A Mindset For Confidence With Women


Consistent negative imagery in the media relating to male sexuality and general laziness (read more…) tends to grind on your confidence.
Are women really that interested with us or are they more interested in getting prettied up for other women or for their own self amusement? 
Do women really want to have sex with us or would they rather sit home with the latest vibration invention with 6 rotating ends…?
A mindset for confidence with women
When you truely realize that women want you your confidence with women will skyrocket.
Knowing that the efforts women go to (in their apperance) to get your attention should be proof enough.
The efforts girls will go to in social behaviour and flirting should raise and eyebrow
The sexual imagery and love of fashion beauty and cosmetics should be a blatant reminder to you that your ATTRACTIVE to women and that they give a dam about attracting you.
They are trying to attract you!
They are trying to turn you on so that you approach them and shower them with praise and attention.
Sometimes it’s easy to forget that women DO actually want you to approach and interact with them. You forget that they are turned on by you and get nervous in front of attractive masculine guys.
In case you forgot! WOMEN LOVE SEX…
It’s important to state the obvious here because we often don’t see what is right in front of our face.
There is a reason why some days a women will show cleavage and other days she’ll rug up like fort knox.
It should be easy to spot sexually receptive women in bars and clubs.
Becoming more aware of the interactions within your surroundings rather than just the fears floating around in your head is crucial.
A large percentage of your success with women will come down to selection. PUA’s get really good at selection – they don’t spend to much time on it but they know which women have shut up shop for the evening.
Back to your mindset – It’s just good to hear it from another guy that the women in the bar are their for YOU!
They came to see YOU!
Sure they are their with your friends and having a great time with other guys in their group but what they really want is to be romantically and confidently swept off their feet by a high value guy.
Because your goal is to continuously become higher value you are getting closer and closer every day to this goal.
This means… She is their to see you! Are you going to deprive her of seeing you tonight because your disinterested or scared of rejection?
High status males don’t think about rejection for a second.
If your disinterested or lack courage read the latest post on sexual transmutation.
Laying of the self pleasuring will do wonders for your sex life!
Confidence with women has little to do with any pickup line or seeing them in a different light. What it comes down to is believing that you have self worth.
You may have heard of the quote:
“life will give you what you ask of it”
Same thing goes with women and sexual attraction – Women believe you have as much value as you believe you have yourself. Did that even make sense?
If you do not believe you are worthy then how do you expect others to feel the same way?
This is why you are reading this page – you understand that to be attractive to women you have to have “self worth” and “self love”.
The more you respect yourself the easier it is for others to respect you.
So putting these two qualities together we get a guy who understands and respects himself, understands that women want him and has the confidence to accept both.
Because that is all that really stands in your way – if you lack the courage to accept your own value and status then you pass up the opportunity where another guy wont.
Value and popularity is earnt to some degree sure – but there is also that inherent inner confidence that drives women wild that is irrespective of ANYONE else.

Nobody can take away from how you see yourself. Any because others see you how you see yourself… Success with women is in YOUR hands.


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