#7 Casual Sex Website Success Tips

#1 Choosing A Casual Sex Website
You really have to weigh up the chances of finding a real sex god on the friend finder network or be naughty compared with finding a sane slightly more innocent women on say plenty of fish.
It depends who you are looking for. You would be surprised at the sexual nature of almost all dating sites regardless of their advertised intent.
#2 Remove The Obvious
Don’t forget the whole point of dating in the first place is of a sexual nature… You really don’t have to force the interaction and conversation in that direction and it’s best that you don’t anyway.
I would suggest that if you really wanted to increase your chances on casual dating sites you ask questions about her life and her hobbies.
Get her talking to you about her passions and how they make her feel. Get into her life and her head rather than trying to get into her pant’s.
Too many guys feel that because your in a casual sex website it’s OK to act like a desperate horny creeper…
This is not how a women wants to be treated on the first interaction! Give her some respect and introduce the weird kinky stuff later once she feels she can trust you. By that time she will likely be the one introducing you to her crazy world.
#3 Authenticity
The lack of authenticity within society in general continues to amuse me – this is especially true in any casual sex website. Stand out from the crowd and be the real you.
You can still avoid any head shots until you start chatting with a women you like but at least show some part of your life that can be related to by the community.
Personal blogs and stories of your past sexual experiences are a good idea. Forums also provide an extra gateway into other peoples lives apart from their profile.
#4 Profile Tips
Who are you really and what makes you different from the next guy?
If you want to impress women (even on a casual sex website) it pays to be different.
Stand out from the anonymous crowd of sex hungry dudes by coming across a little more gentle or a little more outrageous. Add multiple images of your travels or your hobbies and fill in all of the personality quizzes and fields that you can. The more she knows about you the better…
#5 The Best Of Both Worlds
No strings attached dating with tenderness, passion and romance. Girls on casual sex sites want the best of sex and emotional connection all wrapped up in one night.
Yes all of this can happen – a women doesn’t mind the idea of you having sex with you for one night only as long as it’s a mutual thing. So long as she feels that you understand and respect her, casual sex can be an amazing experience. The women on these sites are actively searching for authentic honest guys that can rock their world. (unfortunately most of them cant…)
Unfortunately most of the guys are uneducated rude and waaay to needy and horny. They are not in touch with any sort of emotionally giving state and therefore do not actually understand what it is that these women are looking for.
If your more of a robot in bed than a Casanova you  may please some of the women on these sites but it’s unlikely your going to achieve the trust required to meet up with them.
NOTE: There are plenty of sex toys out their that could easily replace a robotic type guy that has no change in pace or any real emotional enthusiasm. What these women really want is a more romantic and emotional connection as WELL as a good session of what YOU want.
The best advice I can give you is give her WHAT SHE WANTS FIRST and then you will get what you want 100 times in return. But act needy of sex initially and you will get thrown in with all the other guys.
#6 Share
Write a blog and participate in forums
You can still remain anonymous and share the stories about yourself to the world. The singles in your area that read your moving personal stories, struggles and victories will associate with them and thus you. The more channels you have of being able to seem more real to someone should be utilized. Personal blogs are an example of this.
#7 Be Proactive
Even if a women really likes the look of you it’s unlikely she will contact you… don’t ask me why it just doesn’t happen often.
Whether it’s because she is inundated with loads of emails from other guys and get’s preoccupied or just feels intimated who knows.
What this means for you is that you have to EMAIL and actively search women to get into contact with. Remember you can also hit up the forums and blogs and comment on posts… this is a great way to form a relationship with someone past their inbox.
By actively emailing and forming relationships you will be able to set up more dates and more dates means more casual sex.
Unfortunately there are plenty of casual sex websites that exploit this male motivation and simply create a fake female environment to get members joining… Rude Finder would be an example.

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