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It’s not easy to find guys that will turn your world upside down. If you want to meet the right guy, you have to work for it. Guy hunting is not a new topic, girls too are struggling to get that hot guy they really want to make the first move. But the worst part is for a woman who is not only looking for that manly attention, but has no idea how and where to pick one. Well ladies, sit back and relax because we will be walking you through how to find guys.

Places to Find Guys

According to Cosmopolitan.com there are three major places where you can find a lot of guys these days. You can find them hanging around gadget stores, gyms, and tech companies or companies listed by Fortune 500. The rationale is simple; guys in general are gadget geeks. Most of them would shop around Apple stores. So why not stop by your nearest Apple store outlet to check out the latest iPhone, iPad and good looking boys.

There is also a growing trend of guys spending a lot of times at gyms and fitness centers. These include centers or clubs in bodybuilding, martial arts, and other fitness activities. So if you want to get near the guys with pumping testosterone join in these circles and you might get the attention that you need. The third place to find guys to get laid is at work. Most technology and established firms are hiring men employee. Get yourself hired by one of these companies where there is a pretty good ratio of men to women. Besides being on the same company means that you will be seeing each other a lot. This is a convenient way to get to know your type of guy. If your into sport or just want to try it for fun join a local sports club. It doesn’t matter if your awful, most guys play sport and they will be fit and healthy!

You may also find that one true love at unusual places and events. Men can be found at outdoor work place like a construction sites, timber mills, and other work places where bulging muscle is a prerequisite. You can spend some time near these areas. You can choose to pass near a construction site when jogging. For better chances to grab their attention you can choose to do it during lunch break or when they are switching shifts.

 Tips to Get His Attention

If you’re interested in a guy, it’s important to get his attention. It has been said that even though guys make the first physical move it’s always the women that seduces him to do just that. You do this with how you look or how you look at him. Your first focus is to get noticed but not to make is so obvious. You can walk in front of him or ask a friend to introduce you to him. If you want to make it exciting, you can ask him to take a picture of you and your friends, and then let him jump in and take the picture. You can then ask for his email or phone number where you can forward the picture!

If you are in a crowd you can make eye contact and smile, this will make him think that you are interested with him. Be cute, and be mysterious and wait for him to approach you. You may also pretend that you lost your phone and ask him to call your number. Only to find out that your phone is on the deepest part of your bag. Make a silly smile and thank him, now you got his number!

Flirting, if used properly is a nice tool to get a guy’s attention. But being too flirty is a huge turn off. You must know how to flirt and be cute and still look innocent. If you already know the guy especially if he’s your friend, being touchy is a strong signal that you really like him. Pay attention to what he is talking about and show genuine interest. Guys like girls whom they can share the same interest and someone who listens to them.

Buy him a drink or ask him out. It takes some courage and “ovaries” to ask a guy out. But if you’ve got reasons to, go ahead and buy him a cup of coffee. There are guys that are natural gentlemen who open a door for you and help you with small tasks. If you like him, ask to return the favor by buying him lunch or beer perhaps. When it comes to a cute waiter or food attendant at a place where you ate, give him an I.O.U! That gives you a reason to see him again, if not he will be the one seeking your attention!

How to attract guys without being rejected

Now that you have found your guy and you have his attention. All you need to do is attract him into liking you and establishing a romantic relationship. Attracting guys is really simple but you need to do it right. If you want to attract guys for permanent or long term relationships you have to be careful how you attract them. Many guys will just want a one off night or a casual relationship. You should become friends first and establish the relationship intent early on.

Guys are attracted to good looking girls. But guys may have different perception of what is a good looking woman. Generally however guys like girls who are clean, neat, and someone who is well mannered. You can use make up to highlight your looks but don’t overdo it. You can also wear suggestive clothing that shows some flesh but be careful not to overdo it and they may think you’re slutty.

The most important thing in attracting guys and avoiding rejection is not to be desperate. Guys can feel desperation if they think that a girl is too much into them. It’s okay to go out with your guy once in a while but give him space or some privacy. You can also text or talk on the phone but not every hour it will irritate him. It’s enough that you let him know you interested with him, and that you like him. Assure him that he is welcome in your life, but don’t push yourself at him. Let him be the one to come at you.



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