7 Sex Cravings Guys Have

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Obviously not ALL men have these sex cravings but this like all posts are a generalisation… But there is a pretty good chance he’s thinking of anal sex with your tonight ;-p


1:He masturbates to other women (on rare occasions)

Be it his secretary, someone on the street he just saw, your sister or even  your mom… I know you didn’t want to hear any of that.


2: He wants it naughty

We are not talking really weird shit here but like you he does like to spice it up a little from the standard missionary… get those nipple clamps out! Wait, maybe thats a bit to adventurous. Go at your own pace and look online for some dress up ideas. If theres one thing girls love to do it’s dress up… Now you have an excuse to do it in the bedroom.

Innocent school girl?


3: Sub/Dom and Fetish’s 

Get the Rope! It’s time to tie you up like a hog… Sometimes light hearted submission can really get your mans blood going. Remember there are many different levels to bdsm and it doesn’t have to be about pain but differences in power between couples which is already closely tied to sex anyway.

4: He needs a rest

Guys are not ready for sex 24/7… maybe 22/7…

5: How many positions can you handle?

have you tried all of these yet? fckme.org/sex-positions maybe it’s time to try one on him tonight…

6: Your Ass

Any pron tube site will let you in on a little secret, anal is in.

7: Spontaneous Sex Is In 

You will know if he’s keen, an example would be if your at a party and it’s getting boring, you pull him by the hand into a bedroom, outside or into the bathroom pull your dress up and strike a “IM READY” pose for him.


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