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IS the largest sex and swinger personals community online – they dominate the casual sex scene online and it’s where everyone goes to make it happen! The majority of the users are MEN however don’t believe that women don’t want a little naughty fun, there are many women keen to meet up online…

It’s jus that unfortunately there is a much larger ratio of men when compared to women… So it’s true – some men that use adult friend finder wont find a women to “satisfy” them, but most men that are active within the community and emailing local women get what they want.

If you are prepared to search outside your city if will dramatically increase your chances of finding casual no strings sex with adult friend finder.
As of writing there are almost 35 million members! That’s a lot of sexual encounters!

If you have not heard of adult friend finder before you might be a little shocked by the openness of the users. Both guys and girls are happy to post images of themselves in all sorts of situations for others to view.

Most of the women are very much obliging when it comes to chatting and getting in touch – you just need to be polite and respectful of their boundaries.

The reality is that these women are ONLINE at a swingers and casual sex website so their is no two ways about it – they are LOOKING for it.
You don’t have to worry about getting rejected you just suggest a chat session and move on. Once you get a women that is interested in you – you simply get to know them better and organize a place to meet offline.

There is no pissing about with worrying if they are single or not  you simply ask if they are up for some casual fun.

Adult friend finder is set up extremely well… Once you have paid you have access to an amazingly large database of women that are keen to get to it. You just have to be able to phrase and present yourself in the correct manner. You will be “competing” with a ton of other blokes remember and these women may want group, or bisexual fun so be weary or WHO it is that your emailing… check out their profile carefully before you shoot off that “let’s have sex”
One timer that works so terribly…

What Works?

Unlike the opposite end of the scale (eHarmony) Adult Friend Finder is VERY open about it’s intentions… The users can be VERY forward and as a result you have to be ready for it.

You will have be a little more pushy and MORE proactive than you normally would be. which means commenting flirting and liking everything that you DO like… rather than sitting back and hoping it will happen…

Women will have the balls to say if they think your not their type in a blunt  manner. Just take this as part of the game and move on –  keep up the emailing and keep up the chat requesting and you WILL find someone that is very much interested in hanging out offline.

From there it’s history – adult friend finder has the power to change your sex life forever!

What To Do Within Adult Friend Finder

You can do pretty much anything within adult friend finder! It’s a fairly feature rich place… Apart from the obvious emailing winking flirting and chatting online you can also upload videos of yourself and chat online with other users via video…

There are live member webcams but they seem to be more advertisements for paid cam sites than anything which seems a little weird.


If you want a daily live feed for what’s going on in your area then click on the ACTIVITIES link a the top of the page… You will find profile updates and video uploads from users… This is useful because it gives you a good idea as to which women have been recently active.


Free members within adult friend finder can check out the blog posts by members… You can see photos and stories of what’s going on inside, if you’re a member you can also write your own musings on life and love/casual sex. There are many naked pictures and causal talk but also a ton of erotic prose and articles from women about fantasies.

Adult friend finder magazine

If you just interested in reading and browsing around there is the adult friend finder magazine

“Welcome to Adult FriendFinder, where you’ll find advice, information and steamy erotica submitted by other Adult FriendFinder members. Interact with polls or add your own voice to this unique alternative community ? it’s your magazine.”


You are able to create lists of people that you like the look of and want to catch up with later… The lists sections allows you to keep track of your latest adult friend finder winks and emails and photos.


Invite friends and see who is interested in contacting you from the friends section


Click on the browse button and you can see just how vast this adult friend finder experience is going to be… There are MANY members and the browse category will allow you to click on a city near you and discover the amazing people that make adult friend finder what it is.

For example in California alone there are almost 2.5 million singles looking for a good time!

Visit Adultfriendfinder | All Reviews

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