7 Simple Tricks To Getting Online Dates Fast

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If your not one to wait around and need a date tonight then try these simple online date ideas for connecting with local singles fast


Stay online – whether it’s via your new iphone or even secretly via a work computer staying online enables you to chat with other online users. This interaction can quickly lead to something more serious if you meet the right person.


Keep conversation conversational – Don’t get all creepy on the chat and private message boards . Get to the point early but do it in a conversational (meet up) context. Your only aim in the online dating community is to get contacts for further connection, whether that is via coffee or something more serious is up to you.

Remember whatever your intentions the other members do not know you so you have to introduce yourself just like you would in “real” life.


Don’t force the issue with a member that you think or hope is interested but not showing any response. There plenty of fish in the sea and this certainly does apply for online dating communities. If a community members are not biting you may be in the wrong ocean. Remember there are plenty of sites out there to browse, just search Google for free online dating sites and you will be amazed at the volume and range of single online looking for exactly the same thing you are.



Private message local people in your area with a fun conversational message about yourself and who are. Detail what it is that you are after in an obvious but playful matter such that you come across exciting and fun to be with. Remember people Will have their guards up online for users looking to prey on innocent users so let them know you are a real person is just looking to connect with local users.

The more you send out the more response you will get to your message ( you can send the same message out to everyone) but try and personalize each one by name. The more personalization the better chance you will have with getting connected fast. It will help to browse the profiles of members obviously to get to know them and include their hobbies and why you are compatible in the message.


As mentioned before sign up for multiple free online dating communities so that you are casting a wide net of local singles. By only searching within one network you may be missing out on the one person searching for you right now!


If you get response back be sure to reply asap to catch users online. Allow an introductory period before letting them know that you are going to be out in the local area tonight if they want to connect that’s up to them, Perhaps suggest a nice restaurant or bar to meet at. If they are not comfortable with the early move suggest going with a group of friends which will lighten the evening and mood.


Your use of English is critical

When looking for dates fast it is critical that your use of wording is spot on! Your profile wording should be friendly, fun and approachable. Come across creepy or weird and you will send them running.

( Of course if bit weird or alternative is who you are and what you like then by all means stick with that)

Chatting online should not be forced or a one way dialect, Let the other respond in appropriate time, ask questions and keep it clean.

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