We understand the trappings and enticing nature of lust but there is a more fulfilling and more effective way to express it.

If your primary motivation is sex (on a date) you’re going to be less effective than if you used that energy to drive forward life goals which naturally attract people into your life.

chase excellence not pussy

About Us

fckme.org is the best website to look for help with dating and sex online

fckme.org is your one-stop site where you can read all about the best and free dating sites as well as advice and help for online dating and sex. If you’re looking for in-depth and well-written guides on how and where to get laid based on your interests, you’re in the right place!

Primarily we share information and websites that help you with online dating and getting laid. We are also a growing community of like-minded people. So what are you waiting for? Hit that sign up button and join the community!


What kind of online dating sites can I expect on your list and how did you rank them?

You can expect a combination of free online dating sites and paid ones. Our team has examined the most popular online and sex dating sites and categorized each according to their contents.

Our top-rated lists are the result of hours of research. Each site is ranked by their:

  • features
  • credibility
  • safety
  • support
  • and the number of users

By clicking on each website, you can see a short review and read our opinions on the dating site. Aside from that, we have also categorized each website and ranked them according to their categories.


Our Intent

To be honest and upfront in everything we do and to share with you what is working for us.

Need help with online dating sites?

No worries! fckme.org is created just for you. We provide guides and tips on how to conquer online dating sites, hookup, find sex near you and get any woman to want you.

Start reading our blog today and get the girl or man of your dreams, or just find someone to do the dirty with.

What are your blogs all about?

Here are some of the popular topics we talk about:

(Click on the category you’re interested in to start reading today.)


Is your site free?

Yes, all content and registration are 100% free. You are free to message anyone. No hidden charges. Try our chat feature when you sign up. Here you can meet new people, find friends or even get laid.

We offer a free cam to cam chat with all members – no hidden fees!

How do I contact you?

You can contact us by filling in the form found on our contact us page.

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We don’t take ourselves to seriously around here but what we do take seriously is trust, integrity and honesty in an industry of scams and trickery. In this online world with porn and sex hookups available 24/7 “How does a man get his sexual needs met in a healthy way without hurting himself and those around him?” How do you have one or multiple healthy sexual relationships built on trust?

How do you manage your sexuality as a man? Are you full of frustration, neediness, shame, self hate? or confidence and healthy self love? Increased loneliness leading to chronic masturbation and porn addiction is replacing real loving connections. Use fckme.org to learn how to find one or multiple sex partners and express your love in a healthy way. We will try to help you navigate this new world so you can get your sexual needs met without shame and emotional pain.

Go into new relationships with honesty and integrity so you don’t hurt yourself and others. Orthough this site suggests and teaches that one can and should enter multiple casual relationships. Finding a long term loving partner to build a family with should be the goal. This should be done after your financial and emotional pillars have been set firmly in place (see member downloads attraction pillars).

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