A Mans Guide To Female Body Language

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Here How To Use Your Understanding of Female Body Language To Your Advantage
More than 90% of your communication with a women will be non verbal. Meaning what you say counts for less than 10%! Yeah I know this is hard to believe but stay with me on this one.
You need to understand how to present the right non verbal ques and also to be able to pick up on non verbal female communication.
I know… your thinking – yeah I have heard all of this before right?
This doesn’t change the fact that it’s super important to brush up on the basics. What you should know that is that this non verbal communication stuff is far from basics – it’s some highly complicated shit we are about to cover!
Most guys have NO IDEA what’s going on in a women’s head. But it’s obvious if you can read their body language!
Some of this should come naturally to you as we are born with in built mechanisms for reading basic emotions.
It’s is obvious when a guy is clueless to non verbal communication and body language and sometimes it’s hard to watch. This guy will be completely oblivious to female advances around him or he could be pushing the issue with a women who is obviously not interested.
She will be nodding her head sympathetically while looking the other way and the guy thinks that because she is listening to him he’s in like a robbers dog with a hot chick. He will later realise the truth and come to the conclusion that he wasted a night on a bird that had little interest in him.
Now when you are learning this female mind reading stuff understand that it takes time to get your head around! This is by no means an easy subject.
Without further hesitation let’s dive head first into reading female body language.
Questions you will be asking yourself might include:
Is this women into me?
Is this women single?
Is she flirting or just being nice?
Is she just doing it for fun?
What are the signs of flirting?
What body language should I look out for when I’m at a bar?
Glad you asked… read on


Warning! Single Women Do This

You might well have heard the term “indicator of interest” What you will read below are just that – indicators. Just because women tosses her hair in a flirty fashion does not mean she is attracted to you.
Dont jump to conclusions boy! She could be into the guy behind you!
Did you watch her eye contact?
It could be a windy day and her hair was annoying her
Look out for progressions of the following behaviour in women. When multiple signals or repeated signals occur in close proximity then you can be pretty certain she is into you.
Don’t be alarmed if you find youself picking all the signs of subconscious body language and still being shot down. Remember this is a touchy subject and the mere word “subconscious” should infer this. Your women could be married or simply unaware that she was performing come hither gestures in the first place! There are also women that just love to flirt for the attention they receive from males. So I guess this is just a warning that these techniques are by no means fool proof.
Another piece of advice that you would be wise to accept is the understanding that your meat and two veg are more than often deluding you. Be honest with yourself when interpreting body language and understand that you are INTERPRETING. This means there is huge human error involved. In your haste to either get into her pants or be successful tonight you might see things that are not there. You want her to be into you soo much that a simple glancing look turns into a definite flirting gesture.
Don’t hold onto what is not there and be prepared to move on when the flirting dries up.

Female Body Language #1 Hair Toss

You will understand intuitively that long hair is a sign of female sexual health and beauty and short hair a sign of male fitness (at least in the western world)
The hair toss is used to direct attention toward this sign of fertility, youth and attractiveness. The hair toss may not always be used as a flirting technique! Women can also use it to show off and prove there worthiness as a mate.

Female Body Language #2 Lip Bite

Some say that the lips (think red lip stick) of a women often mimic the female sexual organ. When females are aroused they become soft and red. The biting and nibbling of the lips can drive men wild and is an obvious sign of attraction and flirtatious behaviour.
The lower lip is gently bitten by the teeth and slowly released from their grip. Drawing attention to red lips with lip stick and lip gloss are day to day methods used to draw attention to this.

Female Body Language #3 Hair Touch

There have been many conjectures as to why this is attractive. Exposure of the neck, drawing attention to the hair, playing with something between her fingers and even exposure of pheromones from the arm pit!
Popular with younger women who have long hair this sign is definitely one to watch out for. Watch for stacking or multiple hair touches in short periods of time.

Female Body Language #4 Tilt Smile

The head tilt indicates and interest and inquisitive nature. She is letting you know that you interest her and she wants to get to know you. The smile is indicating that the interest is of a positive nature. Easy to mistake this one for something it’s not as it’s been around for awhile and a common form of body language of many women.

Female Body Language #5 Neck Stroke

A very obvious and often overlooked feminine behaviour is the neck stroke. If a women is stroking her neck while tilting her head and smiling you can be pretty sure she is attracted to you.
The neck is an obvious and easily accessible area of the female body that can be shown off. The skin is not only smooth but  an erogenous zone.

Female Body Language #6 Toying

The pace of the object toying will give you an idea as to whether this is flirting or not. You want slow and sensual stroking of an arm or other object such as wine glass stem or pen. Cylindrical objects such as cigarettes or pens are used because of the parallel with the male genitals.

Female Body Language #7 Body Position

When you are talking to a women notice where her knees, hips and shoulders are facing. Knee pointing is often a sign of interest even if her eyes are elsewhere.
With one leg over the other and her knee pointing at your body she closes off anyone else from entering the conversation. This can also act as a wall if the knee and hips are facing away from you.

  • Body Language Meaning
  • Brisk, erect walk =Confidence
  • Standing with hands on hips =Readiness, aggression
  • Sitting, legs apart =Open, relaxed
  • Arms crossed on chest =Defensiveness
  • Walking with hands in pockets, shoulders hunched =Dejection
  • Hand to cheek =Evaluation, thinking
  • Touching, slightly rubbing nose =Rejection, doubt, lying
  • Rubbing the eye Doubt, =disbelief
  • Hands clasped behind back =Anger, frustration, apprehension
  • Locked ankles =Apprehension
  • Head resting in hand, eyes downcast =Boredom
  • Rubbing hands =Anticipation
  • Sitting with hands clasped behind head, legs crossed =Confidence, superiority
  • Open palm =Sincerity, openness, innocence
  • Pinching bridge of nose, eyes closed =Negative evaluation
  • Tapping or drumming fingers =Impatience
  • Steepling fingers =Authoritative
  • Patting/fondling hair =Lack of self-confidence; insecurity
  • Tilted head =Interest
  • Stroking chin =Trying to make a decision
  • Looking down, face turned away =Disbelief
  • Biting nails =Insecurity, nervousness
  • Pulling or tugging at ear =Indecision

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