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Even if getting laid is the ultimate goal, you still need to do some work to get yourself noticed or make someone take an interest in you. One of the best ways to do this is to communicate. In Adult FriendFinder there are more ways than one to interact and engage with other members, but the most popular is through Adult Chat Rooms. What is great about this option is that you don’t need to beat around the bush, since everyone in the chatroom knows exactly where the conversation is leading.

How do you make the most of your time in Adult Chat Rooms?

Go to live action and click on Adult Chat Rooms. This will take you to a page that has everything and anything you need to know about chat rooms in Adult FriendFinder, including the number of members actively chatting at the moment.

Find a specific chatter by username. If you have been chatting for a long time, you’ve probably made friends that you know by username. You can skip all the process of joining a chat room by simply typing in a member’s username at the designated space on the Adult Chat Rooms page and then click Go. If that member is online, you can take the conversation to a more private setting right away.

Join Interest Group Chat Rooms.  If you want to chat with a specific group of members who are busy discussing a particular topic, you can join in one of the Interest Group Chat Rooms. Interests on the list will vary, depending on which one has active chat activities, and are categorized by region or topic, such as Exhibitionism, Role Play or Group Sex/Orgies.

Names of Interest Group Chat Rooms are quite interesting, and you can just choose one according to what tickles your fancy. Some of the options you might be interested in include:

  • Girls Watching Guys On Cam (Exhibitonism)
  • Nasty Men/Freaky Young Women (Aging/Age Differences)
  • WATCH OR SHOW AND CUM:) (Exhibitionism)
  • FUCK MY WIFE and let me watch
  • Women into Groups & Gang Bangs (Group Sex/Orgies)

To join, just click on the Group name and follow the procedures specified. Don’t forget to add a Note About Yourself to make you more interesting, or raise the chances of you being pulled for IM. Then, click Join This Group to make your membership official.

Choose from one of the Rooms and join the conversation.

What is great about these chat rooms is that you don’t need to do anything to get a conversation started. Simply click on a room that has active chatters and you will automatically become part of a group. Most topical rooms are powered by Flash, and using it is very easy. Once you click a particular topical room, just type in your message at the designated bar found at the top of the chat area, and then click Send.

Some of the Rooms you can join include:

Lobby – A place for beginners or someone new in the chat room to meet and get to know other members

Cybersex Room – Where you can enjoy quality cybersex time with other members

Webcam Fun Room – Let out the voyeur in you in this chat room where you can watch others on webcam and let others watch you too.

Wild Room – A place where you can let out your wild side and chat with like-minded individuals.

Basement – This is reserved for members of Adult FriendFinder who are into BDSM. If you want to join in the conversation, be ready to submit or dominate.

Since each chat room has different topics or themes, you must follow accordingly or risk being kicked out. In the Basement chat room, for example, deviating to something unrelated to BDSM is likely to get you kicked out.

Join a chat room based on location.

On the adult chat rooms page, there is a list of locations, categorized according to continent and with numbers on the side. When you click on any of these applications especially those with chatters (has a number other than 0), it will open to a flash chat window. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to chat with other members near you.

Of course if you’re interested to make conversations with members from other countries, just click on a specific location. Take note however that when you click Mexico for example everyone will be talking in their local language.

Set your chatroom references.

Adult FriendFinder makes it easy for you to manage who you want to talk to and who you want to ignore. Click on Options right on top of the label Top interest group chat rooms, and a pop-up window will appear. This is where you can add a username to your ignore list, and set the refresh rate text size font face text color and whether or not you want your page to show in the chat room. Click close once you are done.

Familiarize chat abbreviations used.

Next to Options is Help. This is where you will find answers to some of your questions and a list of chat abbreviations that you can use ask you engage in erotic or clean fun conversations. So, if you don’t know what HHOK means, click Help and browse through the pop-up window.


This is probably the least sexy part of the entire chat process, but it is something you must do if you don’t want to be banned or kicked out from a particular chat room. The rules outlined on the pop up window applies to most flash chat, since Top Interest Group Chat Rooms have set their individual rules, on top of what Adult FriendFinder has provided. In some cases, similar with the WATCH OR SHOW AND CUM:) chat room, only the Adult FriendFinder rules apply and nothing else.

Do you want to get laid soon and to a person who shares your kinks and fantasies? Join any of the chat rooms in the Adult Chat Rooms page.

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