to come to your place or go back to his/ her place for the advanced online date.

You also need to make the night last for as long as it could. Shorter dates are usually meant for one night flings that really do not require much effort.

You should go for events that take a longer duration to end in order for your partner to be entertained.

In this period, however, try to keep the horny partner horny up to that time clothes become unnecessary for both of you.

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