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The internet has given us a wide variety of ways to chat online. Whether you desire to have cyber sex, chat with potential dates, talk to strangers, or meet new friends, you can do so online. Here’s your guide to the whys, wheres, and hows of chatting online.

Adult Chat

Before you jump into the wild world of adult chat rooms, you need to know the ground rules. Some apply to all chat rooms, while others are specific to Adult chat rooms.

General chat room rules:

  • Don’t use capital letters. It’s the same as yelling
  • Don’t leave without saying goodbye
  • Don’t lurk. When you come into the chatroom, join in the conversation.
  • Do say hello when you enter
  • Be polite and respectful
  • Ask if you are welcome if it’s a small chatroom

Rules that apply to Adult Chatrooms:

  • You must be 18
  • Do not reveal anyone’s real world identity
  • No soliciting, selling, advertising, etc.
  • Don’t promote your webcam
  • Understand the specific rules and/or theme of the chatroom
  • Steer clear of controversial topics like religion and politics
  • If you aren’t sure if something should be said in group chat, send it as a private message

When you enter into any chatroom, say hello. If people say hello to you, respond to them. Otherwise, it’s best to spend a few minutes following the conversation, and speaking up when you can add something to the conversation.

Types of Adult Chat

It’s important to understand the different types of adult chat rooms. Some are meant for general adult conversation, while some are more for cybersex. Some are also devoted to role play or a specific theme.

General Adult Chat

General Adult Chat rooms are often labeled as Clean Chat. This means that they are for general conversation. You should keep your chatting clean and be respectful of others. Do not post anything that could be considered offensive in a clean adult chat room.

Chat rooms devoted to a specific age group, ie 20s chat, 30s chat, etc. are generally considered clean chat rooms as well. If you enter these chat rooms, you should enter the age appropriate room.

Chat rooms devoted to a specific interest or hobby are also considered clean chat unless otherwise specified.

General Adult Chat Rooms

  • Just Friendly Chatting
  • Adults Chat
  • Chat Space
  • MocoSpace
  • BYF Chat

Cybersex Chat Rooms

Cybersex chat rooms give you the opportunity to engage in cybersex. Cybersex can give you sexual pleasure without the physical act of having sex with another person. Many people choose to masturbate while engaging in cybersex.

Cybersex may not be as fulfilling as physical sex with another person, but it isn’t as risky either. You don’t have to worry about meeting a stranger, pregnancy, or getting an std. It’s also much more convenient than meeting in person, and it’s much easier to find someone to have cybersex than real sex.

Cybersex can also be easier if you are on the shy side, particularly when it just involves text. You’ll find yourself typing things that you would never have the nerve to speak out loud, and it’s hot.

You can also have complete anonymity if you choose. That fantasy you’ve always wanted to try, but were too afraid to bring up in person? There’s really no risk in bringing it up to a complete stranger. The worst that could happen is that they stop talking to you, in which case it’s easy to find another willing partner.

It lets you try different things out in the world of fantasy, and gives you a better idea of whether or not it’s something you would like to try in real life. It also gives you confidence. You’ll likely find that the fantasy that you thought was so strange and unmentionable is perfectly acceptable. This can give you the courage to broach the subject with someone in real life.

Things are often better in your imagination than in real life, and cyber sex allows you to use your imagination to create the perfect sexual experience. It also gets your imagination going, and teaches you to be more explicit about what you want. Particularly for women, it helps you learn to express yourself sexually. When you are communicating through text, the other person isn’t going to know how much you enjoy what they are doing unless you tell them.

Cybersex Chat Rooms

Roleplay Chat

There are different types of roleplay chat. Some are built around virtual worlds, similar to video games, while some are simply chat rooms devoted to a specific type of roleplay.

Some types of roleplay chat are cybersex focused, while others simply focus on the fantasy of playing characters. One popular type of roleplay is character roleplay. In character roleplay, you create your own character.

In anime roleplay, you take on the role of a specific anime character. Fantasy roleplay is very popular. There are many variations in Fantasy roleplay. They can involve characters like monsters, fairies, demons, etc.

Sci-fi roleplay can involve the future, alternate realities, space travel, etc. Horror roleplay involves any scenario that you would find in a horror novel, including haunted houses, kidnapping, murder, ghosts, etc.

These types of roleplay can be general or sex based. BDSM roleplay is also popular, and it is cybersex based. This gives you the opportunity to act out fantasies that you may not be comfortable with in real life. Domination, submission, rape, torture, and humiliation are common elements of BDSM roleplay.

RolePlay Chatrooms

Virtual World Roleplay

Virtual world roleplay takes place in computer simulation games. You’ll create a character and enter a virtual world. You can then interact with people near you as you move through the world.

Second Life

Second Life is one of the largest and most popular virtual world roleplay games. While Second Life was originally created by Linden Labs, almost everything in Second Life is created by its users.

You can create houses, clothes, and nearly anything else that you can create in real life in Second life. You can attend events such as concerts and plays. You can get a virtual job, create things to sell, or purchase things with the Linden Dollar (second life’s currency).

The areas of Second Life are rated as General, Moderate, or Adult. You must be over 18 to enter the moderate or adult areas. If you are looking for cybersex, you will be able to find it easily in the adult areas.

There are also many different themes within Second Life. Vampire, Fantasy, Steampunk, and Historical are a few types of worlds you can experience.

There are also 39 specific Adult role play areas where you can immerse yourself in kinky cyber sex. These include Castle Ivana where you can find a sexy submissive to punish, and Asphyxiation Red Light District with all the thrills of the seedy part of town.

Other Virtual World Roleplay

Gay and Lesbian Chat

 Gay and Lesbian chat rooms give you a place to talk to like-minded people and make new friends. You can engage in clean gay and lesbian chat, get advice about LGBT issues, or engage in a steamy same-sex cybersex chat.

Gay and Lesbian Chat

  • Chat Avenue
  • B Gay (Men)
  • 321 Chat (women)
  • Chat Family

Video Chat

Video chatting gives you the opportunity to connect on a deeper level than you can through text. 90% of communication is nonverbal, so video chatting allows for much more conversation than text on a screen. The tone of voice and facial expressions have as much of an impact on a conversation as the words you use, if not more.

It’s also less likely that something will be misunderstood when you are video chatting. Through text, something said as a joke can easily be taken seriously. With video chat, it’s much more obvious when someone is saying something in jest.

Common Video Chat Mistakes

One of the most common mistakes people make when they video chat is presenting a bad image. Don’t video chat in something that you wouldn’t leave the house in. Dress up and groom yourself as you would for a date. If you are planning to have a cyber sex video chat, put on some sexy underwear.

Another common mistake is not considering your background. If you are video chatting in your bedroom, no one wants to see a week’s worth of laundry on your floor. There’s nothing sexy or attractive about dirty clothes. The area you are chatting in should be clean.

You should also take a little time to set the mood for your chat. Soft lighting and music can go along way towards creating a sexy atmosphere. Again, you should prepare in much the same way that you would if you were planning to bring someone home.

Looking Good on a Video Chat

You want to put your most attractive face forward when you are video chatting. Have you ever seen yourself on video and noticed that you looked less attractive than you do in person? You can avoid that issue by following these simple tips.

First, lighting matters. A lot. Bright fluorescent lights aren’t anyone’s friend. They can make you look older and give your skin an unattractive yellow cast. If you can, diffuse the light around you. A sheer curtain over a window or a lamp can do the job nicely. Be sure that the light isn’t directly overhead, because this can create shadows that make you appear older.

Angling is also important. Looking down at the camera will most likely give you a double chin and show off your nose hairs. Keep the camera at eye level.

Part of the charm of video chatting is a more intimate connection with the person you are chatting with. Eye contact is a big part of this, so be sure that you are making eye contact with your chat partner as much as possible

Video Chat Etiquette

There are rules to video chatting, just as there are for other forms of communication. However, they are generally simple common sense.

Consider your environment. You don’t want to chat in a place with lots of ambient noise. It will make communication very difficult. If you are around friends and family, ask that they not disturb you during your conversation.

Don’t do all the talking, but don’t be silent, either. The rules here are just like having a regular conversation. Talk. Keep the conversation going. However, don’t hijack the conversation and turn it into a monologue.

Ask if the other person wants to video chat. Not everyone likes video chatting. There are also times, when you are in your PJ’s for example, that the timing just isn’t right. If the other person doesn’t want to video chat, ask if there is a better time for them. If they say no, drop it.

Do not do other things during a video chat. It will be painfully obvious to your chat partner if you are engaged in something else while you are talking to them, and it’s disrespectful. The exception to this is if you are having cyber sex. Then it’s perfectly acceptable to multi-task.

Video Chatrooms

Just like text-based chatrooms, video chatrooms come in a wide variety of themes and interests. General, BDSM, BBW, partying, conspiracy, and social awkwardness are a few of the themes you can find for video chatrooms. Many sites also allow you to create your own chatroom if you wish.

Video chatrooms allow you to get to know many people at one time, and you can actually see who you are chatting with. They are a great way to make new friends, meet new people, or to find someone to date.

Popular Video Chat Sites

Adult Video Chat

Adult video chat sites give you the opportunity to have cyber sex on camera. It’s also known as cam sex or simply cybersex. Generally, both parties will get naked and masturbate on camera at some point during the chat.

  • Wicked Cam Chat
  • ZoZo Chat

Live Cam Chat

Live cam chat websites have cam models who put on shows. These shows are generally sexual in nature. They can involve masturbation, strip tease, or even two or more people having sex on camera. These cam shows generally have some way for you to interact with the cam model, most commonly a text window. You can use this interaction to request specific actions from the model.

Live cam shows are essentially live interactive porn. Most of them feature women, but you can find men as well as couple cams as well. Some of these websites are free, while others charge you to view the cams. Some sites also operate on a tip model. These sites allow you to view the cams for free, but encourage you to tip the models.

Most of these websites offer free group shows. However, you can also choose to pay a model for a private show. Private shows are normally charged on a per minute basis.

These websites generally have a mix of amateur cam models and higher end models with professional equipment and great entertainment skills.

Free or Tip Model Live Cam Sites

Paid Cam Sites

Paid cam sites generally offer filters for specific fetishes as well as high-quality cam models. Asian, Latina, Teens, and BBWs, and other categories can be seen by choosing that category.

Random Video Chat

Random video chat, also called Chatroulette style, pair you wit a random one on one chat partner. Some of these sites try to match you based on interests, and most allow you to choose the sex of the person you want to chat with.

Even though some random chat sites are considered clean, females always run the risk of running across a naked man in these chats. You can report users, and this will result in them being blocked from the site temporarily or permanently.

Random chat sites are said to be addictive. There’s an excitement to not knowing who is going to appear on your screen. If you aren’t interested, you can simply request a new chat.

Random Chat Websites

  • Omegle
  • Cam Roll
  • Random Skip

Adult Random Chat Websites

Chat Apps

Chat apps allow you to connect with other people on your mobile device. This gives you the convenience of chatting with others on the go. It also makes it easy to access your favorite chatting apps.

Chatroom Apps

Chatrooms are a great way to connect with other people. You can find chatrooms devoted to any theme, age bracket, or ethnicity.

Random Chat Apps

Random chat apps, also known as Chatroulette, allow you to chat with random strangers. These apps all include the ability to chat via video as well as text.

Adult Chat Apps

What’s better than having a steamy text or video chat on the privacy of your mobile device? Adult chat apps allow you to have sexy fun. Anytime. Anywhere.

Married Cybersex. Is it Cheating?

Where do you draw the line between harmless fun and cheating? The answer to this question varies from individual to individual. Some see nothing wrong with any form of cyber sex, because there isn’t any physical contact. Others feel that cybersex is a form of cheating.

Over 60% of people don’t view cyber sex as cheating. They see it more along the lines of pornography. Many people say that cyber sex helps them to stay faithful in their relationship. It gives them a way to experience different sexual experiences without seeing anyone else physically.

It can also help to spice up your offline sex life. When you have sex with the same person over a long period of time, things can get boring. You can get stuck in a rut. Cybersex can get your sexual desire burning again, and help you come up with creative new sexual activities to do with your spouse.

It is important to note that there is a difference between cybersex and an emotional online affair. Emotional affairs go on for a period of time, and one or both parties develop romantic feelings for one another. These relationships may or not involve any type of cybersex.

Most people consider emotional affairs a type of cheating, because of the emotional feelings involved. Emotional affairs can be much more detrimental to a relationship than a completely sexual physical affair.


Online dating has become very popular. In fact, one in five people in a committed relationship met their partner online. There are several different ways to meet that special someone online.

Dating Chat Advice

There are a few rules that will help you be successful in your online conversations with the ladies. Whether you are iming, chatting in a chatroom, video chatting, or sending email messages, these tips can help you have a good conversation and ultimately get a date.

If it’s possible, you should view her profile before you begin chatting. Find something you have in common to talk about, and give her a compliment based on something in her profile.

Keep it light and flirty. Online interaction isn’t the place for deep conversations. Instead, keep things light. Build her interest in you. Use emoticons and flirt a lot. You want to use online interactions to convince her to meet you in real life. Save the serious conversation for your second date.

Ask for her phone number quickly. The point of online dating is to move things offline, and phone contact is usually the first step in this process. Once you get her number, have a pleasant phone conversation and ask her on a date.

Don’t wait to ask for her number or for a date for fear of moving too fast. Things move quickly in the online dating world. If you wait, one of you could lose interest, or she could end up with someone else. The other possibility is that you spend time getting to know each other, and by the time you actually go on a date, you feel more like platonic friends than lovers.

When you do ask her out on a date, the most effective way is to tell instead of ask. Tell her that the two of you should get together to (go to the movies, dinner, drinks, etc.) Leading with a statement shows confidence and masculinity on your part. Then you can ask her if she would like to go out on a specific day. Never ask a girl if she “wants to go out sometime”, because sometime is likely to never happen.

Dating Chatrooms

Dating chatrooms have a few advantages. First, you can chat with lots of people at the same time. This allows you to see who you have a connection with. It also gives you a better idea of who someone is, because you can watch them interact with other people. Lastly, it’s easier to talk to new people in a chatroom. The conversation flows naturally, and it’s much less awkward than trying to get to know a stranger individually.

Video Chat Dating

Video chat dating can be a great way to get to know someone better before going out on an actual date. It’s also great if you are in a long distance relationship.

Video chatting allows for much more connection than just looking at a photo. Gestures, facial expressions, and tone of voice all work together to show a person’s personality. This gives you a much better idea of who they are and whether there is any chemistry between you than a simple photo and text. The interaction is much more like an interaction in real life.

Using Video Chat in a Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships have become more common with online dating. While they can be challenging, there are ways to keep the love alive in your long distance relationship.

Video chatting can be very helpful if you are in a long distance relationship. You should treat your video chats the same way you would a physical date. Schedule it ahead of time, and dress as you would for a date. You may choose to play a game or eat dinner together to foster feelings of closeness. You should also talk about the mundane day to day experiences that you would if you were together physically.

Of course, the other advantage of video chatting is that it allows for sexual interaction as well. It isn’t as gratifying as physical sex, but it does allow you to have a sexual experience together.

  • Av by AOL
  • Facebook Chat
  • IMO Now
  • Google Hangouts

Dating Chat Forums

Dating chat forums are another way to connect with new people. They are similar to a chatroom in that you can communicate with different people at the same time.

However, forum conversations aren’t instant the way they are in chat rooms. You post something, and then others can read and comment on it. Of course, you can also browse and comment on other forum posts. Forums are a low pressure way to get to know other singles, and the conversations are usually engaging and interesting.

They are also a great place to ask for advice. You can get advice on everything from your relationship to your online dating profile. Most sites with forums have a wide variety of different forums to choose from, just be sure that your posts are in the relevant forum.

General Dating Forums

  • Date Hookup
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Mingle 2
  • Dating Forums

Specialty Forums

Dating Chat Lines

Dating chat lines are yet another way to connect with new singles. These chat lines connect you with another person for a phone conversation. Your phone number isn’t revealed when you use this service.

Dating chat lines allow you to get to know someone better than you can through an online dating profile. You can hear their voice and see how well the conversation flows between you.

When you use a chatline, you will be asked to give your name and a personal greeting. The other party will listen to this, and then decide whether or not they would like to chat with you.

You can also listen to the greetings of others before you choose to connect. Once you’ve found someone you like, you have the option to send them a message or request to connect. If they agree to connect, then you are chatting.

Most chat lines charge by the minute, however, they do offer you a free trial. The free trial normally gives you 60 to 90 minutes of talk time.

There are chat lines for nearly every interest and sexual persuasion, and they all focus on connecting you with someone in your local area.

General Dating Chat Lines

Specialty Chat Lines

Teen Dating Chat

There are a wide variety of websites and apps devoted to teen dating and teen chatting. Some are for teens of all ages, while others are designed for or popular with teens and young adults.

If you are a teen looking for other teens to chat or date, chat sites or apps can be very helpful. They can help you improve your social skills, and you can meet many new friends.

  • Crush Zone
  • Fun Date City
  • My Lol

These teen dating sites have a user base of teens and young adults. If you are looking for a younger girl that’s 18 or over, this is a great place to look.

  • Our Teen Network
  • Teen Chat (app for 17+)
  • Tinder (app for 17+)

Cougar Dating Chat

Cougars are generally women over 40 who enjoy dating younger men. These ladies look good for their age. They work hard to keep up their appearance up, and are very sexy.

Many cougars aren’t interested in a long term relationship. They’ve generally been there and done that, and they just want to enjoy what life has to offer. In addition to their sex appeal, they have a lot to offer younger men.

They are confident, experienced, and have lived enough to be good at giving advice. They have lots to teach a younger man, in the bedroom as well as out.

There are a few tips you should follow if you want to date a cougar. First, be confident and assertive. Do not refer her to a cougar or a milf. Don’t mention the age gap. If she brings it up, treat it as unimportant. Lastly, treat her like a person, instead of just a sex object. Take a little time to get to know and appreciate her.


Social websites and apps allow you to connect with current friends and make new ones. Having friends is important for your physical and emotional well-being. Unfortunately, today’s busy lifestyle doesn’t leave much time for making new friends. These websites and apps can help you fit friends into your busy lifestyle.

Chat Forums

You can find general chat forums, as well as forums devoted to nearly any hobby or interest you might have. Forums allow you to post in the forum, and comment on others posts.

Social Games

Games with a social component offer you another way to connect with friends new and old alike. There are several types of games that allow you to connect and chat with others. The great thing about these games is that they allow you to chat with others while doing something you enjoy. Doing an activity together allows you to bond. Bonding during an activity is particularly important for men, as it is the primary way that they bond.

Online Multiplayer Platform Games

If you own a Playstation, Xbox, Wii, or a pc, you can play certain games online for an extra fee. These games allow you to play and chat with your friends, as well as make new ones.

Available For PS, Xbox, Pc, and Wii

Available for PS, Xbox, and PC

  • Ghost Recon
  • WWE

Available For PS and Xbox

  • Battlefield

MMO Games

MMO means massive multiplayer online game. MMORPG means massive multiplayer online role playing game. These games are fun and entertaining, with many of them being free to play.

Working with other players is a common aspect of these games. You may make alliances or trade with other players. Team up in battles or battle against each other.

These games support hundreds to thousands of players online at any one time. Many of them are playable on your pc and mobile devices. They are a good way to pass the time and make some new friends along the way.

  • Onverse (Mac and Windows)
  • Monster MMORPG(Pc and Android)
  • Arcane Legends (Google and Android)
  • Adventure Quest (Android and IOS)
  • Celtic Heroes (Android and IOS)

Social Media Apps

Social media apps allow you to keep in touch with your friends and family, and connect with new friends. Facebook and Twitter have long been the top social media platforms. However, there are other social media apps you should download as well. Before you take to social media, however, you need to know the rules of social media.

Social Media Rules

Social media has its own rules of etiquette and common sense. Following these rules can save you from problems down the line.

1. Don’t Overshare

You know that one friend that broadcasts anything you say to everyone you know? You’ve likely learned not to tell them anything that you don’t want the entire world to know. When you post something on social media, you are essentially broadcasting it to the world.

However, posting on a site like Facebook is even riskier than telling your big mouth friend, because the internet never forgets. What’s cool or amusing today may not be amusing five years down the road when you are applying for a job. Yes, many potential employers will check your social media accounts.

2. Don’t Over Post

You’ve seen that person on social media that feel the need to share every moment of their lives on social media. Do not be that person. No one wants to see pictures of what you had for breakfast. Yes, your cat is cute, but keep cat pictures to a minimum as well. Before your post, take a minute to ask yourself if anyone else wants to read/see it.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Unfriend

If you want to unfriend or unfollow someone, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Most people will never even know. If they ask, just say you were pruning your friend’s list. This way, they think they were part of a group of people that you unfriended, which takes away much of the sting.

You shouldn’t feel obligated to friend everyone that asks, or to follow everyone who is following you on Twitter, either.

4. Ignore the Trolls

At some point, you will run across someone who is just plain rude or obnoxious. Many times these people are trolls. Trolls say things just to make people angry. The best way to deal with a troll is to ignore them.

Disagreements with friends and family members occur from time to time as well. Again, remember that anything you put out there is public. Your friend from third grade doesn’t need to see your argument with your significant other. If you must argue on a social media site, keep it in private messages.

5. Do Interact

Social media is all about interaction. In addition to your own posts, tweets, etc, you should respond to other people’s posts as well. You don’t have to respond or like everything you see, but comment when you have something to add to a conversation. Like someone else’s post if you actually like it. Share it if it’s something you want your friends to see.

Top Social Media Apps

There are many different ways to chat online. Whether you a shy or outgoing, looking for friends or love, there are ways to chat online. There are also places to chat about nearly any interest or sexual preference you may have.


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