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At the heart of (AFF) is a free, interactive, browser-based Instant Messenger (IM). It allows users to instantly communicate through chat messages, exchanging photos, and even audio and video chat with remarkable quality. IM chat feature is free for all users. You don’t need to upgrade your membership to be able to use this cool and very powerful tool. Since its browser-based you don’t even need to download the app. It will open on separate window, and you can start contacting other members from there.’s instant messenger will have three main tabs, first tab is for “Who’s Online”, then “Friends” and the last one is for “Incoming” messages or IM’s.

“Who’s Online” on IM is the main or default view. It shows who’s online and available for chat. This will show members who matches your sexual preference. You can update your sexual preference or interest by clicking the “filter” button.

You can also choose to find users with their handle or username. If they are available on chat you can instantly send messages to that user.

By default who’s online list will refresh every five minutes. But you can refresh it anytime that you want. There are also quick options to show the list by gender; male, female, or couple. Next to that is a button to filter users to those who have profile pictures only.  Then the third is to filter users who have both cam and microphone installed.

“Friends” tab. This tab will show the list of your AFF friends. Here you can check who’s among your friends are online so you can start chatting with them.

“Incoming” tab. This tab will show your incoming instant messages. Here you can either respond to them or ignore them at once.

Chatting with other users does not only give a quick avenue to arrange a hookup, but it also gives us the chance to evaluate a potential sex partner. It’s easy to tell if you’re going to hook up with a weirdo, or someone who’s very horny.

Just a tip of advice, be cautious when giving out personal details on chat especially if you have just interactive with them. If someone sends his or her email address and tried to convince you on chatting somewhere else that should ring an alarm on your scam alert. That is also your cue to leave the chat.

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