A Closer Look at the 6 Best Online Dating Apps +25 Bonus Free Hookup Apps

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Millions of people are using online dating apps to help meet new people, and this number grows daily. We were curious about which online dating apps were really the best, so we signed up for them all and reviewed them. After about a thousand selfies and bathroom mirror pics, we present our findings and give you a ranking of the 5 best online dating apps.

Oh, and we sorted these apps into relationship type categories. This will help you learn what app is good for your personal relationship goal, whether it’s hooking up, casual dating, or more long-term relationships.


Good for: Casual Dating, Relationships, and Marriage
Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Since it’s launch in 1995, Match has become the most active online dating app and app in the United States, and is quickly gaining traction as one of the most popular dating apps in the world. Because of this, Match easily has the largest set of paid users out of any of the other dating apps…while still maintaining the ability to say that their app has led to more dates and marriages than any other dating app. The best part of Match is the users are split pretty evenly between males and females, with around 49% of the users being men and 51% being women. Check out some of our other findings below:

Popularity 5/5 – Match has over 13 million members on their app, making it the most popular dating app online.

Searchability & Features 4.6/5 – Match allows you to use custom search parameters to find exactly what you’re looking for. Their other features like reverse matching and mutual matching is an added bonus!

Value 4.4/5 – Like many dating apps, Match has a premium service with plans starting around $18 a month (depending on your plan). For less than the cost of a date you get lots of value out of this app, with the likely possibility that you’ll end up in a relationship.

Safety 4.6/5 – Because of the premium business model, Match is known to be a safe dating app. Match even says that they have a team of people dedicated to catching any sort of suspicious activity, which is much more than you’ll get from most dating apps.

User Happiness 4.2/5 – Many users write testimonials about Match and their services, many of them good. The only credible complaints we found were in regards to fake profiles. From what Match says on their webapp they have taken measures to stop fraud by having an entire team dedicated to investigating fake profiles.

Final Takeaway

Match has many great features for singles that are looking for casual dating or substantial, lasting relationships at a great price. Match is known as the most successful dating app and app for a reason, and when you read into the success stories it’s pretty easy to see why. It’s no wonder that Match is known as the king of online dating, so if you’re looking for a great app for general dating this one is your best bet.

Visit Match.com to See on the App Store See on Google Play


Good for: Hookups and Casual Dating
Rating: 4.42 out of 5

Tinder is one of those dating apps that Millennials seem to love. Tinder got started when the founders were looking for an easier way to meet people because traditional ways weren’t working with their busy schedules and lifestyle. The app takes the idea of “Hot or Not” to a whole new level. With the apps sleek design, you can choose who you want to get to know better simply by swiping right. If you’re not interested, swipe left and move on.

Popularity 5/5 – Tinder is one of the fastest growing dating apps and has millions of users. It connects with your Facebook profile, making sign up a breeze.

Searchability & Features 4.2/5 – Tinder allows you to choose your search radius and what sex you’re looking for, making this a great app for whoever you’re looking for. Tinder is very LGBT-friendly, catering to these lifestyles as well.

Value 5/5 – This app is free. We repeat: FREE! Although you may have some times where you see an ad or two, Tinder makes marketing fun again by implementing the ads with their swipe right or left product model.

There is an optional upgrade, called Tinder Plus, that allows you to get the most out of the app by letting you change locations easier and taking back your last swipe. Pretty cool features, but we’re not sure it’s worth the cost associated with it.

Safety 3.4/5 – You sign up for Tinder with Facebook, but that still doesn’t weed out all the fake profiles. Safety on Tinder is more of the user’s responsibility, and because of the hookup factor of this app you should take extra measures to stay safe while using Tinder. Our advice (and Tinder’s) is to keep your personal information private. Don’t spread your financial information and try to be aware of who you’re talking to. When you meet for the first time, make sure it’s in a public place and let a friend know where you’re going. If you find a suspicious person on the app, make sure you report their behavior to Tinder.

User Happiness 4.5/5 – Many avid Tinder fans agree that the app is easy to use and effective, leaving them satisfied. There’s not much to say here besides it’s obvious that the people over at Tinder take user happiness seriously and put that at the forefront of their app.

Final Takeaway

If you’re traveling or just moved to a new city, Tinder is going to be great for you to meet people, whether it’s for hooking up or for the long term. The only problem with Tinder is that if you use it often, you may run out of matches depending upon where you live.

Visit GoTinder.com See on the App Store See on Google Play


Good for: Hookups, Casual Dating, and Relationships
Rating: 4.44 out of 5

OkCupid launched in 2004, and took off as one of the world’s favorite dating apps. OkCupid sets itself apart by mixing math and relationships, and applying a real algorithm to dating. To get success out of this app you’ll have to answer their questions, which is what matches you to other people. What makes OkCupid so good is that it’s free to use, but you have the opportunity to upgrade to what they call “A-List” if you’d like. The premium service is one of the best in the business, and allows you to search for exactly who you’re looking to meet. Keep reading to see what we found out about OkCupid.

Popularity 4.3/5 – OkCupid is very well known and has a lot of people on the app, but the activity has lessened over time. In the age of Tinder, it’s difficult to get people to message each other.

Searchability & Features 5/5 – There is no doubt that OkCupid has the best set of features if you learn how to take advantage of them. If you chose to join their premium service, OkCupid has some of the best search features in the industry. If you choose to use the app for free you still get some amazing features that will help you meet your special someone.

Value 5/5 – OkCupid has mastered the freemium model, offering a great app whether you’re a free user or if you’re a premium one.

Safety 3.4/5 – OkCupid doesn’t do much to guarantee safety, but they do have their own users moderate flagged photos. This helps keep the app free from people who are making fraudulent profiles.

User Happiness 4.5/5 – OkCupid has a major cult following, and is even known to have a very active community across the internet. Users are happy with OkCupid, but they do wish the app offered more incentive to get users to message each other.

Final Takeaway

For the money, OkCupid is one of the best apps available to help you meet your relationship goals. They have a multitude of options to customize the experience to you, making it easy to find exactly what you want…and to say exactly who you are. OkCupid was one of the first dating apps to implement multiple gender options and is very active in the LGBTQA community. You should use this app if you’re looking for a convenient, low-commitment experience that can be completely tailored to your wants and needs in a relationship.

Visit OkCupid.com See on the App Store See on Google Play


Plenty Of Fish (POF)
Good for: Hookups and Casual Dating
Rating: 2.36 out of 5

Plenty of Fish doesn’t do anything special as far as matching people, especially compared to apps like Match and OkCupid, but it doesn’t need to. POF caters to a very specific demographic of people and has a large success rate with their users. Check out what we learned about POF when we joined and used the app.

Popularity 3.8/5 – POF may have been popular a few years ago, but the app has decreased in popularity with the rise of apps like OkCupid and Tinder. This may be due to it’s moniker of “the trailer park of the online dating world”.

Searchability & Features 3/5 – POF does launch a lot of new features, but most of the time these are not well thought out. It’s hard to find the type of people you’re really looking for.

Value 2/5 – POF doesn’t offer much value since it doesn’t have a special algorithm or anything in place to match users based on data. The premium membership has a few perks, but we didn’t think it was worth it to pay to use.

Safety 2/5 – POF’s members vary greatly, and we stress that you should practice good sense and be careful when meeting people on the app.

User Happiness 3/5 – Many people who use POF find success with the app for things like hooking up and casual dating, stating that the app helps them in their sex life more often than not.

Final Takeaway

POF may have once been a great dating app, but in order to catch up to competitors it’s going to have to really step it’s game up. Since app makes the majority of it’s money from ad revenue, POF should consider investing in their product and feature set to help make it better. If you’re going to use this app, it’s probably best if you’re looking for a hookup or one night stand as most people on the app are looking for the same.

Visit POF.com See on the App Store See on Google Play

Good for: Relationships and Marriage
Rating: 4.35 out of 5

eHarmony is known for how many people meet, and marry, off of their app. They often brag about how they help more than 540 people get married every day, making them the “number one trusted relationship-minded site”. They’re not just bragging, the app really does help people find a trusted relationship and excellently caters to their users…if you’re into finding a long-term relationship. Here’s what we found out about eHarmony:

Popularity 3.2/5 – eHarmony caters to a certain demographic, and has predominantly caucasian members. If you’re looking for variety, you may not find that with eHarmony, but you will find a bunch of white people looking for a serious relationship. It’s up to you if this is what you’re looking for or not.

Searchability & Features 4/5 – eHarmony helps you find exactly what you’re looking for, and they are damn good at doing it. eHarmony is known for having many successes and positive testimonials, most of them based solely around the ability to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Value 5/5 – We can’t deny the value associated with eHarmony. It’s priceless to be able to find your soulmate, but we stress that eHarmony is a great app for relationships and marriage, not for hooking up.

Safety 5/5 – eHarmony is known as one of the safest dating apps, and for good reason. They work hard at verifying your identification, making scammers and fakes a rare sight on the app. They even make you verify that you are legally separated or divorced if you were in a previous marriage

User Happiness 4.5/5 – From the research we say, users of eHarmony are incredibly satisfied with the service. The app is easy to navigate and makes finding a lifetime partner less intimidating.

Final Takeaway

eHarmony is a great app to consider if you’re getting tired of the hookup life and are looking for something more serious. Men and women split the demographic of the app pretty evenly, so you’re bound to find what you’re looking for if you use this service.

Visit eHarmony.com See on the App Store See on Google Play


Good for: Hookups and Casual Dating
Rating: 3.86 out of 5

Zoosk calls itself the #1 dating app, all thanks to its trademarked matchmaking technology, Behavioral Matchmaking™. The concept behind this is that the more you use the app, the more they learn about you…thus better serving you. It’s a lot like what OkCupid does, except instead of answering a bunch of questions you teach the app what type of people you like based off of what types of people you interact with (and who you don’t). Here’s a closer look at what is going on over at Zoosk.

Popularity 5/5 – Zoosk has over 40 million members. FORTY MILLION. This is more than any other of these apps, and has at least 12 million unique visitors every month. The app is available worldwide and can be used by anyone (pretty much) because it’s available in over 25 languages.

Searchability & Features 4/5 – Ah, to us, this is one of the most important things to consider when using a dating app. The ability to find someone is the point, is it not? Zoosk does do a good job with search ability and has excellent features, but something seems a little off about them. Maybe it’s because they don’t look as pretty as some of the other sites…but we digress. Zoosk is fine for finding people, and we would even say better than most.

Value 2.5/5 – Zoosk is like other dating sites, there is a free version and a premium version. The premium version has some of the same features that OkCupid’s free version has, but at a cost. That’s the only reason why we don’t like using Zoosk, it’s just too much commitment up front.

Safety 4/5 – We’ve never heard of any safety issues at Zoosk, and it may because their website features an extensive Online Dating Safety Guide. They even added easy to understand charts, probably because they spend the time to learn about how their users use the app. This is an interesting concept and we wish other apps would take this as seriously as Zoosk has.

User Happiness 3.8/5 – Zoosk users are pretty happy, but they say that there are a lot of issues surrounding billing. That’s sad to hear, because Zoosk has a lot of things going for it. We hope they can figure it out quick because messing with money is no bueno!

Final Takeaway

You should check Zoosk out and see if it works for you. You have to become a premium member to really do anything on the site, but there are a lot of different people that have joined the site and it’s got a reputation for being one of the better apps out there.

Visit Zoosk.com See on the App Store See on Google Play


There’s a ton of apps out there for online dating, and the ones above are some of the best. You can find many different types of online dating apps, pretty much for every type of lifestyle you live. We’ve put a list together of a few different mostly FREE online dating apps, all categorized for your viewing pleasure. We hope we can help you find your extra-special someone today!

For Hooking Up

These are a few apps that people use to assist in hooking up. If that’s your thing, you should check them out as a few are gaining major traction in online dating.

  1.  3nder – An app for people looking for a single person or a couple, primarily for threesomes. See on the IOS App Store
  2. Are You Interested – An app for people looking to meet other people based off their friends and interests. See on the App Store | See on Google Play
  3. DOWN – An app to hookup with people nearby. See on the App Store | See on Google Play
  4. PURE – A dating app that allows you to find someone in your area who is looking to meet RIGHT NOW. See on the App Store | See on Google Play
  5. Snapchat – Yes, everyone’s favorite chat app is also a dating app! Use Snapchat to help you keep in contact with people you’re interested in (in a fun way, might we add!). See on the App Store | See on Google Play
  6.  Tingle – This app lets you talk to people on the phone without sharing your phone number. Badass. See on the App Store

Catered to Women
These are some dating apps that are catered more to the ladies.

7. Coffee Meets Bagel – An app that picks a single person for you every day to meet with. See on the App Store | See on Google Play
8. Dapper – Sets up a date for any mutual matches you get. Sounds cool. See on the App Store See on Google Play
9. Grouper Social Club – This app allows you to meet other people along with your friends. We’ve tried this app and think it’s a fresh new way to look at dating. See on the App Store
10. Lulu – This app allows women to rate their exes anonymously by connecting through Facebook. Cool concept, but the app seems to backfire and make some men look real bad. See on the App Store | See on Google Play
11. MeetMe – Lets you meet new people in your area. See on the App Store | See on Google Play
12. Wyldfire – Ladies choose dudes to join this site and you can Tinder-style like each other. See on the App Store

Catered to Men
These are some dating apps that are catered more to the men.

13. Badoo – Another app that is meant to meet people nearby, great for men looking to meet new people in their area. See on the App | Store See on Google Play
14. Blendr – An app for flirting. See on the App Store | See on Google Play
15. Happn – Allows you to see people you’ve crossed paths with in real life. Great for shy people. See on the App Store | See on Google Play
16. Hinge – Lets you meet people through your friends. See on the App Store | See on Google Play
17. Skout – Discover new friends anywhere in the world. See on the App Store | See on Google Play
18. Tagged – Meet new people to chat with, flirt with, and date in your area See on the App Store | See on Google Play

These are some dating apps that are catered to the LGBTQ community.

19. HER – The most popular app to meet lesbian women. See on the App Store
20. SCISSR – A lesbian and bi-sexual dating app. See on the App Store
21. Wing Ma’am – A dating and relationship app catered to lesbians. See on Google Play
22. GROWLr – The “best hookup app for gay men”. Very popular app! See on the App Store | See on Google Play
23. Hornet – An app for gay, bi, and bi-curious men to meet. See on the App Store | See on Google Play
24. SCRUFF – One of the more popular apps for gay men. See on the App Store | See on Google Play

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