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If you want an Adult Friend Finder messenger Download, you can find it from AFF messenger start page. Anyone can download the chat client for FREE. All that is needed is to login to a valid AFF account and navigate to the messenger page. There are a lot of websites who offers a free download of this application. Of course it does not make sense, on the first place the application is FREE. Why would you want to download it from a shady torrent or download site? You will never be 100% sure that it will properly work and it’s 100% free from MALWARE and other viruses. After all you might just be downloading viruses which can potentially harm your.

So to make my point clear download the AFF messenger only from Once the download is complete it will automatically open and install. Or better yet use their browser-based messenger. You don’t need to download anything and you don’t need to install it. It works just like the stand alone AFF messenger.

When using a stand alone AFF Messenger what you are actually using is a generic Friend Finder Messenger. I call it generic because it’s an all-in-one application because it can be used across all Friend Finder websites. When you lunch the program you will be asked to choose which website you like to login to, then enter handle name or username and password.

This is basically the same as the browser-based messenger, it lets a user send instant chat, video and audio chat, watch other users webcam or broadcasts their own, and view user profiles. The only difference is on the stand alone messenger you will see online or chatting members from other websites. For example if  using AFF account, online members from, XMatch,, etc. will also show up. In order to get in touch with these members one must have an account on the website that they are using.

On the HTML or browser-based messenger we can only see online members and friend lists from the same site. There is no login required here since you will only be able to use it when logged on to the main site. When you click lunch messenger from AFF page a new window will open with the chat or messenger app on it. Again, NO download and NO installation required.

We recommend to use this HTML or Browser based messenger instead of the stand-alone-one. This is advantageous if you only use AFF or one of Friend Finder website. On the other hand if you have accounts across FriendFinder Network, using the stand-alone messenger would be beneficial since you’re allowed to pull up ALL your account’s into one place.

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