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Like most things, there is no black and white answer to the question “Are adult cams good or bad?” Technology in general always has two sides to it. Light and dark, good and bad.

Take cell phones for example. They are praised for their ability to keep us connected to those important to us, anytime and anywhere. However, they’ve also taken over our lives to some extent, replacing genuine connections with virtual ones.

Similarly, adult cams are both good and bad. They can enhance your life or cause significant problems. Perhaps the question of whether they are good or bad lies with each individual user, and the way that they choose to use this technology.

Uses For Cam Chat

Cams can be used for much more than sexual fulfillment. Many psychologists, therapists, and doctors now practice their trade virtually, allowing people to be treated from the comfort of their own home.

Cam chatting can be essential for those in long distance relationships, which have become more common due to the popularity of online dating. Cam chatting can allow people to connect in a more personal way than voice or text alone, and can even offer a measure of sexual fulfillment.

Cam chatting can also be useful for those with social anxiety. It’s lower pressure than meeting in person, and it can allow two people to get to know each other and become more comfortable. People with social anxiety are often the loneliest. Cams can help ease that loneliness and allow them to work on their social skills.

Clearly, cam chatting has its benefits for today’s society. However, when you look adult cam chatting, things become more complicated.

Good and Bad of Adult Cam Chat

Adult cam chat generally refers to one or both participants engaging in some sort of sexual activity on camera. It’s also commonly referred to as cyber sex.

Cam Sex Advantages

Cam sex does have some interesting advantages. First, it can be useful for those who are socially awkward, shy, have low self-esteem, or aren’t attractive enough to find a physical partner.

For these individuals, cybersex allows them to obtain sexual fulfillment, which can be difficult for them to find in their physical lives.

It’s also a way for people to satisfy sexual urges they may not be comfortable admitting to in person. BDSM, mommy/daddy, and other taboo fantasies can be played out online. In some cases, these fantasies would be physically risky or even illegal to play out in real life. Cybersex allows people to play out their fantasies without the risks associated with doing it in real life.

Anonymity is another advantage of cybersex, although this can be both positive and negative. Anonymity makes people more likely to reveal their deepest fantasies and to be more promiscuous, because they don’t fear judgment. However, this same factor causes some people to act inappropriately or even abusively online.

Another advantage is that it doesn’t carry the risks associated with physical sexual contact, like STDs and pregnancy. You can hook up with an anonymous stranger after anonymous stranger online, without the risk of contracting a disease.

Since it’s fairly anonymous, there’s also a lower risk to your reputation. No one needs to know about your virtual hookups but the people involved. It can be more difficult to hide your physical trysts.

Is Cybersex Sexually Fulfilling?

Can you get real sexual fulfillment online? It would appear so, considering the amount of people who currently engage in the practice. The adult cam industry is booming, and one would assume this is because people are getting what they need through adult cams.

One study measured the amount of satisfaction obtained from sexual online activities. 21% of respondents reported they were sexually fulfilled to a great extent, 59% to a small extent, and 20% found no sexual fulfillment.

Among those who found sexual fulfillment to a great or small extent, interaction seemed to be the most important factor in the amount of fulfillment they had. Adult cams can be considered more interactive than most online sexual behaviors. This indicates that adult cams may be more likely to provide sexual fulfillment than other forms of adult sexual interaction like pornography.

Disadvantages of Adult Cams

Adult cams carry their own set of risks as well. The biggest risk of using adult cams for sexual fulfillment is cybersex addiction.

Cybersex Addiction

Cybersex addiction is common because of a few factors. First, it provides a level of anonymity that allows people to act without fear of what their family and friends will think.

It’s also convenient. You can find any method of sexual interaction you desire on the internet, at any time. Lastly, it serves as a form of escape from your dreary everyday life.

Suddenly you aren’t just that guy working a dead end job just to get by, or a stay at home mom that no longer feels sexy. You can be a rich and powerful executive or a sexy temptress, and you can easily escape into a world of interactive sexual fantasy. This escape can become compulsive, and it can create a high in the brain similar to that of drugs.

60% of people with a cybersex addiction have no previous sexual addiction. This suggests that it isn’t just people who are at a higher risk for addiction that fall into this trap. Cybersex has been referred to as the Crack cocaine of the internet.

Cybersex Addiction for Women

When you think of someone compulsively having cybersex, you may expect to find that most of the users are men. However, many women are addicted to cybersex as well. Interestingly, one study finds that women addicted to cybersex aren’t more likely to have many sex partners or feel less satisfied by real world sex. However, they did have other symptoms suggestive of a sexual addiction.

They were more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviors. They also reported being distracted from important tasks, including work, because they were thinking about sex. They also stated that they did things sexually that were against their morals or beliefs.

These women are more aroused by sexual material on the internet than those who don’t have cybersex. It seems that increased excitement over cybersex leads to women craving more of this type of interaction. In short, if it feels good, you want to keep doing it.

Cybersex Affairs

One large subset of adult cam users are those who are married or in a committed relationship. They believe that since there is no physical contact, it isn’t cheating. The other party sees things differently, in most cases. In fact, internet infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce.

A study performed by two Scottish psychologists found that most people, particularly women, viewed virtual infidelity as distressing as a physical affair. Many people considered internet infidelity a relationship ending event.

This problem is likely made worse by the ease and convenience of these liaisons. The ease of which they are obtained can make them more likely to happen, and more difficult to stop.

There isn’t just a divide of what constitutes internet betrayal between genders, however. The definition of what constitutes internet infidelity varies from person to person. This makes it imperative that couples talk about boundaries regarding internet use early on, to avoid unintentional pain to their partner.

Adult Cam Websites

There are essentially two types of adult cam websites. The first is where users simply connect with each other based on interest, or in the case of Chatroulette style sites, randomly.

The other type is where one person is a cam model. In most cases, viewers are encouraged or required to pay the cam model to see the “show”.

There is another type as well. BIGO is currently embroiled in controversy for allowing people to broadcast anything they want, including nudity, drug use, etc. BIGO differs from other amateur cam sites because there is no pay involved.

BIGO is used to broadcast users daily lives as well, and BIGO claims that it is working to ban accounts that violate its decency policy. In the meantime, you may be able to catch some interesting behavior while browsing the site.

Cam 2 Cam Sites

Cam 2 Cam sites are those that facilitate cam conversations between two people, normally for some form of cybersex.

Wicked Cam Chat

Wicked Cam Chat differs from most cam 2 cam sites because the chats aren’t random. Instead, you choose from a range of public video chat rooms, including Asian, BBW, Champagne, and Dungeon. When you find someone you like in the chatroom, you simply invite them to chat privately.

Once you are in private chat, all bets are off. You can show or do anything you like, as long as it’s legal. The site is pretty popular, with over 1,000 users online when I logged in.

You don’t have to register, but if you do you can create a profile. People can rate your profile, and you can send and receive messages from other registered members. You can also follow other members by becoming a fan.

Wicked Cams aims to be a social network as well as an adult cam site, and with all the included features they do it well. If you are looking for an adult cam chat community, Wicked Cams is a great option.


ChatRandom also offers different ways to connect including Girls Chat, Gay Chat, Random Chat, and both video and text based chat rooms. The site is completely free, and there’s always lots of people online. When I checked in, there were over 30,000 users online.

Some video chat sites try to keep things clean, but you won’t have that problem on ChatRandom. You can have cybersex with a random stranger if you choose to. The only rule is that you’ve gotta keep it legal.

Dirty Roulette

Dirty Roulette is an adult cam website with no frills. It’s specifically for cybersex web chats, so everyone is ready to get down to business.

You can choose from random chat or click the girls only button to ensure that you don’t see a bunch of men with their dicks out. Simply click the next button until you find a sexy chat partner, and do whatever your heart desires.

This site had about 30,000 users online when I logged on, so there’s no shortage of sexy chat partners. There is no sign up at Dirty Roulette, so you are completely anonymous.

It’s also one of the few adult cam sites that’s viewable on mobile devices as well, allowing you to have some sexy fun anytime and anywhere.

Camgirl Etiquette

Camgirls deal with lots of people every day. They can seem jaded or downright bitchy. However, many people are there for a free show, and these people are considered time wasters.

From the model’s point of view, they are there to make money. They may have a good time as well, but their main goal isn’t to have fun. It’s to pay the bills.

If you want to have a good time with a cam girl, there are a few pointers to follow. First, do not try to engage her in small talk. Asking her the same questions everyone else does isn’t going to engage her.

You may want to take the time to read her bio, and ask her about something she is interested in. Failing that, compliment her. Don’t expect to get attention if you aren’t recognized as a paying member of the site, either. Again, these women are here to get paid.

Don’t be afraid to get right to the point, either. If you want to see something specific, feel free to ask. However, it’s a good idea to tip her first. Let her know that you aren’t there to freeload.

Always be respectful. Cam models are people too, and they deserve respect. Do not think that tipping or paying her for her time entitles you to order her to do anything. If you want something, ask.

Understand that it’s still her choice of whether or not to do it. You are paying for her time, not any specific action you would like her to perform. Tips are a gratuity, a way of saying thank you. They are not an obligation for her to perform as you wish her to.

Freemium Adult Cams

All sites that have cam models charge. These sites offer public shows for free, however. Instead of charging you in dollars, most sites charge you tokens.

You purchase tokens for the site with cash, and then spend tokens on the site. The main reason for this is because it makes it more difficult to realize how much you are spending.

My Free Cams

My Free Cams actually offers a lot for free. You can watch any public show for free. which is where much of the action happens. To get into a group or private show, you’ll have to pay, however.

There are three types of membership on the site. The first is guest, which means that you can go to the site and watch shows without having to sign up.

Next, you have the basic membership. This simply means that you are a registered user on the site. Basic and guest members have access to most of the site, but ca models can filter out guests and basic members if they choose.

You simply need to buy some tokens to become a premium member. Once you’ve spent any amount of money on the site, you are a premium member for life.

Even though the public shows are free, tipping will get you more attention from the model. If there is something you would like to see them do, sending a tip along with your request is a good idea.

My Free Cams has lots of cams online at any given time. You can also filter them by location, ethnicity, and other factors. This allows you to choose from the models who meet your physical preferences, without scrolling through a ton of feeds.

In addition to entering the model’s chatrooms and enjoying the show, you can also send them a private message and view their profile.


Chaturbate is like the wild west of the cam industry. Anything goes, as long as you can get away with it. Chaturbate no longer allows people to broadcast sex in public places, due to legality issues. However, if it’s legal, you can find a model or models willing to do it on Chaturbate.

Like My Free Cams, Chaturbate offers public shows for free, with the option of tipping models. You’ll find some models willing to get naked without worrying about tips, but many require a certain amount of tips to perform certain actions. They also offer private and group shows, which you have to pay for.

Many cam models on Chaturbate use Ohmibod. This is a vibrator that activates and increases the vibration based on the amount of tips the model receives. It creates a more interactive experience, because you are in a sense getting the model off, one token at a time.

Chaturbate also offers female, male, couple, and transgender cams. In addition, tags are provided at the top of the site for a wide range of categories, including hairy, BBW, anal, pregnant, and many more. They cater to a much broader audience than your average cam site, with something for every taste and fetish.

This site offers three tiers of membership as well. Guest, basic, and premium. To be a basic member, you simply have to sign up. Being a premium member costs $20 a month, but you get more than $20 worth of tokens each month for being a premium member. It also removes ads and gives you the ability to send private messages.

Chaturbate is more than just an adult cam site, it’s a community as well. You’ll notice the attitudes of the models and the attitudes of the people chatting in the group shows reflect this community atmosphere.

You can check out Chaturbate’s blog as well as each models bio page. You can also add models to your Hotlist, allowing you to easily save your favorites.


Steamate also has free shows. What makes Steamate stand out, however, is the absence of a token based currency. If you choose to sign up for Steamate, you’ll have to enter your credit card information.

However, you aren’t charged anything for membership. If you do choose to enter a private show, you are charged on a per minute basis. This makes it easy to know how much you are actually spending, and you don’t have to worry about running out of tokens during your show.

Free chat is completely free, and you can actually chat with the models. Gold shows are also free. The only time you pay is if you choose to do a private show.

This site has models from all over the world, and its available in 50 different languages. It’s easy to filter by location and language, and you can also filter by 60 different niches. You can also search by tags, including 99 cents to find shows for 99 cents a minute.

You can also view models by ratings, and review models anytime you watch a show. These ratings can be a great way to see who goes the extra mile for their clients.

Steamate also has a cam to cam feature. Most sites don’t broadcast your cam back to the model, but you can show the model just how much you are enjoying them on Steamate.

Premium Adult Cams

These sites have free chat areas, but you won’t find much there. However, their cam models are top notch. They also boast a wide variety of models online at any time.

Live Jasmin

Live Jasmin is on the pricier side, but it’s worth it if you have the cash to spare. Most of Live Jasmin’s models stream in HD, which means better picture and sound quality for you.

One reason for this is that many Live Jasmin models use studios instead of broadcasting from their home. The studio provides a place to conduct cam sessions and high-quality equipment, and charges the models a fee or a percentage of their earnings for access to the studio.

You’ll find over 1,000 models online at any time. Most cams are solo females, but you’ll also find males, transgender, and couples. The couples can be heterosexual or same sex.

You can choose from categories including big tits, Latin, stockings, Asian, and more. You can also sort models by who uses Vibratoy, which works the same way as the ohmibod vibrator.

LiveJasmin allows you to narrow things down by several categories at once. For example, if you click big tits, latin, vibratoy, you’ll only see big busted Latins who use the vibratoy.

There are other interesting categories as well. You’ll find categories including mature women, cosplay, fitness, fetish, and more.

Instead of just showing thumbnail sized pictures of the models, you’ll see larger pictures of models when you are browsing. Clicking on a picture will take you to their live stream, where they are waiting to put on a sexy show for you. You’ll also see their profile, pictures, and ratings

From there, you can click to engage the model in a private show. Most models do very little while waiting to do a private show, but you may find some interesting free content in their profiles. You can also chat with them via the chat window.

You can also switch the view to the models free channel. Generally, this is basically a sexy commercial to entice you into paying for a chat, but it does give you a better idea of the models’ personality. You can also vote, add the model to your favorites, send her a gift, and purchase credits from this page.


As the title of the site suggests, models on this site have no qualms about getting Naked. It’s expensive, with most shows costing $1.99 a minute for a group show and $3.99 a minute for a private show.

However, you can see basically anything you want on the site. Categories include big tits, latin, foot show, BBW, and Asian. You can also choose from girls, shemales, boys, fetish, and milfs.

You’ll see a few couples on the site, and if you are lucky, you may even get a show with three or more females having a lesbian love fest.

As with other sites, the models have profiles. These profiles are very detailed, with a few notable exceptions. You won’t find their age on their profile, and the weight and height are displayed as ranges instead of specifics.

You can chat with models during shows, but you can send them private messages as well. Models on the site are encouraged to communicate with members, so you can actually get to know the person that is fulfilling your sexual fantasies.

Models are also encouraged to make the most of sound when performing. This means that the models will talk to you. As things progress, they verbalize just how much they are enjoying themselves.

Cam Girls

Ever wonder what life is like for a cam girl? What do they think about as they are playing with themselves? Why they became a cam girl? Is it as glamorous as it seems, or is there a dark side hiding behind the bright lights?

The Life of Cam Girls

There are two main schools of thought on the cam girl industry. That cam girls have the easiest, cushiest job ever, or that they are demeaned by a patriarchal society that takes advantage of them.

The truth, according to most cam girls, seems to be somewhere in the middle. It is a job, like any other job. Sure it can be fun, but there is work involved, both physical and mental.

Cam girls have to work to keep customers coming, essentially marketing themselves. They have to put on a smile and be engaging even on the days that they don’t feel like it, and they have to deal with the occassional jerk.

On the plus side, most clients are respectful. Cam girls can meet some interesting people that they actually enjoy talking with. There are certainly harder jobs out there from a physical aspect.

Another issue is how the girl feels about camming, and how those close to her feel. Most women who choose to cam aren’t ashamed of it, and many of htem actually find it empowering.

Sometimes their friends and family see things differently, however. It cam be difficult for girls in the industry to find a partner that is understanding about their line of work as well.

Of course, there is little difference between stripping in a club and camming. Both of them involve getting naked for money, but with camming, there’s no way for anyone else to touch you. Unless you choose to couple cam.

Camming is beginning to be seen as a more respectable job in today’s more sexually lax society. One interesting thing is how many cam girls are college educated and/or come from a professional background.

Cam Girl Pay

Most cam girls go through one of three sites, My Free Cams, Streammate, and Live Jasmin. There are other sites as well, but most of them are affiliated with one of these three in one way or another.

Regardless, the site you choose will take a percentage of what you earn. Depending on the site, they may take 35%-70% of a model’s earnings.

Then there’s the option of studios. Becoming a cam girl requires basic equipment at the bare minimum, and higher quality equipment generally means more viewers and better pay. If you don’t have the money to purchase the proper equipment, you can work for a studio.

The studio provides everything you need to do your show, and some of them include props or toys. However, the studio will also take a cut of your earnings, in addition to what the website you are streaming for is taking.

There is good money to be made camming. There are also slow days, or even weeks. Some models have very lucrative camming careers, and some do it as a second job to earn extra cash.

Here you have the good, the bad, and the beautiful of adult cams. Even if you enjoy adult cams, it’s good to know about potential issues, as well as the best sites for your enjoyment.

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  • Wicked Cams
  • Chatrandom
  • Dirtyroulette
  • My Free Cams
  • Chaturbate
  • Steamate
  • Live Jasmin
  • Naked

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