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Your profile is your main selling point when you’re on Adult Friend Finder (AFF). What this means is you have to present yourself in the most interesting way possible but with maintaining the truth. For example, in the Tell Others About Yourself section of you Basic Profile, never write down well-read just to impress a potential date when you couldn’t even be bothered to pick up a book or read articles from notable journals or smart websites.

Be honest about what you truly want and others will see you for that. Then again, you have to keep in mind that the dating scene is not a race. You have to be patient enough to know that someone will get in touch with you or someone will answer to the messages you’ve sent seeking a connection.

And all of that lies in how you present your profile to the world – something which is contained in the Account Settings portion of AFF. To access this section, follow the steps below:

• Hover over the My Stuff menu
• Click on the My Account option

Below are the list of sections that are present in your account page:

Update Profile

A complete profile lets others know more about you, and the more they know, the more interested they become. In this section, you have the following:

• Basic Profile – where you get to tell potential partners a little something about yourself and what kind of person you want to meet. Honesty and being really specific works in this section.

• Profile Location – let’s others know where you live and where you want to be found.

• Physical Information – another section that relies on total honesty. This is where you get to describe yourself to others. Be honest about your body type, height and such. If you don’t want to reveal anything, some of the physical descriptions listed have a “Prefer not to say” option.

• Personal Information – this section is where you share your sexual orientation, what you do for a living, marital status and a whole lot more.

• Add/Manage Photos – where you upload the most flattering photos there is of you. Make sure to use different angles as well so people won’t think you’re just sticking to one because that’s your “best shot.”

• Additional Questions – where you get to share your fantasies, interests and a whole lot more.

• Personality Type – some people look for personality types who are a match to theirs so the partnership becomes a better fit. If you want to increase your chances, answer the questions in the section. This allows others to find you while you will also know which members are best suited for you.

• Purity Test – some people like their partner sweet and nice while others prefer them to be wild. Why not let potential dates know exactly what you want and what you’re looking for through this section.

• Manage Videos – where you can manage the videos you’ve uploaded.

• Get Verified – to inform people that you’re account is not spam and that you’re a real human being.

• Get ConfirmID – verify your information with ConfirmID

Upgrade Account

This section is catered for the many paid services that AFF provides.

• Upgrade Account – choose from various Gold Membership types (12 months, 3 months, 1 month) or a Silver Membership for one month. You can also choose options for
• Standard Contacts – where you let all standard members send you messages first, as well as friend requests for free
• Profile Highlight – your profile will be highlighted so it stands out in search results, messages and comments
• Adult Movies on Demand – choose monthly subscription plan for full-length movies with high-quality picture and unlimited downloads

• Adult Movies on Demand – get access to thousand of adult movies for a monthly fee.

• Private Chat Room – host a chat party where you invite as many guests as you want. You can even switch between private and public chatrooms.

• Redeem or Buy Gift Certificates

• Search Listing Highlights – get noticed more in search and browse results by having your profile highlighted. Additionally, your emails will also appear highlighted.

• Sex Academy – in partnership with Penthouse, this program is offered to improve your sex skills. The courses are informative and in-depth and offer step-by-step instructions to achieving success. Courses come with videos as well. When you complete a course, this appears on your profile letting users know of your sexual credentials.

• Astrologer – when you rely on the stars for romance, this option allows you access to unlimited astrological compatibility ratings and reports from fully accredited astrologers.

• Redeem or Purchase Points – you can earn points by simply using the site – upload a photo, upload a video, create a blog post, etc. You can use your accumulated points to upgrade your profile and so much more.

Edit Preferences

This is where you set specific controls on your account.

• Privacy Preferences – allows you to specify what information can others read about you.
• Content Filter Preferences – where you can set the nudity level that you’re willing to allow on your account.
• Message Center Preferences – where you can set Signature Settings and Auto Reply Settings.
• Notification Preferences – allows you to specify when you want to be alerted, e.g. when someone sends you a message, when someone hotlists you, when someone flirts with you, etc.
• Email Preferences – choose from a variety of email options such as:
• Cupid Mail – contains a list of members who match your preferences
• Monthly E-Newsletter – featured model photos and new functions on the site
• Search Report – notification of who has seen you in search results
• Photo Requests – notifications of photo requests from other people
• Billing – you get notified when your credit card is about to expire, as well as info on membership and purchases
• Special Promotions – info and discounts and special offers
• Administrative – photos, profile approvals, etc
• Blocked Member List – members you add to this list are banned from making comments on content you’ve written in your blog and in the magazine. They are also barred from sending emails or flirts to you.
• Activity Preferences – receive alerts when friends or global or nearby matches add a photo, add a video, receive a like, etc.
• Cupid Preferences – where you set who you’re looking for, their sexual orientation, distance from where you live, etc.
• Chat and IM Preferences – set whether you want messenger on or off, add people to your ignore list, change text size, etc.

Manage Account

This section contains basic management settings for your account.

• Change Email – use a different email to be associated with AF
• Change Username – for when you want to change your username because you feel like it or you realized you chose badly the first time
• Billing History & Credit Card Info – view information on your billing as well as your credit card
• Redeem Gift Certificate – redeem your AFF gift certificate
• Link to My Accounts on Other Sites
• Change Password – password changes need to happen frequently and this is where you do it
• Close Account – for when you want to shut it down and give up on online hookups or you want to close it for a reason – constant harassment, spam, etc

Always keep your AFF account in check. If you notice anything funny happening, report this right away so the problem can be addressed immediately. This is for your security so you get to enjoy the best of what AFF has to offer without any hassles.

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