#7 Winter Dating Tips

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by vonSchnauzer

Style And Comfort: #1

Guys can look great in the winter but that doesn’t involve wearing that tight shirt and shorts at the beach. You are going to need to go with the jacket scarf and pants with extra layers underneath.
You might not feel sexy but you can feel important with accessories such as a beanie or hat. Women have it a little tougher in the winter due to obvious temperature and dress conflicts.
Don’t try and pull off a shirt on a cold windy day – you will come off looking silly while shivering in the corner. Dress for the weather and your comfort will show through.

Invest In Clothes: #2

If your wardrobe is like any other guys you might need to invest in some wintery wares.
A good Jacket
Pair of winter shoes/boots
You might not look “sexy” in your winter coat but it sure will be functional. It’s easy to

Keep Your Spirits Up: #3

Cook yourself a good steaming bowl of pho or soup to keep your spirits up. If you’re single – don’t forget to look after yourself. Your no good to anyone with a cold!

The Winter Brings Out Tenderness: #4

Christmas cheer and warm fires keeps most folks in good spirit and indoors – once you have got a few numbers you can use the cold as an excuse for a quiet snugly date in. If you play your cards right it almost always turns to a more serious relationship. No one likes being alone, especially when it’s cold out.

Winter Date Ideas: #5

Women / girls don’t like being wet or cold… So make sure your winter date passes with her first. If you plan to take her snowboarding make sure she actually likes that sort of thing.
The cold can really kill the mood so perhaps a city walking tour or beach walk should be left for the summer.
Indoor art and museum tours with cafe and restaurant food is getting warmer! Perhaps a shop for authentic Thai or Indian food followed by a good home cooked meal with the ingredients would also be a great winter date idea.
Ice Skating in the city at night during Christmas

Lock In That Winter Girlfriend: #6

Definition : Winter Girlfriend
Women are out an about during the summer but they are desperate and secretly looking during the winter. Once again no one likes being alone and if you find her she will be very welcome to your advance.
In the end women want the same thing as you – you just have to make it easy for her to say yes to your advance. The limiting factor in the sex and dating equation in your life sadly is YOU.
So try to step aside, step aside from your ego and pride and let the women in, they are all out their waiting for a man to take care of them.

Stay Warm With Dating Sites: #7

Dating sites give you the ability to stay inside and set up dates for the weekend or after work.
Make these dates simple meetups at cafes for coffee etc. Once you have found a winner move on to a fun winter date such as snowboarding or a movie night in.

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