60 Second Sexual Seduction


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Have you ever wanted to know:

  • How to seize a woman’s attention
  • How to engage and stimulate her emotions
  • How to speak in ways that unleash her emotional needs
  • How to rapidly arouse her body without even touching her

Many of the things I am about to suggest might seem unrelated or rediculous… You will only realise there potential once your try them out in real life.
Words are tools of seduction and should be used in sexual escalation…
However you need to know what to say before you attempt anything silly. Blatanly asking for sex just isn’t going to cut it! Women are different – if you had it your way it would be straight to a hotel room for an exciting one night stand.
But this doesn’t usually happen does it?
Women seem to be holding something back – they seem hesitant about you advancing and suggesting sex to them.
The reality is that women are actually eagerly waiting for certain signals and commands from a guy. The trouble is that few men actually understand what these are.
The reality is that the female sexual system is EXTREMLY responsive… You just need to find the right key to unlock it.

The Truth

Sexually, men and women are VERY different – women respond to emotion and language in powerful ways that we find hard to relate to.
A womens emotional reaction is easily influenced by language… And because sexual seduction is all about triggering the right kind of emotion… we have a match! All we need to do now is find out what to say.
I will repeat myself! Some of the content you are about to hear will sound silly to you! It will sound silly because you are a guy. If you dont believe me read any romantic novel such as mills and boone and notice how it is phrased. Those books are designed to instill certain romantic and sexual fantasies in women with words alone. They are the eqivilent of our penthouse magazine.
Basically if it sounds insanse and laughable then you are on the right track! It will sound cheesy to you and erotic to women.

A weird concept

A feeling about a feeling
Women are capable of feeling a emotion about another emotion… This can often snowball right the way through from sexual attraction to guilt and shame. Women feel that it’s quite alright to sway from feeling comfortable to feeling uncomfortable about the idea of sex.
So even though all YOU need in bed is a physical and visual stimulation women require much more.
So even though you would like to think that women and men are similar and that you are very capable in bed you will only be referring to the physical process because that is all you can relate to.
Now that you are aware that women process language emotions and “emotions about emotions” MUCH differently than men we can get into how to initiate these emotions so you can get some 60 second sexual seduction.

Is there any science to all this? fMRI scans have actually uncovered real time male and female brain activity to speech. Bascially men only use one side (logical side) of the brain when processing words while women use both (emotional and logical)

Do you ever find yourself getting really frustrated with women that dont get to the point? You are looking to find a logical reason why they are talking to you so that you can solve there problem… Yet the continue to talk about unrelated topics.
This is because women like to hear sentences that are attached to emotion… You will find the use of emotional abstraction very frustrating however it’s exactly what women want to hear! You will feel uneasy when expressive emotive words are used but you have to get used to using them.

#1 Sensory Detail

Rather than simply stating what you saw happening include as much deatil as possible. Detail about how you remembered feeling at the time… Describe in detail how your emotions made you feel and how they added to the experience. Using sensory detail to express your emotion will not only add to the experience but will get her going!
If your still unsure of what sensory detail actually means check out
Sensory details are details involving your five senses. Sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste. Like…”He heard chirping birds” “The kitten was as soft as feather down.”

#2 Feel The Emotion Yourself

You will have noticed this yourself… When you are feeling the emotion yourself it’s much easier to convey what you mean. It’s more easily apparent when you are NOT feeling any emotion… the resulting response mirrors your own emotionless monotone statement.
To get women aroused and stimulated FEEL every emotion that you use in your conversation.

#3 Multiple Channels

Use different senses to express yourself… Touch smell sound and how they effected your emotions.

#4 Use Metaphors

Enrich and deepen the conversation with metahpors… Using metaphors gives a way to express how you feel that others can relate to.

Get Talkn!

Obviously you are going to have to express what emotion you are feeling with speech! This means you have to TALK… Get used to talking with women by doing it more during the day. Talk to the check out chick… talk to relatives… talk to your girlfriends or mates gf’s.
Daniel Tammet: (autistic savant)
Theory about language:

language evolves in such a way that sounds match or correspond to the subjective… the personal experience.


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