7 Weird Sexual Preferences

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Just as a provision: There really isn’t anything “weird” about any of the sexual preferences below… after all what is weird after all.

Just when being gay would have made it on the world’s weirdest sexual preferences 50 years ago, the times have changed. The world has changed significantly accepting different sexual preferences today that were once labeled as sexual deviations. But of course, you can’t remove the fact that there will always be the weird idiosyncrasies. Here is a quick look into the seven weirdest sexual preferences.

1. Foot Fetish

Who makes love with a foot? The foot is even considered dirty in some cultures. However, with the right pampering from a foot spa and a pedicure, some people would find it attractive and even titillating to look at people’s feet.

2. Preferring Pron Over The Real Thing

This is considered weird since why get turned on with a movie when you can actually do it yourself with your partner? Some women though can find it a bit boyish and immature to still prefer pron over the real thing.


3. Armpit Licking

No matter how disgusting body odor can be, some men love to smell and lick the armpit of their partners! This is one of the weirdest sex fetishes since it is generally considered a part where the apocrine gland is concentrated therefore the smell isn’t always flowery in that area especially when you are both perspiring.


4. Ass over Pussy

Preferring the ass over the vagina is also a weird inclination. Why go for anal sex when your penis could get feces from the anus? The other thing that could even make this preference even more gut wrenching for some women is the vaginal sex that comes after anal sex. This is one of the leading sources of urinary tract infection among many other sexually related diseases.


5. Bedroom Role Play

Playing the cop or playing the teacher in order to get turned on is also a weird fetish. Though it is considered weird, this is a great way to play with your imagination or to even explore with your partner. Among the favorite roles that men love to see are the following:

  • Bad teacher
  • Bad Cop
  • Sexy secretary

 6. The More the Merrier

Group orgies can be fun for some people especially when they are not in a relationship. This sexual preference became prominent during the 70s with the height of free love. Hippie culture’s free love spread all over the world even sharing body fluids with a great number of people at the same time. This means that there are no limits whether you do it with a  guy or a lady.

7. Oil, Oil and more Oil

Some men prefer to have oil on their ladies. This can add to the lubrication but there are some occasions when this can also prove to be a bit off already. Other than lubrication, oil also serves as a great way to make the skin shine which is one of the main reasons why men have this type of preference.

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