Adult Personal Ads

Adult Personal Ads have been around for a long time now, they are certainly not something new but they have evolved over time. The web has really increased the efficiency and effectiveness of personal ads. I'm going to assume you know what an adult personal ad is but in case it's not obvious to you they are used specifically to advertise ones self to prospective sexual partners. The ad appears much like any other job prospecting ad. You freely offer your personal details such as a phone number for contact purposes but also often other personal details like your height weight and sexual preferences.

Adult personal ads still exist today in some local newspapers but the majority of these kinds of exchanges and ad spots have moved to digital means.

The personal digital ad could be found within online classifieds such as craigslist or gumtree.

But when you think about it your personal profile  is like an extended version of a online or offline classified ad. It really serves the same purpose - it connects you up with potential local suitors.

But now the efficiency of search engines, geo locators and filters have massively increased the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of such practices. Instead of one ad placement in one area of a local newspaper you can now become "potentially" searchable to millions 24/7.

Your measly 50 character square that worked one time, now has photos , multiple contact information fields, a large about me section and endless descriptors from popular book titles to sexual fetishes. Each field potentially searchable and used in a matching system to really find those that are looking for what your looking for.

The huge demand for sexual matches locally has lead to large databases millions strong such as adultfriendfinder. The ratio is strongly male but the process is still an effective one.

Many online classified sites are simply activity streams split up into cities all over the world and it's completely free to post within these online boards. Traditional payment structures were setup per ad or even per line of an online classified ad. If you don't want to go the free route and want access to a more sophisticated adult classifieds site you will have to pay /month of access to it's features.

It's often strange to think that your using a job board or classified site to post information about yourself - typically these sites have been used to sell anything from housed to second hand goods.

Posting anonymous contact information to the world is a poor way to find sexual hookups. Better to use a more targeted approach and actually get to know those who you share private information with.

This is why online personals sites are more effective as they allow you to contact members in real time via instant message chat.

Even these sites are used as message boards as often members are all to happy to send out an email address at any chance they get. These email addresses have been set up specifically for this purpose of personal ad contacts.

Adult Personal ads sure have come a long way from the local rag (newspaper), it's a large business of profile databases , social networks and live video chatting. Make the most of the technology that these social networks provide and reach out to those in your area that are already single and looking for adult hookups. These methods are powerful and allow you to find out about and contact very specific fetish interests. Feel free to filter and search by interest:  asian, bdsm, young/old, roleplay, group sex, gay the list goes and on and on, it's never been easier to act out a fantasy just remember to always practice safe dating principles. Dating sites cannot keep you safe from dangerous online profiles.


Adult Personal Ads:


craigslist (since removed personals section)

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