#8 New Places To Meet Women

Here are some great *new* places to meet women… Forget the bar and club scene or even house parties.

1. Social Sites

Yelp,Facebook,Myspace,Ning these are just a few of the hundreds of amazing community sites out there – of course you can always try dating sites but community sites seem to be more based around small common interests of real people. There are amazing stories and reviews. Great opportunity to become part of a new community. Only problem will be to transition from online to offline.

2. Acting Class

Once again interactive, community driven and people return each week. It’s great fun and can be really funny. Drinks after the event is common.

3. Wine Walks and Tours

This ones been said before and can be expensive but it’s another great option if your looking to find high end women. Could be a bit pretentious if your not into that scene.

4. Organised Adventure Trips

There are places you can go in your local town that organise trips and events around common interests. Hiking , fishing, scuba diving, biking, sport.
These activites always get the blood rushing and are great natural ways to find new friends. These friends can always lead on to something more serious later on which is always the best way to create lasting relationships. There is no pressure because it is such a relaxed environment. You will be outside doing what you love so it’s easy to impress without realizing that you are – also happens to be the best way to impress. Ahhh mother nature you’ve done it again.

5. Volunteer Work

It can be lot’s of fun to volunteer and know that you’re giving back to the community. Getting to know other volunteers is easy and you get to see your city in a different light. Kids coaching, clean up work, big organised student helps

6. Yoga Class

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The gym is teeming with attractive vibrant and fit young women but a more interactive team style class such as yoga or kickboxing gets you interacting with people. Much easier to strike up conversation when interacting than when you pumping iron. Closed team environments open up people to advances in a natural way. Women might be a bit weary of being hit on in gyms… been done to much. Yoga classes become a regular thing so it’s easy to become friends.

7. Art Centers

Most towns have an area where there are outdoor stalls and sections where you can check out the local art talent. Cool little boutique stores and trendy coffee shops are another great way to either take your date or find one. Relaxed atmosphere and passionate people make this a great way to find women.

8. Specialty Parks

Sometimes there are parks designated just for (eg dogs). Women love to walk there puppies and dogs will always interact with each other meaning you don’t have to approach anyone – your pup will do all the work for you.

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