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In the first of the 8 part series on attraction elements we will talk about LIFESTYLE ATTRACTION and why I believe it’s the most important aspect of attraction.
This game is all about survival and reproduction and if you can master the more practical element of dating everything else comes “naturally” much more easily.
So make it easy on yourself and master the not so easy task of lifestyle attraction. It’s easy to talk about freeing up your time, creating a business or getting a raise so that you have the money to afford good style and a nice car…the reality is much harder. But this does not mean you should ever stop trying to increase your inherent and apparent value to others. This should occur of course after you have sorted out any inner game issues and are generally a happy content guy on the inside.
The 12 aspects to lifestyle attraction that will be addressed in this post:

  • Friends
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Future Plan
  • Health
  • Activities
  • Wealth
  • Passion
  • Housing
  • Time
  • Fashion
  • Transportation


As you learn and grow your interests beliefs and motivations change… It’s inevitable that your friends will change to. If your lucky you will forge life long relationships with good people but you will also have to cut ties and eliminate those value leaches from our life. Women are naturally very social and will be paying close attention to the personalities that you spend time with. If you have friends she disapproves of or a small social circle it will lower your value significantly in her eyes.


Your past relationships with women will become apart of your lifestyle. This will not only attract more fun outgoing guys into your life (more friendship) but more girls too. Your past relationships say a lot about you – are you friends with your ex girlfriends? Do they hate you for what you did to them or are you good friends now and have learnt to move on?


Women will be watching how you relate to your family. A good family man is a very attractive trait. Women are hyper sensitive to family ties as this is going to be a huge part of her life when she decides to have a family of her own.

Future Plan

For many female personalities it does not matter if you are currently in a rough spot, providing you have potential in the future. This means that having a future plan to move you from where you are now to where you want to be is crucial. A man who has a plan and knows where he is going in life is obviously going to be attractive to women.
They don’t want to chase a guy that doesn’t know where he is going to lead her. Have a plan for the future – this may be a current college education or efforts to move up in a company. She just has to know that you are motivated to move from your current situation to a better one.


This is a HUGE one for me – More important than your current financial status is your health. A fit healthy guy is extremely attractive – you don’t have to be particularly muscular but a gym session twice a week is a great routine to get into if you are not active with a sport.
Embedded into health is your diet – your diet really can make or break you. It effects your mood your weight your confidence, anxiety levels, skin, energy and almost anything else you can think of relating to your body and emotions.
An active healthy guy is a guy with purpose and meaning in his life. A strongly suggest that you incorporate an exercise routine that you enjoy into your life. As far as diet goes – you don’t have to lay off on the weekend takeout… Just stick to a 5+ a day fruit and veg diet with good protein sources. It’s really quite simple and comes down to your food choices at the supermarket.
And now for a crazy suggestion that I believe almost all of you will reject… Remove all alcohol and caffeine drinks from your diet! This means no more beer or wine. You are likely thinking “what a FU*#ING Nutter” , all I can say is that it’s worth it. At least give it a go for 3 months and see how you feel…


Hobbies should be a big part of your life – for me it’s sport… for you it could be dance, music, cars or simply social gatherings with friends. You HAVE to having something that makes you stand out that exists outside of your job.
Playing the guitar in a band or being the organiser of an artistic event are just examples of the thousands of hobbies you can get involved in. It’s not really a hobby I am talking about… it’s your passion and something that makes you expressive and exited.


You must have disposable income – a good lifestyle with good food and good friends costs money. You can make sure that it doesn’t cost must but it will still cost to live an attractive lifestyle. Obviously we all want to live the good life… Strike a balance between financial independence and spare time.


Closely aligned with activities – Passion is something that attractive men have a lot of. I am not talking about artificial passion created after two jager bombs but the passion that comes from doing things you love.
Some guys are fascinated with fast cars… others with brilliant and artful literature. Nether is good or bad they are just two contrasting passions.
Passion brings your personality to life and is vital to lifestyle attraction. As guys we NEED passion in our lives to drive us forward. If you can turn your passion into income you with feel a strong sense of achievement and independence from external pressures of life…
This is an incredibly powerful male emotion that will guarantee women enter your life and stay there.


A basic element survival – A warm clean well kept house can raise your value significantly. A dull cold dark flat will not score you points! There is no excuse for not having a location that is at least liveable.


There is a lot to be said for being both time and location free! What I mean by this is that you have the ability to work in any location and you have plenty of time outside of work to spend on fun activities passions and hobbies. The more free time you have the more opportunity you have to work on the other elements listed here. Own less and live more!


Did I say fashion? You should wear what you want and what you feel comfortable in. Usually this will be in alignment with your personality (and the weather). But what you wear should also align with the situation… A great pair of leather shoes and some quality dress pants or jeans says a lot about the kind of person you are. Women take appearance very seriously and it’s something you should be aware of. Basic daily grooming should be apart of your routine.


Depending on where you live transportation will become important. In the middle of London or NY one does not need a car but in most other cities a quality second vehicle will allow you to “extract” your seduction target in a confident manner.

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