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join (AFF) is a leading name in online adult dating industry. Over the years it hasearned a good reputation in being a popular adult personals site. Perhaps it has the biggest online community with hot singles, and swingers, looking for erotic dating or adult fun.

In fact it’s too popular that when you hear people talking about adult dating they are actually referring to

According to Alexa traffic AFF has been active online since 1997. Right now it has a global rank of 195 and 135 in US. This are pretty impressive numbers for an adult dating website who has been on active operation for nearly two decades.

This is a massive website in terms of membership and content.  It already has over 35 million registered members. It’s fully packed with features to help you find local sex partners whenever you are in the world. It’s also designed to keep you entertained while online and have nothing to do. It has all the features you need to enjoy online adult fun while keeping a network of sexually naughty friends.

For new members this website might look overwhelming. On the contrary page navigation is still very sleek and simple. Surprisingly it loads pretty fast as well.

From the top page, right across the website logo we have two basic menu buttons. First one will show your handle or user name and the second is logout buttons. Your handle will have a drop down menu to easily access profile page, account page, and to turn on and off content filters.

Profile page is different from account page. Profile page is where you can manage everything about yourself. It tells people who you are, where you are, and what you’re looking for. The account page however is where you manage your subscription or membership. This is where you can keep track of your purchase history, points earned and spent, etc.

The main menu bar will include the following menus and sub-menus.

My Stuff

  • My List
    • My Hotlist
    • Flirted with me
    • Flirt sent
    • Who’s viewed me
    • Favorite photos
    • Favorite Videos
  • My Friends
    • Friend’s Album
    • Who’s invited me
  • My Profile
    • Update profile
    • Upload
    • Manage photos
    • Manage videos
  • My Account
    • Upgrade
    • Cupid preferences
    • Other preferences
  • Activities


  • Members Online Now
  • New Matches
  • Members Near Me
  • VIP Members
  • Advanced Search
  • Browse

What’s Hot

  • Hottest Videos
  • Hottest Albums
  • Hottest Photos
  • Hottest Members
  • Adult Movies

Live Action

  • Chat
    • Adult chat rooms
    • Interest group chat rooms
    • Instant messenger
    • Flash chat
    • Live model chat
  • Video
    • Live member webcams
    • Live model webcams


  • Blogs
  • Groups
  • Magazine
  • Bling
  • Shop

Instant Messenger

This is how it looks from members dashboard.

Membership Status

There four levels of membership status inside the site. Arrange in rank they are as free standard members, silver members, gold members and VIP members. Only gold members are allowed to have VIP status. To be a featured member you would need to be a popular active member or you can pay for it.

Here is a comparative list of what a member can do depending on his membership status.

Standard or Free Members

  • Use instant chat
  • Enter chat rooms and groups
  • Participate in blogs and posts
  • Can have maximum of 200 members on Hotlist
  • View 1 hot videos and 1 other broadcast per day.
  • Limited to 10 messages every 24 hours
  • Use standard search feature
  • Appear on online member’s list
  • Receive up to 10 matches per day
  • Store emails up to 30 days
  • Numerous ads

Gold Membership

  • Can do everything that a standard member can plus
  • Be on top of search results for maximum exposure
  • Use of advance search feature
  • Username search
  • Save search results for future use
  • Ability to view offsite contact details (MSN, YIM, AIM, ICQ ID’s) of members on your network.
  • View all photos by other members
  • Unlimited viewing of members videos or broadcast
  • Advance chat functions ( premium emoticons)
  • Priority email support and Phone Technical support
  • Fast profile and photo verification/review
  • Complete cupid matches ever day
  • Emails stays for 120 days
  • Can have 1000 members on Hotlist
  • Send unlimited emails

Silver Membership

  • Can enjoy all standard members’ benefits with limited number of premium service.
  • Limited ads
  • Can view up to 5 members photos
  • See up to 20 cupid matches every day
  • Can store emails up to 60 days
  • Can have a maximum number of 500 members on hotlist
  • Can enjoy the rest of Gold members’ features except for those mentioned above.

Cost to Upgrade

Compared to most adult dating websites we can say that AFF offers an average cost to upgrade an account. It still expensive if you compared to to other personals ads sites like For some this amount is compensated with on site functionality and features.

You always have the choice to join and use the site as a free member. Either way the figures below will give you an idea on how much you will be spending in case you decide to upgrade.

Gold Membership Plans

  • 1 month plan – Special Offer price is $19.99 (New customer discount) regular price is $29.99 per month .
  • 3 months plan – With 1 month free offer is $59.96 which is equivalent to $14.99 per month.

Silver Membership Plans

  • 1 month plan – $17.99
  • 3 months plan – $32.49 which is equivalent to $10.83 per month.

Profile Enhancement – Optional
Unlimited adult movie streaming let you download all the movies you want.

  • 1 month plan – $18.99 billed monthly
  • 3 months plan – $12.99 per month billed every 3 months at $38.97.

Profile highlightlet your standout from the crowd with both highlight when you appear on search results and email listings.

  • 1 month plan – $9.99 billed monthly
  • 3 months plan – $8.99 per month billed every 3 months at $26.97.

Allow standard member to contact you and view your full profile (this is only available to premium members)

  • 1 month plan – $19.99 billed monthly
  • 3 months plan – $11.99 per month billed every 3 months at $35.97

AFF member will start with standard membership enjoying the benefits allowed for every free member. Whenever a member decides to upgrade he/she can choose between Silver or Gold membership plans. We obtain the above prevailing upgrade cost while trying out the site.

Please note that they usually run promotional offers affecting upgrade cost. It’s advised that you read the promo details to know what you are signing up for. Pay particular attention on auto renewal price if you don’t want to cancel.

Right now they are offering a 3 month hook up guarantee. This seem to be the current trend of online dating sites to try and prove that the site really works in your online adult dating quest. AFF grantee’s that if you upgrade to three month  gold membership plan, and follow their dating guidelines, you will definitely find a date. If it doesn’t work they will extend your membership for another three months.

You should note however that to be eligible for the guarantee their are terms and conditions that you have to meet. And at the end of your 3 months subscription and you failed to find a date, you will need to bring your case to their customer service team. Then your request for extension will be subject for their approval.

AFF Points Program

For users who would rather not have premium membership but would like to enjoy some benefits that premium members have can earn or buy points instead.

To buy points it will cost:

  • $10 – 1000 Points
  • $19 – 2000 Points
  • $27 – 3000 Points
  • $34 – 4000 Points
  • $40 – 5000 Points

Gold members will have 4000 points per month for free.

Points can be use to:

  • Highlight your account to get more views
  • Become a featured member on search listings
  • View profiles on demand
  • Host private chat rooms
  • Email other members

If paying is not your game, you can choose to earn your points and spend them. Aff offers points as a reward to all members for participating or using the site. A member can generate points by completing his profile and getting verified, creating a blog post and comments, creating or joining groups, by referral system, using magazine features, and many others. Read the “Points Program” for more details on earning and spending AFF points.

Basic and Advanced Search

Since this site is huge, it needs a powerful search feature. As a standard member you can run unlimited search using basic search functions. Here are the search options for different membership levels.

Quick Search – This is an option to pull up members at single click. This menu can be found the inside search page and can be easily access from main navigation menu bar. Quick search are popular search categories which includes Members Online Now, Who’s Interested in Me?, My New Matches, New Members and Hottest Members.

Everyone can look up members by using “Username Search” to find members matching a unique username. But only Gold and Silver members can use “My Saved Search” option.

Basic Search – Available to gold, silver and standard free members.

  • Find members by gender either man, woman, couple (man and a woman), group, lesbian couple, gay couple, TS/TV/TG
  • Find members who are looking for, man, woman, couple (man and a woman), group, lesbian couple, gay couple, TS/TV/TG . Premium members can tick more than two choices from this category when running a search.
  • Find members interested in erotic chat/email, discrete relationship, 1-o-1 sex, bondage & discipline, cross dressing, exhibitionist & voyeurism, sadism & masochism, group sex (3 or more), fun, other “alternative” activities, miscellaneous fetishes. You can choose everything that may apply.
  • Find member by age, with pull down menu for age range.
  • Find members by location, Country, State, and Postal Code or Zip Code.
  • Show only Gold and Silver Members

Advanced Search for Gold and Silver Members Only – If basic search is not enough for you, as a premium member you can use an advanced search option. This will include everything on basic search plus the following fields.

  • Find member who can speak English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), German, French, Italian, Tagalog, and Korean.
  • Find members by astrological sign and Chinese zodiac sign.
  • Find members by race Native America, Asian, Black, Caucasian, East Indian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Mixed, and Other races.
  • Member living near your location, city or state.
  • Show listings with photos, voice introduction, confirmed ID, personality types and indicate how many results to show per page.

More Advanced Search for Gold Members Only. It pays to be a Gold member. Here are additional advanced search options available only for Gold Members.

  • Find members by height.
  • Relationship status – Single, Married, Divorced, Separated, Attached.
  • Find members who does not have children, has children at home, has children but not at home, has children sometimes at home.
  • Find members who wants to have children, might want to have children, does not want to have children.
  • Sexual orientation – Straight, Bi-Sexual, Gay/Lesbian, Bi-curious.
  • Body type – Average, Slim/Petite, Athletic, Ample, Large
  • Smoking Habit – Non smoker, Light smoker, Heavy smoker, Cigar/pipe smoker
  • Drug use – Don’t use drugs, Use some recreational drugs, Heavy recreational drug use.
  • Swap – Soft Swap, Hard Swap, No Swap, We’ll tell you later.
  • Male endowment – Length, Width, Circumcised or not.
  • Female breast size, band size and cup size
  • Last visit date

Other Notable Features….

Instant Chat. Instant Messaging Chat (IMC) feature allows users to get in touch with each other in real-time. As a free standard member you cal already access and use this browser-based chat feature.

Using the chat feature you can quickly chat up girls matching your cupid settings. This includes voice and video chat which is pretty impressive in terms of quality. You may also use the chat box to exchange pictures if you’re not ready for private cam.

Interests focus chat rooms. It’s easier to get along with people who share the same interest that you have. AFF has available chat rooms for different interest related groups or people. You also have adult chat rooms, regional chat rooms and topical chat rooms like cybersex, lesbian chat, group sex, etc.

If you can’t decide what chat room to join, chat randomly from the Lobby.

Interest Groups and Boards. A member can join or create a group. This get’s you connected with people of the same interest. Groups will have boards where members can interact by posting and commenting. Some of the popular groups inside AFF are, Girls Watching Guys on Cam, Hot Dirty Phone Sex, Masturbation, Kinky Sex For You, etc,.

Members’ blog. This is not common among dating sites. Since the introduction of AFF magazine, members have been encouraged to create and pot blogs inside the website. It’s a fun and creative way for members to tell everyone what he has in mind. Some use it to show off their sexual exploits from using the site.

Confirmed ID. This is one of the most impressive features that AFF have. They have partnered with third-party verification system ConfirmID. Members are advised to have their identity verified, using Confirm ID feature. Confirmed members are rewarded with Free Silver Membership for two weeks.

The process is easy, you will have a printable form, where you can attach a copy of any of your state ID, Driver’s License, or Passport. You can use this form to verify and confirm your address, height and weight. AFF will use this information to match the one’s appearing on your profile. This will include photo verification and location verification. This will take up to 2 weeks to complete.

When completed your profile page will show a badge with a Confirmed ID icon. Having a confirmed ID is a huge thing. You will gain the trust of other members, thus increasing your chances of getting laid or finding a sex partner.

On the other hand, this is a drawback for some. You don’t really want your ID appearing on some explicit oriented sites. Many would shun the idea of confirming an account, because of privacy issues.

Confirmed Handle. A member can also confirm his/her username by uploading a photo showing your unique username or handle. Your picture must not be digitally altered, you can write your handle on a piece of paper, on your body and take a picture of it clearly showing your face.

Complete Privacy protection. AFF values your privacy. At any time you can easily make your account visible or not. You can also contact their support to completely remove your profile from their listings. No one will know your real identity unless you actually tell them. At least that what they say on the site terms of use.

Available in many languages. AFF is widely used outside US and UK, hence they made the site available in many languages including Spanish, French, German, Japanese , Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Chinese, and Tagalog.

Why Suggest AFF

There two major reasons why is one of our recommended adult hookup website. First is its massive membership with over 20 million active users. Second is it’s fully packed with features that you need to be successful in your online dating quest.

Online dating like anywhere else is a numbers game. You need to be a place where most people are to get potential matches. This website is crowded with like-minded people looking for NSA fun. So your chance of getting a hook up is higher.

At one point we saw more than 80 thousand singles online, my search showed about 20,000 local matches and online chat was also showing a good number of people to chat with.

AFF is at the heart of huge and successful online dating mechanism, FriendFinder Network. The network runs more than 40,000 domains. This includes a number of Adult Dating websites, Alternative Adult Dating sites, Casual Dating site, Regional Dating sites, Senior Dating Sites, Niche Dating sites and many others.

Their networks includes names like,,,,,,,,,,,, etc.,

We are not saying that AFF will work for you. But your odds of finding a hookup and getting laid here is way higher that anywhere else online.

Some drawbacks…

There are some drawbacks here that needs to be considered. First AFF is not free from time wasters, and spammers. They seem everywhere.

Second is cost to upgrade this is always a point to consider. But if a thing will work for you then it should be worth of your money. Standard members are limited as to what they can do on the site unless the upgrade and become a premium member. When you upgrade AFF will try to up-sell ad on services or to become a VIP member.

Third is the presence of ads. A standard member you can understand to see a few ads. But they got lots of them and they are everywhere. Even silver members will still see ads on their dashboard. Hopefully gold and VIP members has zero ads because it’s just annoying.

Fourth is censorship. We can understand that they want to keep the site clean by banning IP or countries suspected of massive spam activities. But this hurts members who are travelling a lot. You might be a Gold or VIP member but if your currently visiting a banned country you will not be able to log-in into the site.

Our Final Say…

If your looking for a reliable adult dating network and your okay with a few drawbacks we have identified above then you should try You can upgrade if you want to, or just buy points every once in a while. Having a standard membership is enough  it’s just a matter of how you use it to your advantage.



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