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Women despise a man who needs to be told to be dominant.


Having a tough time in the dating game? Unable to get a leg in despite apps like tinder making it a turkey shoot (read: easy). If your struggling, lets change that, lets enlighten the soul and change up your strategy.

First things first – women are looking to date what they perceive to be the top 20% of guys, because they often have so much attention , most women feel they have a choice which of course fades as they tend towards ~30/40 years of age.

statistically your not in the top 20%

Looking at women from their point of view makes it easy to stand out:

I was walking down the road the other day, a couple of local girls walking in front of me were talking to each other. A group of guys over the road started whistling, hailing them like a taxi, kissing, hey baby, hey mama, squeaking mouth sounds. I really felt a strong cringe feeling for these guys. In what world does that work? What are you attracting with that kind of behaviour?

Are you chasing 9’s and 10’s without understanding your place in society then getting bitter about your results with women?


How do you stand out in an increasingly homogenized world? How can you rise to the top 20% and be selected rather than desperately chasing?

Here is the difficulty – in a major western city the top 20% that attracts 10’s is:

  • Wealth: professional job 100K +
  • Health: fit attractive muscular physique (good genes)
  • Social Proof: Some kind of fame or pre-selection


You could say alot about western women’s entitlement to a “good man” in the common saying “where have all the good men gone?”. In this case a good man has all three of the above wealth,health,pre-selection but is also dominant when needed and empathetic when required.

So there is somewhat of a gender war going on where ALL women feel they deserve this kind of top 20% male. While most men feel the juice is not worth the squeeze and are shying away from the responsibility of the modern day male. You achieve all of this and your reward is marriage

What’s your point of difference?







Whats your angle?

Are you at the top of a small dominance hierarchy, you have carved out a small niche in this world and you show expertise within it.

Do you have a unique or valued life story which you live authentically. Perhaps you have more freedom of movement and time than the average person?

Do you show up in a society where the storyline is that most men lie cheat and steal due to economic conditions? You can easily stand out by just being a genuinely good honest person.


What drives male-female interaction?

Connection – on the surface you might think that it’s a strong sexual desire but underneath you will realise it’s the much stronger desire for human connection understanding love acceptance. So running an angle of “lets fuck” followed by a dick pick is not even scratching the surface of understanding what drives her (and your) underlying desire to communicate and interact.


what is romance?


What do you think romance is?

iv never heard a romance novel where the man says ok after the women says no

Start flicking through womens romance novels, the high grossing stuff – that is what women think romance is.

Gone with the wind,fifty shades of grey. It’s pretty interesting stuff, it’s not about being nice, respectful, opening the door, paying for meals. It’s about guys not being total beta pushovers.


Stop Chasing


Other than hedonism and pussy? What is your purpose?


If you want to get women – you cannot chase after them. you prove yourself in the world first , mostly to yourself, then the rest falls into place.

Don’t make women your top priority – now this might seem obvious, but you might have been sold on the disney style romance dream life where the central part of the mans life is the wife. You are being prepared for husbandry by women “beta provider”.

  • Do you rate yourself in terms of how well you can be of service to women?
  • Is your search for women or your gf/wife the center of your life?

the main message (too long didn’t read) is –

  • live life on your own terms
  • go your own way
  • don’t make women your top priority
  • being with top quality women is a side affect of having your life in order.

So what now?

  • Do you have a noble vision with disciplined intent?
  • Are you interested in mastery in an area of your life?
  • Other than hedonism and pussy? What is your purpose?


Final Thoughts:



If your going your own way, doing your own thing, happy with your life or general life direction, you gotta stop with the FCK’S that you give… especially about what women are thinking about you.

Because here is the issue – most people are going to have a combination of these traits in various ratios lame, boring, crazy, strange, psychopathic, daddy issues, mommy issues, financial stress, entitled, narcissistic, ruthless, overly sensitive, moody the list could go on and on. Worse is you don’t know the person your reacting to, especially if your negatively reacting to an online persona/profile. A more rational approach would be to take more seriously the criticisms of close family members and work to improve upon their suggestions.



Most of us have had a pretty rough start of it with regards to being blue pilled. Totally blind, utterly unaware of whats going on. So let rollo tomassi of the rational male enlighten us.


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