A Sex Story Set Up By A Casual Dating Site

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A email sent in from Ryan from the UK
I used a casual dating site and actually got sex last weekend!!!
Do you want to hear about it? Screw it I’ll tell you anyway.
I didn’t think it was possible, I was in a noisy club sitting in one of the corner booths with my mates. They didn’t know that I had arranged to meet this girl who I had never met at the very same club. I didn’t think she would turn up.
They were all saying ‘get off your phone dick’….. haha
Amazingly I got a text saying that she just walked into the club and would meet me at the bar!
I was really nervous but I knew what she wanted – we had talked about sexual fantasies and shared pictures and stuff. It was weird because I felt crazy for her and I didn’t even know if she was real. She could have been some weird dude…
It was a great feeling when I recognized her face… She was surround by three guys, one of them talking to her. I would never have approached her had I not first had the chat that we did online. Knowing that she thought I was cute gave me a massive boost. I am the guy that usually get’s outplayed by the very guys that were chatting her up right in front of my eyes. She had only just walked in! They sure do work fast…
A few meters away I yelled out her voice and she turned to look… her smile gave me goosebumps. I was chuffed when she pushed away from the group of guys and gave me a giant hug right in front of them all. They all looked like a bunch of chumps and I was smiling from ear to ear. The smell of her hair and warmth of her body turned me on immediately and I’m sure she felt me against her.
From there I kind of frooze up…
I dunno I just didn’t know where to take it from their. I had this big plan all the way up to me actually getting her… Do I take her back to the guys? Do we dance for a bit? Do we shoot away from this place straight away?
Luckily she broke the silence with “you said you were here with some guys?” I blabbered out “yeh… yeh… did you want to meet them?”
So we shuffled over to the back where my mates were still peering at all of the ass but never actually doing anything about it.
When I came back holding the hands of a gorgeous blond they looked stunned. I confidently introduced her to everyone and we sat down. She would purposely brush herself against me and lazily move her hand over my thighs. We both had that power of knowing that came from chatting for some time about what we both loved and wanted.
This accelerated us into comfort and sexual seduction zones that I would never have been able to get to if I just met her.
It was like we had known each other for some time – I already knew her dogs name for christs sake… I knew some really deep stuff about her she also knew alot about me. It was weird for me to be so open and giving to someone I had never met before.
20 minutes had past and I could tell my mates were not helping the situation staring at this girl without saying much. So I grabbed her by the hand took her away to dance.
I still didn’t really know where to go from here – I didn’t know if she would be happy with going home with a guy she had just met. In hindsight this standoffish approach worked in my favor. Me acting a little hard to get spurred her on. In the end she actually suggested we get out of the place and grab something to eat.
We were so caught up in our attraction for each other that going back to mine didn’t seem like that big of a deal. We chatted about meaningless stuff and it was fun rather than nervous or anxious. I felt like I could be myself around her.
Even though we didn’t see each other again (she wasn’t local) I will still remember her smile and sexual confidence. She gave me a lot of confidence too, she humanized the whole dating experience and forced me to realize one glaring fact. Women are just like guys in many respects – they get horny and they get nervous just like us.
It took me that experience to realize how silly I was being before it. I would act like my mates – sit their and put hot girls on a pedestal… I would raise them up so high they seemed to far to reach.
No matter how much I wanted what I got that night they were out of reach because of my mindset. It took prior knowledge of what she wanted of me to realize how normal and attainable girls are.
Some will still be mean but most are out for the same reason you are – to meet someone special in an effort to have more fun and enrich their life. If you can do that they will be so glad you choose to talk to them rather than joke at them from afar with equally scared mates.

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