6 Key Traits Of Men That Attract Women


If you are having any trouble attracting women then I am certain that you are not accurately portraying one of the following qualities.
Some of the following traits of men are closely tied to the primal survival and reproductive urges triggered by the cerebellum.
This is an area of the brain that evolved many thousands of years ago and reacts without your control. It also controls many basic muscle functions. The point is that even the best PUA’s get approach anxiety and fears of rejection! There is a very good reason why this happens which will be revealed later.

Social proof

Girls respond to social value, in fact this is pretty much all women respond to so you have to play up this side. Girls just don’t respond to a low value guy so you need to avoid like the plague anything that would suggest that your not the alpha male or the leader.
Women could have any dick they choose (theres plenty of them around) but it’s not about that, its about the survival of their offspring. This is why you need to be the LEADER because that is what women are after. Even if that means hanging out with leaders that’s good enough.


Never follow a women
Avoid do what is uncommonly called “Pecking” which involves leaning in closer to a women. It comes across as seeking approval.
Lean out and let her come to you. Remember it’s not about “pick up” and more about attraction
So to display more confidence you need to get over both approach anxiety AND the fear of rejection.
Approach Anxiety
Approach anxiety stems from approach the wrong girl. It doesn’t go away fully because it stems from a deep evolutionary trigger of fear.
Thousands of years ago: you died if you got the approach wrong, meaning if you tried to have sex with a mate that was already taken by the leader he made sure you never entered the pack again.
If she is taken the alpha male makes sure you DONT do it again.
Fear Of Rejection
Our brains are set up to deal with 50 person societies. That means roughly 25 are female, only a select few are not taken, not pregnant fit healthy, which perhaps leaves 3 or 4 left for you. Better not screw it up huh? These days there are so many girls out there but are brains just don’t seem to get that it doesn’t matter if we screw it up.
While our brains were evolving… if you get rejected by a women and they talked about what happened you just screwed your entire chances with the entire tribe. That is the fear of rejection.
Deal with the fear: even the best pua’s get approach anxiety – it’s hard wired
Men have a huge advantage over women… They have a huge source of energy… It’s classically called sexual transmutation.
Transmute or transfer that sexual energy away from jacking off toward something that will help you. Meaning no porn, and no masturbation until your with a women.


Funny haha if funny but it does not get you laid… playful gets you laid
Keno escalation
Be playful and then pull it away – take away what they wanted. It heightens your value.


This involves being more expressive with your voice and tonality but also relaxing and letting go of your insecurities related to looking silly.
Approach with a smile – 97% of women think that smiling is the reason for the successful approach
Women recognise if you are trying to pick them up because they are REALLY used to it. They are VERY used to the line… “hey how are you?… my name is steve whats yours?” Yes it’s friendly enough but…
Don’t go in looking to build report! She doesn’t want to give you her fucking name!

Well Groomed

Look good… Your shoes and hair are very important attributes. People, especially women WILL be looking at these aspects. You don’t need to go overboard but please dress appropriately which means NEVER wearing:
Hawaiian shirts
Jeans and sneakers together … urrrrhhh
Jandals with socks
Baggy tops or tops to tight if you are overweight.

A sense of connection

After all the silly play is overwith you need to really connect with this women… They want to hear they she is special.
Keep your sense of mystery and don’t go saying you love her just yet! But just let her know that she is special.

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