Adult Dating in 5 Simple Steps



Stop wasting your time and money! Make sure you sign up with worthy adult dating sites. Take note that many adult dating site users have been scammed out of their money while spending countless hours creating profiles and trying to contact women they hoped to have sex with. So, for your benefit, here are pieces of adult dating advice that prevent you from making costly mistakes others make.

Learn to Avoid Scams

The most immediate way to spot an adult online dating scam is trusting your intuition. If you feel something is wrong with it, it must be avoided. It is recommended to try out a dating site for free for a bit until you are comfortable enough to pay for it. Check out its profiles and get a good feel for it. After doing so, determine if you really think the site seems legit.

If you see profiles of very attractive women without reference to anything local, then they are probably fake. Though not always, people on these websites make some sort of reference to a local hot spot on their profiles most of the time. But of course, there are many attractive women who are real online.




To avoid being scammed, just sign up with legit sites. Based on research and observation, the following are some of the adult dating sites that you can trust:

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Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are more legit sites where you can find a legitimate shot at getting laid by an attractive woman.

Adult Dating – Step 1

Use 2 or 3 Dating Sites at a Time

Time is money –  might as well be efficient about your time online.

Most probably, you have already heard the adage “The more, the merrier.” This holds true in using adult dating sites!

Signing up for multiple sites can put you in a better position to get laid. Though it can be pricey, sometimes you have to pay more to enjoy more out of something.

If you limit yourself to one site, you are limiting your ability to interact with as many women as possible, so it is best to have other options. Another reason why you should sign up for multiple sites is the competition. Attractive women will receive hundreds, if not thousands, of emails from horny men who are desperate for their pussies, so you cannot always be certain that your message will be read, let alone responded to. That is why you need to have dozens of contacts. Also, you might get bored of one site. Remember that each adult site offers different features, and it is not uncommon for men to get addicted to a site for a while, only to get bored of it and switch to another. So, always have options. If you set up a date with a woman on one site and she stands you up, it is best to have a backup plan—another hot girl to get with.

Adult Dating – Step 2

Create a Killer Profile No Woman Can Resist

Put in mind that women on adult dating sites are not just looking for sex; they also want to know the guy a bit, but do not generally care about his life specifics. So, to make these women want you, you must keep your act together in life or, at least, appear to. Also, their desire to have sex is with a fantasy, which is a cool, attractive and successful man.

This is not lying about who you are if you are not popular or wealthy, but is about doing everything you can to make yourself look good. This means the profile picture you upload should be attractive. Even not-so-good-looking guys can take decent photos these days. You just have to get a good digital camera, comb your hair nice, put on a decent shirt and smile. As simple as that, you can create a content of your profile that would reflect a person who is intelligent, funny and fun to be around.

Adult Dating – Step 3

Reach Out to Women Through E-Mail an IM the Right Way

Probably, the most important part of attracting women on adult dating sites is the first e-mail you send to them. It has to be classy, catchy, creative, humorous, original, personalized, short and direct to the point. After writing it, make sure it meets all these aspects before hitting the “send” button. Occasionally “hi” will work if you catch a women at the right second of her day as she is checking her inbox – but you should consider putting in a bit of effort!

The main goal here to get her response, and do not try to score any set dates yet at this point. Perhaps you can ask a question, preferably at the end, so she has something to respond about. Once she replies, you can give her your IM screen name or phone number, so you can start a nice conversation.

Adult Dating – Step 4

Bring Out the Horny in Her

If you think talking sex right away on a site where everyone is most probably just looking for sex is a good idea, it is not! Remember that men who failed to get laid on these sites are the ones who just jumped straight into talking dirty to women. The strategy you should use should be similar to what you would do on a relationship-based dating site, but rather than trying to convince a woman to enter into a long-term relationship, you are trying to convince her to sleep with you.

Women love it when a man flirts with them because the act means he is interested. Also, flirting is a good way to get her to start talking dirty with you. Use light flirting to make her feel comfortable with you, then up your game by transitioning to talking dirty. If all goes well, she will be ready to meet with you, where you just have to work your magic to get her into bed.

Adult Dating – Step 5

Set Up a Date

You have accomplished the most difficult part of adult dating – actually establishing enough trust to meet offline somewhere. If a woman is willing to meet with you, most probably she is willing to have sex as long as you do not screw things up (don’t assume it’s a guarantee however). She really wants your cock, and it is up to you to NOT give her a reason to change her mind on that. Get in the right mindset and understand your situation. You have just chatted to a women who has registered on an adult dating site and agreed to meet up with you. This is not her first rodeo! Use this knowledge as confidence, She thinks your hot – so take the lead and give her a night to remember. You show up and act like some scared teen who’s going to jizz in his tighty whiteys as soon as she takes of her bra it’s not going to get very far beyond that.



If your experience online was not what you expected calm your cock and try social. Badoo, pof, tinder, skout, coffee meets cameltoe – you get the point.

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